Best Coffee Filters For Pour Over (2022 Updates)- Brew Better!

We can’t brew our favorite joe without filtering and whether we like manual or automatic brewing there needs a filter that will separate the grounds from the brewed coffee. We coffee lovers know several brewing systems and making joe by pour over coffee maker is literally a popular process to have a flavored coffee. But whenever you plan to start brewing you need literally a specific filter what is different than the filters of automatic coffee machines. You can place these filters over the pour over coffee makers without or with stand or dripper.


After placing, you can put the grinds over there and apply the hot water to see the extracted the coffee on the coffee holder. You can find the disposable and reusable filters to get the coffee brewed on the holder. The paper filters are disposable, which means you can’t reuse them while the stainless steel cone filters are reusable and you can use them for almost two years. But both filters are efficient in different cases and this post will tell you all about the seven best coffee filters for pour over.

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10 Best Coffee Filters For Pour Over- Our Selections


1)Barista Warrior Pour Over Filter

Barista Warrior Pour Over FilterSometimes, spending again and again can be a tiresome investment for a coffee filter. On the other hand, spending on a poor filter can be a waste and this is why we get to find a perfect filter to eliminate passing the sediments, acidity and excess oil. So, the multiple stages of this tricky filter can do a great job for a freshly brewed coffee with less bitterness. The dual filtration won’t let the sediments to be mixed up with the extracted coffee. The stainless steel and lesser cut filter inside it won’t be rusted or damaged because of the reusability of it. Its dependable filtration system would help you get the perfect coffee with natural flavor for lots of time.


I guess it can hold the sediments of 12 cups for every single filtration. It is compatible with almost all conventional pour over coffee makers and the Eco friendly construction of it won’t leave any hazard. Like the poor filters you don’t need any special effort to clean it up. You can simply rinse it by running water and to get a better clean up, you can use vinegar and warm water on every week.

What We Like:

  • Economical and made of rust resistant materials with the reusability.
  • Specific filters inside the core part keep the sediments out and ensure the natural flavor and aroma in the extracted coffee.
  • Eco Friendly construction won’t leave any hazard in the extracted joe.
  • Easy rinsing needed to clean up the whole filter.
  • Compatible with almost the most common pour over coffee makers.


2)Hario V60

Hario V60As you know the paper filters aren’t pricey, but disposable. That means, you can’t use them after a single filtration and pour over coffee lovers prefer them a lot because of some particular reasons. Mostly they are cone shaped, but sometimes they can be square shaped. So, this popular Hario V60 cone shaped papers are great for a finest extraction. The high density in the paper prevents the sediments from passing out while it holds a highly naturally flavored extraction. Aside, preventing the sediments this thicker paper filter with high density protects the extracted coffee from having excess oil and unusual appearance of the flavor.


Although, it can’t hold the amount of grounds like a metal filter. So, it won’t hold the grounds like 10-12 cups of coffee. So, the Hario V60 only can be applied to extract 2-4 cups of coffee (Vary with sizes). The package includes 100 papers and that means you can extract the coffee for 100 times with a great result.

What We Like:

  • Greater density of paper holds the maximum sediments and offers a flavored coffee.
  • Protect the coffee from over acidity and oils.
  • Can filter up to 2-4 cups of coffee.
  • Thicker for a perfect brew.


3)Chemex Classic Coffee Filters

Chemex Classic Coffee Filters
The thickness does a big job when it comes to separating the grounds from the brewing process. A poor paper filter would fail to separate 100% grounds, unnatural oils and bitter elements and give a result of a poorly brewed coffee. These paper filters from Chemex do a better trick than others as it is thicker than other contenders. They come from a popular brand Chemex and they are specialized to clear up to 100% grounds and excess oil. Although these papers are square shaped but can simply fit on all cone shaped coffee makers.


They are pre-folded as if you don’t become uncomfortable to set it up on the cone shaped coffee makers. On the other hand, you can filter up to 5-13 cups of coffee whenever you apply them. 100 papers come with every box as if you can depend on them for a long time.

What We Like:

  • Pre Folded as if you can easily set them up with your coffee maker.
  • Every paper can filter up to 5-13 cups of coffee.
  • Thicker than many of the contenders.
  • Can filter maximum grounds and bitter elements.


4)Walkbon Coffee Filter

Walkbon Coffee FilterOne of the finest stainless steel dripper that is smart and efficient when it comes to fit on most of the models of Chemex and Hario. It snugly fits on the coffee maker and doesn’t move when it keeps filtering. The silicone ring on the filter grips efficiently while it won’t scratch the glass. Such a ring isn’t something to be damaged because of the heat. Rather, it will keep the filter in place while the dual filtration technology holds the sediments and forces the grounds to be perfectly filtered out.


