Best Burr Grinders Under $100 Of 2022- (Electric, Conical)- Our Picks

The coffee grinder is the most essential equipment for every coffee lover unless you depend on a coffee house. Either you want to make the coffee frequently or infrequently, you need this equipment for the best flavor extraction. We may always want to use the freshly ground coffee as we can get the full flavor in the brewed coffee while the contents stay completely fresh during being ground. So, that’s why you should have a grinder to frequently grind the beans, so you would be the one of them to be awarded with the fresh and full flavored coffee at every morning. Simply the pre ground coffee loses some aroma while the quality coffee grinders work hard to hold the best flavor in the ground coffee.


The burr coffee grinders are more intelligent in now-a-days, because they don’t only turn the beans coarse to fine, but also they have numerous grind settings to find an option for your favorite type of the coffees. Because, if you make the espresso, cappuccino, latte, cafe macchiato, long black and flat white, the size of the ground coffee requires to be different in most cases. So, the burr grinders with grind settings simplify this process. There are also several advantages of the burr grinders and this is why we prefer the burr grinders than the blade grinders.


Best Burr Grinders Under $100- our five selections

Not all the burr grinders would perform as perfect as the best ones can. So we put the time & attentions on the 15 burr grinders, researched some test results and read 100 reviews to find the best five. Although we used to consider the budget as we needed to focus only the best ones under $100 and after our hard work we got a successful result with the best burr grinders under $100.

Burr Coffee GrindersNumber of Grind Settings Our Ratings Where To Buy

Chefman Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


Capresso 560.01


Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder


Cuisinart DBM-8


OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


1)Chefman Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Chefman Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

So you need a very budget friendly coffee grinder, even under 50$? Meet one of the best budget coffee grinders that is as incredibly budget friendly as sometimes we want. You don’t want that the coffee should lose the aroma for being overheated in the jar during grinding. That’s why, the Chefman Burr Coffee Grinder handles the beans as carefully as if they don’t lose their freshness and flavor for the raising internal heat. Because, its burr mill system saves the beans from losing the flavor. On the other hand, the Chefman Coffee Grinder includes a wide range of grinding options to easily find the most measure level to grind the beans. From extremely fine to coarse the machine includes a dial to force the coffee beans to be ground into 17 grinding levels.


The large hopper has the ample internal space to accommodate 8 oz coffee beans and the amount of beans the ground cup holds, it would be enough to brew 2-12 cups of coffee. You don’t need a remarkable experience to use its one touch operation system and the burr and container can easily get their deserved wash after an use as they are dishwasher safe. It includes a brush to confirm the washing is relatively easier.

What We Like: 

  • 17 grinding options to find the right grinding option as you want for drip, steam, espresso and cappuccino. The fine to coarse option is also included for the extreme grinding.
  • Ceramic burr that reduces the temperature during the beans create friction. So, the reduced temperature keeps the flavor perfect into the ground coffee.
  • Large ground container that holds the coffee to brew 2-12 cups and you can wash the hopper and removable burr.
  • Easy to use.  


2)Capresso 560.01

Capresso 560.01

Relatively the Capresso 560.01 cost nearly twice than the Chefman Burr Grinder, but, the Capresso 560.01 deserves better feedback than the Chefman Burr Grinder. Because, grinding the beans in multiple sizes isn’t only enough, also preserving the flavor and aroma is the second foremost requirement. Although, our number one pick has the capability of preserving the flavor and aroma, but the Capresso 560.01 has a different trick to hold the aroma and grind efficiently. Because the conical steel burr with advance cutting system doesn’t only expert in precision and smooth grinding, but also, the gear reduction motor reduces the friction and noises with its differently mechanized slowest grinding speed for holding the aroma. Although you would normally find the grind settings into, extra fine, fine, regular and coarse, but every category holds 4 different levels of grinding the beans with the required size.


To hold the beans and ground coffee the container has the 4 oz space for ground coffee and 8 oz space for the beans. After finishing the grinding you can use their included brush and soap to wash out the containers. When you use the ground coffee for espresso, cappuccino and latte, you can use their measuring cup to put the right amount in the filter basket.

What We Like: 

  • Conical steel burrs and their specific cutting system grind the beans necessarily perfect while you can use the dial to fix the grinding size like extra fine, fine, regular and coarse.
  • Gear reduction motor to decrease the noise level, friction while the slowest grinding technology saves the beans from losing their natural aroma.
  • You can find the most suitable grinding grinding level from 16 grinding settings.
  • Dishwasher safe containers and a brush to clean them with the soap.  


3)Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder

Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder

The Ariete -Delonghi Electric Coffee Grinder achieved lots of positive feedback on several eCommerce sites and it is the one that has been recommended by several reviewers and tasters on youtube to purchase. Depending all positive results, we haven’t any worries to recommend it to our readers to purchase. First of all it has a slight different option than the Capresso 560.01 and Chefman Burr Grinder to eliminate the guesswork. Because you can use the adjustable cup size to grind the right amount of coffee. So, there won’t have any leftover ground coffee that would lose the freshness for being stored for a few days. You can always grind the necessary amount of beans considering how many cups of coffee you need to brew and the flavor would be as fresh as you need. The conical burr disc with 15 grind settings provides perfect smoothness of grinding as you necessarily want for espresso, cappuccino and americanos.


