Best Coffee Beans for Latte (Selected In 2022)- Make It Creamy!

We are certainly the ones who are bigger fans of latte and it requires a different process what isn’t similar to the drip coffee. You know the green beans leave flavor after being roasted and you can roast the green beans at multiple levels. Every level would be responsible for a different flavor and if you want the certain beans for a latte, it should be roasted from medium dark to dark. Actually, this is what the manufacturer does when they prepare the beans for latte. Literally at first you have to brew espresso and it should be mixed up with milk froths to finally provide your latte.


So, when you look for specific beans for espresso or latte, make sure it is appropriately roasted to create a perfectly smooth bold flavor to make the mix up better and better. According to expert’s opinion, it is better to avoid highly dark roasted beans as it would leave a bitter flavor. So, finding the beans with medium dark or slightly dark is perfect and probably this is what the manufacturer does.


After getting your correctly roasted beans, you have to put a proper attention when you need to grind them. Experts mostly recommend to put the beans into the burr grinder as it retains the flavor and saves the particles from being roasted again. So, if you have the burr grinder use it and considering the brewer you have, you can keep a little variation in the grind size. If you use a french press, you should keep the grind size a little bit coarse. But if you have an electric espresso machine you can keep it fine.



Does The Roast Impact On The Flavor?

You know the green beans contain the oils and acidity and they aren’t able to leave flavor unless you roast them. Considering the flavor you want, you can roast the beans at different levels and when you’ll force the beans to roast under different temperatures, they will start losing the oils and acidity to raise a perfect flavor. The darkest beans will contain less oil and acidity than medium or lightly roasted beans. The flavor also varies with the type of the roasts. You can get a full detailed here that explains the core processes of roasting coffee beans.


Single or Multi Regions

You probably know the manufacturer import beans from different countries and sometimes they either keep it single or multi region based before packaging. If they keep it based on a single region, it will come up with a specific character as you know the character of coffee varies considering the regions. Some people prefer the single region based coffee as the flavor remains very specific.


But, sometimes they blend to retain the balance in taste and maintain other factors. These beans will be sourced from multiple countries and the blended beans also have the popularity. Although you can have a different choice and if you like the beans of any specific reason, you may go for it.


7 Best Coffee Beans for Latte- Researched By Our Expert Team

The 7 picks you see here won’t at least tire you to find a packet of coffee beans that is great for latte. You may try them once or more in a life.


1)Lavazza Super Crema 

Lavazza Super Crema 

One of the popular coffee beans people use around the world for espresso to gain the authentic taste. They put a blend in the overall combination according to their tradition. You may know The Lavazza beans are a popular brand in Italy and to brew the perfect espresso for latte, you can depend on the mild and creamy espresso roast of Lavazza. Aside the mix of Arabica Varieties, they also put Robustas in the combination. The manufacturer imports the beans from all traditional countries like Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, India and Brazil. The beans are pre-roasted in the packet and you just need to grind them to prepare your espresso.


The mild and creamy roast boosts up the taste with notes of honey, almond and fruits. Though the beans are sourced from different countries, but they are roasted and processed in Italy. Moreover, they roasted green beans in the certain medium level of roasting to deliver a perfectly tasted latte.

What We Like:

  • Sourced from various countries to bring a different and authentic taste in the latte.
  • Roasted in the specific level to hold the perfect taste in espresso.
  • The addition of honey, almond and fruits will boost up the taste.
  • Comes from a leading and trustworthy brand of Italy.


2)GoCoffeeGo Klatch Coffee

GoCoffeeGo Klatch Coffee
It isn’t any specific region based, but sourced from various countries. So, the taste would be a little bit different and the different mix up from various sources does it all. These medium dark roasted beans have the reduced acidity and oils. So, after brewing the flavor of the espresso would be bold and this is what you would require for your latte. To boost up the taste, it holds a great balance in the milk based drinks and you can necessarily grind the whole beans for espresso.


The notes of blackberry, chocolate and brandy can make the taste of your latte more perfect and tasty. These pre-roasted beans come full bodied and you just need to grind them. The packet holds 12 ounces beans for lots of brewed coffee. Within 24-26 seconds and in 201 degree F temperature you can get the espresso ready and then make a mix up with the creamy milk froth.

What We Like:

  • Reduced acids and oils for a perfect taste.
  • Necessarily roasted to easily brew the espresso.
  • Notes of blackberry, chocolate and brandy for additional taste.


