Best Battery Operated Blenders Of 2022- Get Your Smoothies Ready!

The most compulsory tool of the kitchen appliances and probably it is tough to think about a perfect kitchen without a blender. But mostly the blender tends to be heavier and sometimes we feel like it is impossible to carry a blender when we move onto the workplace or any place during vacation. On the other hand, mostly we see a blender doesn’t run without electricity and reasonably it becomes tough to run a blender out of home. But the portable battery operated blender simplifies it and you can still prepare the milkshakes and smoothies without any concern.


Such a unique kitchen appliance holds a battery to be charged and you can run up to 12 times for every single charge. Moreover, you can charge them from a powerbank if the battery is dried. So, if you have an additional source of charging, you can keep them always active. These blenders are compact and you can store them in the backpack. Because of the small size they weigh minimally and that’s why you won’t feel discouraged to carry them.


So, we will help you to meet here five best battery operated blenders. They are cordless and useful when you need to make juice, sauce and milkshakes etc.


5 Best Battery Operated Blenders- Efficient, Lightweight & Cordless!


1)Oberly Smoothie Juicer Cup

Oberly Smoothie Juicer CupA well known portable blender that is highly renowned for the power it offers when you travel on the bus, train or temporarily pitch the tent on any campground. You could run the blender to create 10-12 cups of smoothie and I think it might be enough for a group of people. It’s almost similar to a pro blender, you just don’t need the electricity in real time. Although, the power wouldn’t be like the big one you use at home to create dough, but it would be at least able to break the ice cubes and pulverize veggies and fruits. You will simply be able to use 175 watt power of the motor to make milkshakes, smoothies and baby food.


The blade is impressive that looks powerful and sharp to fight with the tough things. It will come up with one touch operation to simply force the ingredients to be punished. When it will be on duty, the safety feature ensures the motor won’t run until the ingredients are properly assembled.


  • Can prepare the juice for 10-12 people while it is able to blend the veggies, fruits and ice cubes.
  • Aggressive blades make the process simpler and create the content smooth.
  • Safety feature ensures the motor won’t leave power until the ingredients are assembled.
  • One touch switch to quickly force the motor to run the blade.


  • Probably would struggle to break the toughest things.


2)Chefavor Portable Blender

Chefavor Portable Blender
Anyone who loves portable blender would be a fan of this intelligently designed unique blending system that aims to work on the crucial situation when you haven’t any source of electricity. If you have a power bank of your smartphone, you can similarly recharge the blender. So, If you are heading elsewhere, your power bank would work like a charging backup of your blender. Out of a conventional charging port, it also has an output port that can be used to charge your smartphone. An indicator on the LED display will show the battery life to simply guess the remaining charge it has.


The six wings on the blade with a sharp edge ensure the tough stuff like ice cubes will be pulverized to keep the milkshakes and smoothies cool and tasty. It also can beat the fiber foods and make them smooth to offer you a truly smooth milkshake. The 15 ounce cup can contain the amount of food a person needs. To extend the safety of the user, the blade won’t run if the cup isn’t assembled correctly.


  • Can be charged by power bank as if you can still charge it after getting the battery dried.
  • Can use it to charge the smartphone and the output charging system does it.
  • LED display shows the timer and remained charge.
  • Six wings on the blade to crush the tough things easily.


  • An extra lid would be great to carry the bottle when the base isn’t in use.


3)TOPQSC Smoothie Blender

TOPQSC Smoothie BlenderProbably it holds more power than other conventional portable blenders. Its 16500 rmp means the blade can rotate 16500 times at every minute and the dual powerful motor provides this power from the base. On the other hand, the sharp blade with this motor will force the tough ingredients to be pulverized in minutes. That’s why the ingredients like seeds and ice won’t remain chunky. You can use this power to simply mix up the fruits and veggies to turn into your favorite juice or smoothies. The juice will be smooth and tasty without leaving any chunky appearance.


Instead the plastic cup it offers a borosilicate glass that is effective when it comes to tolerate the heat and provides more strength. You can use it 12-15 times for every single charge and a power bank can be used to charge the battery. You can wash it fully with water as the base is waterproof and won’t be damaged.


  • Dual motor extends the power and the sharp blade won’t leave the chunky appearance of the ingredients.
  • You can use power bank to recharge and it can work 12-15 times for every single charge.
  • Borosilicate glass is heat resistant and durable.
  • The waterproof base ensures it can be fully washed.


  • An additional lid with the cup part would be beneficial.