The bean hopper comes to be locked automatically with the grinder, but you can remove the hopper with the loaded beans. It is simply operable and you can easily unlock the containers when those containers need a clean up.

What We Like: 

  • Pro level performance with the compact and countertop design. Anyone can use the easy grinding process of it.
  • Adjustable cup size to accurately grind the amount of beans considering how many cups of coffee you need to make.
  • 15 grind settings to find a wide level of the grind settings considering the types of the coffee.
  • Automatic locking system of hopper locks perfectly and it holds the beans whenever you release the hopper.


4)Cuisinart DBM-8

Cuisinart DBM-8

The Cuisinart DBM-8 is one of the popular burr grinders and you can make it the part of your daily coffee making process for two reasons. At first the price of the Cuisinart DBM-8 is very cheap and the one amongst cheap coffee grinders, secondly, it is considered as a quality grinder for frequent use. The operation of this grinder is quite simple and like the efficient coffee makers  it shuts off by itself when the machine accomplishes grinding. It has a large grind chamber that can contain the ground coffee almost for 32 cups. Instead the plastic body, the Cuisinart DBM-8 is made with stainless steel to make the lifetime relatively longer than other grinders. But, the thing you would actually praise its cup measuring ability, it has a slide dial to set how much ground coffee you need. If you want to brew 4 cups of coffee, you can fix it by its slide button to only grind the four cups of coffee.


With this amazing cup measuring feature, the machine has 18 levels grinding option. You can tell your grinder how smooth the ground coffee size should be. So, you won’t be in trouble to grind the beans with the comfortable size as you want for the type of coffee you want to drink. With a powerful motor and extreme grinding ability we marked it as one of the perfect models for home.

What We Like: 

  • Easy cup measuring feature that could be used considering how many cups of coffee you need to brew. It has a dial to set into 4 cups to 12 cups.
  • The grind chamber is as large as it can contain the ground coffee for 32 cups.
  • 18 levels grinding position selector to grind the coffee with a wide range of sizes as you need for your specific type of coffee.
  • Easy operating option and durable stainless steel body to survive relatively more days than other plastic grinders.


5)OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

The OXO Conical Burr Grinder something looks like single serve blender. Probably, the OXO built this slim model to save your premium space. But, the foremost question is how skillful the grinder is as budget grinder and how much value it provides for the money?. To give the right answers all of the questions we moved to youtube to research the video reviews and the feedbacks of 30 users. We only found 5% bad reviews while the rest 95% were noticeable as the OXO highlighted on the features of this grinder. First of all it combined the stainless steel with the plastic to make the design better and strengthen its structure.  Secondly, the durable conical burrs break the coffee beans with retaining the smoothness and flavor. Moreover, the grinder offers 15 grind settings, including the micro settings. So, don’t be worried for the grinding size and level.


Although the ground container is slightly smaller than some grinders, but it is made from stainless steel for the ultimate elimination of riskage. On the other hand, you don’t need to frequently set the settings, because the timer holds the last setting as if you can start grinding everyday day without resetting again.

What We Like: 

  • Quality design and construction, especially the ground container and base. The stainless steel makes it relatively sturdier.
  • 15 grind settings and micro settings for the best grinding size you need for your specific coffee.
  • Large hopper with a clever and easy locking system that keeps the beans safe in it after releasing.
  • No degradation in the flavor after grinding.



Our Buying Guide-


Wide Range Of The Grind Settings

This is where a grinder proves its perfection on grinding the beans. Sometimes, grinding the beans from fine to coarse isn’t enough, because you would need the different size of the ground coffees considering the type of coffees. Because, applying the right size of the ground coffee considering the type of coffee you want to craft would make the flavor great. So, the wide range of the grind settings mean the right ground size. We found up to 18 settings on the burr grinders that are under $100. But, the expensive ones would have more settings.


Ability To Retain The Flavor

When the grinder breaks the coffee beans, there creates the temperature because of the frictions. But, the exceeded temperature can reduce the aroma of the ground coffee. So, the cooler the inside is the better flavor in the coffee. We have found lots of issues about the flavor retaining ability of the grinder. So, the burr should be able to reduce the friction and temperature. Although, the burr grinder uses ceramic floor under the conical bar, gear reduction motor and multiple technologies to reduce the friction and temparature and we have worked hard to bring those efficient grinders on our list.


Size Of The Containers

The ground container and the hopper have a size that determines how much ground coffee and beans it can contain. The size can be determined by ounces and sometimes the amount like how many cups of coffee you can brew by the amount of ground coffee that the container holds. The size of the hopper and the container should be selected by you as you know how much beans you need to grind and how many cups of coffee you need to brew everyday.