Best Cheap Juicers (Updated 2022)- Reviews & Our Top 10 Picks

The juice from vegetables and fruits offers lots of advantages for the human’s body and many of us love juicing for its incredible advantages. Because, the doctors and nutritionists suggest juicing considering its great benefits. But it is impossible to make the juice manually by chopping the fruits and veggies and that’s why there has invented the juicers that completely simplify the juicing process and gift us a glass of perfect natural juice. On the other hand, the modern juicers are more upgraded than the vintage ones and now-a-days making the juice is just a matter of 5-10 minutes. Because, most of them are electrical and run by the powerful motor and they have everything from accommodating the fruits to turn them into delicious liquid stuff.


But, sometimes these handy machines can be the piece of expensive gadgets and its price range can start from $300. Yes, I am talking about the expensive ones. But that doesn’t mean all the juicers on the market aren’t wallet friendly. There are numerous wallet friendly inventions that can yield the perfect juice with preserving the nutritions and in this article our team members hardly focus on those efficient machines.


Type Of The Juicers

Since we know there are two types of the juicers, but for better information we researched on and and below we have written about the contemporary ones.


Masticating Juicers: You can also call it slow juicer because of its delay process and slower speed of the auger. But, the popularity of it is amazing and widened. It highly preserves the nutritions and because of the low friction and slow speed, the juice won’t be negatively affected by the heat. So, the naturality of the juice stays perfect. Basically, it uses a large patented auger that chops, pulverize and immensely breaks down the fruits and pressurizes them over a filter to extract the juice. To be honest, sometimes these dependable ones struggle to pulverize the harder fruits and the overloading with the harder fruits can be the reason of jamming. But, when it comes to extract out the juice from softer fruits and green leaves, you can simply expect the efficient result.

Centrifugal Juicers: When it comes to make the juice from harder fruits, the centrifugal juicers are best. Because it can quickly break down the harder fruits by its strong teeth and let you to achieve a fast result. Sometimes, there would have high, low options to fit with the type of the contents. The low speed is better for green leaves and softer fruits. Basically, it uses a high speed motor and the percentage of the yielded juice wouldn’t be as similar as the masticating juicers yield.

Because, of the high friction it is something heat productive and noisy like a blender. If you need the high yielding power for harder fruits, then I would recommend the centrifugal juicers.

Here is a video that clearly explains about it:


10 Best Cheap Juicers- Picked By Our Expert Team

Costing $500 for a juicer can be tough. So, our experts widely looked for the affordable ones and they succeeded their mission with the ten best cheap juicers.

JuicersTypeSpeed SettingsSize Of The Feeder ChuteOur Ratings Price

Doctor Hetzner


Mooka Slow Masticating


Omega J8006


Hamilton Beach (67601A)

Centrifugal NoWide4.7


Centrifugal NoSlim4.5

Hamilton Beach 2

Centrifugal YesWide4.7

Breville JE98XL

Centrifugal YesWide4.8

Aobosi Slow Masticating

MasticatingNoWide & Slim4.8

Argus Le Slow


Oster JusSimple 2

Centrifugal YesWide4.5

1)Doctor Hetzner

Doctor Hetzner Juicer

The Doctor Hetzner is compact and excellently designed countertop model to yield the best extracted juices compared to a few ones. First of all the Doctor Hetzner has an exceptionally designed squeezer that ensures the highly extracted juice while the amount of the yielded juice would be higher than other centrifugal juicers. Basically, it has patented seven leveled longer spiral system that ensures the contents go through more pressure for making better juice. On the other hand, the squeezer ensures the less residual pulp to increase the taste of the yielded contents. With the highly appreciated design and extended performance it must deserve a good feedback while its powerful squeezing system can masticate and extract out the core contents of all fibrous fruits. Even if you put the fibrous fruits and veggies like celery, gingers, leafy greens and even wheatgrass, it can yield the best flavored and nutritious juice.