4)Vitaextra Portable Smoothie Blender

Vitaextra Portable Smoothie BlenderTo make the smoothie, milkshake and baby food more smooth and tasty, it comes with an anti oxidation hand pump. It will remove the excess air and ensure the drinks are fresh for 24 hours while the nutrition stays protected by removing the oxidization. The blender ensures more protection and freshness of the food with a BPA free bottle that won’t add any odor into the food. It has two travel cups and you won’t have to struggle to carry your favorite drinks out of your home. The go cups can be stored in the lunch bag or car drink holder and aside the go cups you can simply store the base in the backpack.


Like a pro it can fight with the tough things and pulverize them in seconds. The blades in 3D are beneficial when it needs to save power and ensure more smoothness. It is lightweight and the air sealing tight with the lid won’t create any leakage.


  •  An anti oxidation hand pump to remove the excess air and keep the food fresh for the day.
  • Travel cups with the air tight lid can be stored in the lunch bag or car drink holder.
  • Blades in 3d add more power to work efficiently.
  • Lightweight for the perfect portability.


  • Haven’t found any weakness to mark.


5)AUZKIN Cordless Mini

AUZKIN Cordless MiniEvery blender requires a protection from water and a superior protection can save it from any damage. So, this AUZKIN Cordless ensures the best protection from water when you clean it up. The IPX8 optimization prevents the water from creating damage. Although you shouldn’t soak it, but you can rinse for a perfect clean up. You can use the USB cord to charge it from power bank or car adaptor. So, you would at least have a way to recharge it when you move elsewhere. Moreover, it is able to make at least 10 cups of drinks for every charge and its 21,000 RPM simply beats seeds and ice cubes.


The weight is also lighter and claims to have only 1 lbs for the whole body. You can use your backpack, briefcase or bag to store it temporarily. The design is unique and offers a magnetic charging system to charge comfortably.


  • 21,000 RPM hits the tough things powerfully and ensures they are pulverized.
  • IPX8 optimization for more security of the internal parts.
  • Can be fully rinsed for the best clean up.
  • Compact and only one lbs weight for portability.


  • The cup should be bigger to blend more comfortably.


How powerful The battery Is?

It’s probably the most important question for a newbie how powerful the battery is in a portable blender. Literally, it depends on the usage. Although there is a debate about the battery life and some people claim the battery starts drying after a few times of use. But I think you could at least make 8 cups of juice every time you charge. To be honest, it won’t be powerful like a pro as it comes with a less wattage motor. So, reasonably you shouldn’t treat it like a pro blender to continuously break the toughest things. But it will greatly retain smoothness when you use it to blend the softer fruits and veggies.


So, it’s better to use a source of recharging. You can charge it from your car or power bank. If you go for camping, you should use a power bank or at least a solar charger. So you could recharge again and again.


Should You Consider The Wattage and RPM?

The wattage and RPM, both decide the power of the device. RPM means the number of rounds per minute. So, you would simply know how many times the blade turns at every minute. It simply determines the speed of the blade and you would be able to guess the power. The wattage is also another simplest definition of power. The better the power is, the higher ability of crushing the tough things like ice cubes, seeds and species. Although, because of the limitations on usage and internal mechanism a battery based blender won’t hold the power of the monster pro.


I saw the Oberly Smoothie Juicer Cup that comes with 175 wattage. You might be able to find highly or lessly powered blender that would crush the ice. But, from the real time experiment I saw a 175 watt motor is able to break the tough ingredients. So, you may judge the amount of wattage whenever you seek for the one. The higher wattage would be arguably beneficial.


Does The Blade Impact On Smoothness?

To enhance the smoothness of milkshakes or smoothies, your blender needs to come with a sharp and powerful blade. It needs such a blade that would save power, but ensure the maximum smoothness. The blade with multiple wings and sharpened edges can be helpful to simply create the smoothness. A blunt blade with multiple wings literally has no value. It would waste the power and leave the ingredients chunk. So, make sure the blade and the wings are effective to create smoothness and save power.


How Important The Battery Power Is?

The battery power makes a difference. A perfect battery life will help anyone to prepare the goods expectedly. Although you would always get a limited lifetime in a battery operated blender. So, it’s perfect to have at least a source to recharge the battery. But, it would be tough to prepare more than 12 cups of juice after every single charge. Probably you would accept it, but you won’t expect the one that can’t work after three or four times. So, choose a true server that can work for at least 10 cups of juice.