3)Allegro Coffee Organic Espresso

Allegro Coffee Organic Espresso

The Allegro is a popular brand in Colorado and they collect the coffee from all around the world. They collect the beans directly from the farmers to maintain the maximum flavor and aroma. The full bodied beans they offer are correctly roasted and flavored to hold the perfect flavor in the latte, cappuccino, drip coffee and espresso. So, as the first process of making latte, you have to firstly brew the espresso and the medium dark roast would retain the certain flavor with the reduced acids and oils. Because, at this stage of roasting, the beans lose lots of acids and oils and make the flavor bold to offer you a perfect latte you want.


They collected these beans from Latin American countries and Indonesia while the notes of dark chocolate and caramel would make your latte additionally flavored.

What We Like:

  • Directly sourced from farmers to maintain the accuracy of flavor.
  • Medium dark roast ensures that the beans are prepared to use for espresso.
  • Nuances of dark chocolate and caramel to boost up the flavor.


4)Hale Espresso Blend

Hale Espresso Blend

The Hale Coffee creates the combination of beans throughout sourcing from some traditional coffee farming countries like Ethiopia, Guatemala and Brazil. Considering the different origins and to retain the individual flavor, they roast the beans separately. They also roast the beans in small batches for the consistency and to ensure that the beans are evenly roasted. Such a blend of multiple originated beans adds a rich milk chocolate note. For a perfect espresso shot or to create milk based drink, the manufacturer also roasted them in medium dark what the expert recommends.


So, the reduced acidity and oils could create a bold flavor to make the latte as perfect as you need. You can use the grinds of them for almost all conventional coffee makers.

What We Like:

  • Separately roasted to retain the individual taste and roasted in small batches for even roasting.
  • Less acidity and oils with dark roasting creates a bold flavor.
  • Sourced from the farms of traditional coffee countries.


5)Koffee Kult THUNDER BOLT


One of the Florida based manufacturers and renowned for processing the coffee beans to make them usable. These full bodied french roasted beans would make your latte better as the beans come with reduced oil what the manufacturer reduces during roasting. Moreover, they emphasize over the quality of roasting and that’s why they roast them in small batches to make sure every bean loses the acid and oil. Their organically sourced beans also don’t contain any harmful chemical contaminant. So, you will have the freshest espresso or latte and you will get the perfect taste on every sip.


Like other beans it also holds the notes of green apple and lime and probably it would encourage you to grab another cup of latte. These Arabica coffees are organically sourced from Colombia and Brazil.

What We Like:

  • Safe from chemical contaminants to make the drink fresh and tasty.
  • Organically sourced and roasted in small batches.
  • Less acidity and oils and 100% Arabica.


6)Verena Street 2

Verena Street 2
The reduced oil, acidity and the mix of different origins can create a great flavor while specific dark roast can make the latte delicious. After receiving the beans just keep it slightly coarse during grinding and you will get bolder brewed espresso for your desired latte. These beans are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms and they roast the fresh beans and ensure every bean is roasted at the same level. Without letting tons of beans at every batch, they intend to keep the batch small, as if the beans around the roaster become similarly forced with the same temperature.


Among the popular packages of beans, we found the Verena Street 2 as popular and effective for the bold coffee espresso. Their sustainably sourced beans are more natural and at the same time it’s a support to a farmer and the environment.

What We Like:

  • Multiple regions to create a perfect flavor.
  • Darkly roasted for a bold flavor what needs for your cappuccino or latte.
  • Small batch of roasting ensures the beans are perfectly roasted.
  • Sourced from farmers.


7)Starbucks Espresso Dark

Starbucks Espresso Dark

Based on multi regions like Asia Pacific and Latin America. Deeply the manufacturer intends to provide a sweet, flavored and bold espresso by this package. They intentionally kept it dark during roasting and all you need to break them, keep them a little coarse and prepare the espresso for a mix up with the milk. The brew from the Starbucks Espresso Dark comes without the acidity and oil to make a superior taste of the espresso. Because of the perfection in roasting and flavor the latte remains delicious as you wish to have.


They also provide some useful tips like to use a clean machine and filtered water for the finest taste. Every pack holds 20 ounces beans to serve a long time.

What We Like:

  • Intentionally roasted for the espresso to hold a sweet and creamy flavor.
  • Reduced acidity and oil to create the taste you need.
  • 20 ounces beans in the package for a long term serve.



How You Can Perfectly Use These Beans

Brewing latte is all about mixing the milk froth and flavored syrup with espresso and you can brew espresso by an espresso machine or a french press (most commonly). But after opening up the packet of the beans initially you need to properly store them and keeping the beans in the fridge and leaked bottles could damage and they would lose the flavor. So, you should save them from any impact and the airtight canister might be great to secure the roasted beans. But, don’t store a loaded canister in the fridge. An airtight canister ensures nothing can get into the beans even not the CO2 and O2.