During extracting, the wasted pulp would be released on a different place to easily keep them separated from the juice. If you ever get this you would highly appreciate the micro masticating technology, that means even the smallest portions in the contents would be forced to yield the vitamins, enzymes and minerals. It has the most simple interface to be user friendly and masticate the contents with several options. On the other hand, with the best extraction, to make the juice perfect it would come up with very low clogging and perfect density. So, if you like to easily achieve the enzymes, vitamins and minerals for your health, it can be one of the most efficient ones for juicing frequently.

What We Like:

  • Micro extraction technology with seven leveled longer spiral system that squeezes the fruits without remaining a small amount of core contents. That’s why the yielded juice would be higher than other juicers.
  • Little foaming in the yielded contents as if you can drink the juice with better taste.
  • High squeezing ability to extract the liquids even from the most fibrous fruits while the interface is great to be user friendly.
  • 60db noises not to be irritated or disturb anyone while it keeps working.


2)Mooka Slow Masticating

Mooka Slow Masticating Juicer

The Mooka Slow Masticating deserves a great appreciation for high yielding power and it is similarly perfect like Doctor Hetzner. Basically, it has an incredible user friendly interface and switching the reserve, soft and hard functions are easier considering the type of the fruits. Its one touch buttons normalize switching the options for any user. We researched out its masticating ability and it perfectly separates the pulps for the best extraction. If you compare the percentage of its yielded liquid contents with others from the same amount of fruits and veggies, it would be able to extract 10% higher amount of  juice from the veggies and fruits compared to other normal ones. This slow juicer has the high performance squeezer that runs at 80 RPM and destroys the contents as perfectly as if there isn’t left 0% fruits or veggies in the pulp to yield the juice. Basically, the squeezer has three stage spiral warm like chop, squeeze and micro squeeze and when you put the fruits, they must have to pass these three steps to provide all the vitamins, enzymes and minerals.


It features a pusher that can be used to compress the fruits into the chamber, so they can easily come in contact with the squeezer. If you want to store the juice, you can keep them fresh for 72 hours without any degradation in the contents. Because, it squeezes the fruits with minimizing the oxygens and less heat exposure for retaining the naturality and promoting the healthy enzymes. It also runs on an AC motor that determines the low noises during working and the dishwasher safe parts mean, clean them up quickly without any worries.

What We Like:

  • The masticating juicing system with the latest technology while it separates 80% juice from the fruits and veggies that is almost the best extraction compared to other inventions.
  • Three staged squeezer included chop, squeeze and micro squeeze spiral that ensure the best squeezing for maximum results.
  • Pusher to compress the contents onto the chamber as if they can come up quickly to be squeezed.
  • The extracted juice can be stored for 72 hours and its three year warranty provides an extra service and value for your money.


3)Omega J8006

Omega J8006

The Omega J8006, although this is one of the best wheatgrass juicers and we had to keep it on our top five list. We had to give it all the deserved appreciations for remarkable efficiency as it won’t only squeeze the fruits and veggies, but also it is able to end up its wide limits by making nut butters, frozen desserts, baby foods, grinding coffee beans, mincing herb and garlics. No doubt, its wide versatility defines a quite and impressive value of it without a bank breaking deal. Although, compared to our first two selections it is pricey. But, its efficiencies determines you don’t need to spend any other bank breaking deal for purchasing a coffee grinder or a powerful blender. Either, you want the fruit juice or veggie juice or a mix up, its 80 rotations per minutes determine the quite perfect juice with greater extractions of the nutrients and minerals. On the other hand, you can store or freeze the juice for 72 hours and the yielded minerals and vitamins stay naturally preserved in the juice.


Because of the powerful motor and dual stage juicing efficiency, it leaves very dry pulp after the extraction and ensures the core elements aren’t left in the pulp of the fruits and veggies. It has the stabilizing feets with rubber ends to ensure that it can work anywhere without the tend to be shaken. We checked out its real life efficiency on popular review sites and youtube while we have been amazed because of the versatility as without costing for several gadgets you can simply enjoy the all in one performance.

What We Like:

  • Dual stage juicing means high yield performance by extracting almost all the core elements with leaving the dried pulps.
  • Versatile and forget about a bank breaking deal to buy a high performance blender for frozen treats and a grinder for grinding the coffees.
  • It is built up with a stronger body and powerful motor. So the performance is greater, but the noise is low.
  • Don’t need high voltage to operate the powerful motor. Because, it simply runs on 110-120 volts and consume less energy to save the money.


4)Hamilton Beach (67601A)

Hamilton Beach (67601A)

If you don’t want to waste the time on cutting and slicing the veggies and fruits to prepare them for juicing, then the Hamilton Beach (67601A) is a comfortable juicer to save your time and turn the fruits into juice without spending even a little bit of time on cutting and slicing. Because, the large three inches wide chute can accommodate the fruits easily and in most cases you don’t need to cut the fruits. You can only spend a little time if you need to peel some fruits and veggies. On the other hand, the pulp bin has a large internal space that means it would easily accommodate lots of dried pulps and let you to continue the juicing process without cleaning out the pulp. Its stainless steel mesh cutter intends to prepare high yield juice while its 1.1 horsepower motor easily cuts out the fruits and extracts the perfect juice with ensuring the maximum preservation of vitamin, minerals and all beneficial elements.


Its high efficiency motor and blade are able to fight with the most fibrous foods, but, when it comes about the extraction it can do as much as you expect. You would also have a food pusher to ensure that the foods can easily make a quick contact with the stainless steel blades.  The large juice container also can be used as a serving pitcher. After juicing when you need to clean out the necessary parts for making fresh juice in the next time, it has all those removable dishwasher safe parts that can be rinsed or brushed by the included brush.

What We Like:

  • Except spending a little bit of time to peel out some necessary veggies and fruits, you don’t require to spend the time to cut the fruits, because the wider chute easily accommodates them and transmits them easily into the chamber.
  • 1.1 HP motor with a stainless steel micro mesh cutter for high end extraction. The power of the motor extremely enforces the contents into the chamber to extract out the core elements.
  • The large pulp bin that contains lots of dried pulp and it doesn’t need the frequent cleaning up during juicing.
  • Cleaning brush ensures the perfect rinsing and brushing for all the dishwasher safe parts.



BLACK+DECKER 400-Watt Juice Extractor

The BLACK+DECKER Juice Extractor is the perfect one of the countertop juicers, but it could be better for infrequent use while it hasn’t the very powerful parts to go through the abusive use. Although, if you have a small family or you are a single server, then this juicer can be used for making juice like for a single time every day. But, if you want to make the juice for a large family and even for a several times everyday, then the Omega J8006 is perfect for taking the extreme challenges. So, why the BLACK+DECKER Juice Extractor? Basically, it can be your daily nutrition, vitamins and minerals provider… only the restriction is you shouldn’t use its service for a huge serving. It has a large removable pulp bin that literally isn’t a space consumer, because it has a built in place to adjust the pulp and it would keep containing the dried pulp without stopping you to make the juice. It has a 400 watt motor that we still mark as a powerful motor.


Because, its ability is still enough to powerfully enforce the contents in the chamber. A stainless steel blade with 400 water motor can contribute on perfect extraction. Its included 300 millimeter pitcher easily captures the extracted juice and after juicing easily separate the required parts that requires a must need clean up.

What We Like:

  • A wallet friendly juicer that has been perfected for single serving or making the serve for a small family.
  • Built in place for capturing the pulp and vertically oriented juice extractor ensure it is one of the best countertop models.
  • 400 watt motor and durable stainless steel cutter ensure all the contents in the chamber would be enforced to leave their core contents.
  • Pusher for perfectly compressing the fruits and dishwasher safe parts to keep the juicer always clean.  


6)Hamilton Beach 2

Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Juice Extractor

A two speed juice extractor to yield better results. If you have previously struggled to produce the maximum amount of juice by other low quality inventions, then you can try out the Hamilton Beach 2. Its  high and low speed optimization ensures you can operate it at two different speeds to bring out the perfectly extracted natural liquids from the contents. If you run the juicer at high speed, the 1.1 HP motor ensures even the tiny parts of the fruits would be forced to leave the liquids in the container. It comes with a pulp bin that is almost similarly heightened to the machine. So when it keeps working, the dried pulp would be there and because of the great internal space, it can contain huge pulp even when you prepare a large serve for a group of people. It has also a large 40 OZ pitcher that has a froth separator to ensure the foam free result during serving.


It can also save a lot time as the wide chute can simply accommodate the apples and other fruits while no sizing required to make them compatible for the internal space. After making the juice whenever you remove pitcher the drip free spout ensures there won’t have any drips or dirt on the table or floor. On the other hand, the easy sweep cleaning tool can clean out the strainer by simple sweeps with the water. Overall, these amazing processes and easiness can save the time and eliminate the difficulties.

What We Like:

  • Durable body with a 1.1 HP motor that can leave its power in high and low mode during making the juice. These two speed settings can be the meaning of high percent results compared to other juicers.
  • Drip free spout ensures when you remove the pitcher the drips are no longer to mess the floors or table.
  • A pitcher with froth separator as if the foams can’t mix up with the juice after pouring the juice in the glass.
  • Wide chute and sweep cleaning tools reduce the time of juicing and simplify the cleaning.


7)Breville JE98XL

Breville JE98XL


If you want to put the harder fruits in the chute to turn them into delicious juice, then this juicer should be efficient to really turn them into juice. Although, most of the low quality juicers would fail to conquer the toughness of the harder fruits. But we meet the Breville JE98XL that can single handedly perform to conquer the toughness of the harder fruits. Because, it has 850 watt motor with two speed settings that mean if you select the high speed, the motor is able to run on 12,000 RPM speed to chop the tough foods in the chamber. So, if you put the harder fruits, you can still make the delicious juice with incredible smoothness. On the other hand, the motor runs on 6,500rpm at low speed settings that can turn the softer fruits into delicious juice. To yield more juice with vitamins and minerals, it used cutting disc with micro mesh filter while the stainless steel blade contributes the best from its high end level.


It also gives an overload protection that means the juicer can detect the condition and when it guesses the juicer is overloaded it shuts up automatically to prevent overheating. Moreover, the wide feeder won’t conflict with the fruit’s size and with saving the time you can end up making the delicious juice. When you need to serve the froth free juice its large 1 liter container has the froth separator to serve the juice without the froth or foam.

What We Know:

  • Dual speed settings to make the perfect juice from all softer and harder fruits while the micro mesh filter with surrounded blade maximize the amount of juice and preserve more vitamins and minerals.
  • Overload protection to save the juicer from overheating while the decent loading aims to make the juice delicious by properly filtering out.
  • Wide feeder chute to eliminate the conflict with fruits and save you from spending your time on cutting and sizing them.
  • Large pitcher with a froth separator to serve the juice neatly.  


8)Aobosi Slow Masticating

Aobosi Slow Masticating Juicer

We are back again with a masticating juicer that is slightly different. Because, we are experienced with several masticating extractors and we saw these extractors include small feeder chutes. So, whenever you need to put the large fruits, at first the fruits are required to be cut or sliced to fit with the size of the chute. But, the Aobosi Slow Masticating is different and something like a centrifugal. Because, it has double feeder chutes and the large one accommodates the fruits like oranges, apples while the small one can accommodate the small fibrous foods. Surprisingly, the large chute easily lets the fruits to reach in the chamber while no pushing required to enforce them for a contact with the squeezer. The upgraded squeezer intends to perform better and the Aobosi claims it can squeeze to yield up to 90% juice.


The squeezer spins at 47-60 RPM and creates less friction to preserve the nutrients. Moreover, the filter ensures 0% pulp in the extracted juice while it makes the juice smooth and after juicing you can ensure a simplest wash out. The pitchers and most of the parts are made from anti oxidation materials as if no odor can be mixed up with the juice. The drip free design can protect the floor or table top from being dirty and overall you would be truly comfortable with the performance.

What We Like:

  • Double feeder chutes including a large one where you can put the apple, orange and pear without cutting or sizing them. Because the chamber has the space to eliminate the confliction with the fruit’s size.
  • The squeezer has multiple thickened spirals that enforce the fruits to yield almost 90% juice.
  • Anti oxidation materials keep the juice fresh and it doesn’t negatively affect the natural taste.
  • Stainless steel filter to eliminate transferring even 1 percent pulp that means the juice is fresh and perfect.


9)Argus Le Slow

Argus Le Slow Juicer

The Argus Le Slow looks like a blender and it looks quite different. If we compare its model with other slow juicers, we would find a rare similarity. But, it can yield the incredible performance with microcore system. Although, you should cut, slice the fruits to send them through the feeder chute, but, with a patented squeeze auger the extraction would be perfectly perfect. Its easy assembling system means the juicer can be ready in a few minutes to start juicing while disassembling is quite easier for cleaning up the parts after making the juice. The perfect squeezing auger can single handedly cut, slice and chop the foods to bring out all core elements from the fruits with separating the pulps away. The stainless steel filter makes the juice smooth and the slow speed and low friction won’t create even a little impact on the natural taste.


With the soft fruits, you can use the power of this juicer for high yielding when it comes to preparing out the juice from tough fruits. It makes a great value for your money by giving extra service. Because, it includes a fruit sorbet attachment that means you can put the soft frozen fruits in its chamber to make delicious frozen treats. So, it can save the money of purchasing another gadget that could be used to make frozen treats.

What We Like:

  • Patented squeezer for maximum yielding while the juice would be incredibly smooth for being filtered out by the micro filter.
  • Easy assembling parts to prepare it out quickly and similarly the simple disassembling system can be used to quickly wash out the necessary parts.
  • Properly powered to masticate the soft fruits and even the harder fruits. So simply mix up the soft fruits and harder fruits and enjoy the highly yielded performance.
  • You can make the frozen treats from the soft frozen fruits by this juicer.  


10)Oster JusSimple 2

Oster JusSimple 2-Speed Juice Extractor

There are some effective and required options on the Oster JusSimple 2 to turn the soft and hard fruits into the perfect juice. Its two speed settings and 900 watts motor can destruct the softer fruits to harder fruits. Like a few of the juicers the two high and low settings would greatly work with the type of the fruits like if the fruits are harder, the high speed setting is perfect option to break their toughness and turn them into delicious juice. Its strong micro filter and powerful pulverizing system can easily extract healthy juice while the pulp would be stored into the pulp bin. The large pulp bin means without taking a small break to clean it, you can continue juicing. It has also en extra wide chute that easily deals with the multiple size fruits while the plunger can help to easily transmit the fruits into the chamber.


Its micro filter doesn’t stick to the fibers because of the mesh coating and you can clean it by easy rinsing in the water. It has 32 Oz pitcher that aims to serve the juice while it can easily separate the froth by the froth separator. After juicing you can separate the detachable parts to store it.

What We Like:

  • 900 watt motor pulverizes the harder fruits and softer fruits to make the juice with breaking the toughness.
  • Extra wide chute and plunger to easily transmit the fruits into the chamber and the ejected pulp would be stored into the large pulp bin.
  • Coated filter to wash it by simple rinsing in the water. The plunger and the easy washing system of the filter can save the time.
  • Detachable parts to store after the use.