It uses a micro mesh funnel strainer that holds the sediments, but forces the core flavor of the coffee to be mixed up with the joe. It is cone shaped and usable with most of the pour over coffee makers. It is rust resistant to survive a couple of years and the manufacturer offers a one year warranty. You will also get an efficient cleaning brush that will reach out on any crucial point for a great clean up.

What We Like:

  • A rubber silicone ring allows the filter to fit snugly.
  • Fits on most of the models of pour over coffee maker.
  • Dual filtration technology to hold the maximum sediment.
  • Eco friendly and remains safe from rusts.
  • Cleaning brush included for a perfect clean up.


5)Bolio – Titanium Coated Coffee Filter

Bolio - Titanium Coated Coffee FilterThe Boilo Titanium Coated Filter holds a better strength than other conventional stainless steel filters. Although it isn’t popular like the popular cone filter from trusted brands. But, we have noticed the positive reviews of coffee lovers on the internet, and this is why we wanted to recommend it. It is crafted with 400 DPI Ultra Mesh to remove maximum sediment whilst it leaves the natural flavor during extraction. Like another contender it has a silicone grip to modestly cradle over the jar and it will provide a grip when you need to move the filter.


It offers a dripper cradle that can hold the dripper after dropping the core elements. It will save the dripper from creating any dirt. After removing the silicone bottom you can also use it as a stand that will work as a stand alone coffee dripper.

What We Like:

  • Stronger than other conventional stainless steel drippers.
  • 400 DPI Ultra Mesh wisely holds the sediments and makes the coffee flavored and fresh.
  • A silicone grip to easily hold the dripper after an extraction.
  • A stand as if it can safely cradle with the sediments after extracting.


6)Segarty Natural Brown Unbleached Paper

Segarty Natural Brown Unbleached PaperThese unbleached papers won’t hold the sediments or grounds of 10-12 cups of coffee. But, for any small serving like 2-4 cups, you can depend on the efficiency of them. You can easily keep the paper into a stand and put the stand over any pour over coffee maker. It holds the bitter elements and anything unnecessary to keep the coffee as fresh as you expect. These papers are safe and environmentally protected to keep the coffee mellow and naturally flavored. The manufacturer made them from natural paper as if the extracted coffee remains completely safe from any hazard.


Aside using these papers at home and you can also use them commercially. You can get 200-400 papers on their different packages and if you are a single server or owner of a small family, these are certainly a good choice. Because, you won’t need to waste the money on the big paper filters and you can get your coffee ready in 2-3 minutes.

What We Like:

  • Made from natural element to keep the flavor completely fresh.
  • Simply fits on the stand and can prepare 2-4 cups of coffee.
  • Perfect choice for a small family or single server.
  • Can prepare coffee within 2-3 minutes.


7)E-PRANCE Honeycombed Filter

E-PRANCE Honeycombed FilterThis is also a true contender to provide the expected freshness and flavor in the coffee. Made from 316 stainless steel that determines you can keep using it without the concern of getting the body of it rusted. It will leave the maximum natural flavor and oil of the coffee and it is specifically designed as if the brewed coffee can easily reach into the coffee holder without letting the drips to drop elsewhere. You can use the stand if you want to add an extra convenience in the brewing process.


The honeycomb design of it easily fits into the mouth of a pour over coffee maker. The stand is also made from high quality material to stay rust proof. The filter includes a rubbered stand to grab the whole unit safely and separate the sediments after brewing. It also comes with dual filtration system to clean up 99.9% grounds.

What We Like:

  • Honeycomb shape to safely fit into any pour over coffee pot.
  • Stand included for an extra convenience.
  • Rubbered stand to safely remove it from the stand or coffee maker.
  • Everything has been made from rust resistant materials to survive a long time.



Few Things To Know


Paper Vs Metal Filter

There are certain differences found considering the efficiency between paper and metal filter. Considering the taste that produces different paper and metal filters, you can choose them out by your preference. Although, the paper filters are very inexpensive and you can get 100 papers only for a few bucks. But, they are disposable and won’t be used again. On the other hand, the metal filters are more expensive than papers. But, you can depend on them year after year if it doesn’t rust.


Although, simple paper filters don’t require a clean up as they are disposable. But, if you use the high capacity based filters for automatic coffee machines, you can clean them up quicker than a metal filter. A metal filter needs a rinsing and brushing to get all the sediments out.


Although the metal filters are environmentally friendly as they are reusable while you have to throw out lots of disposable filters after the use.


When it comes to comparing the taste the paper filters will block excessive oils and bitterness. So, if you don’t like the bold coffee with the full of oils, the paper filters will go a great job. But, if you expect a highly flavored coffee with the full of oils, the metal filters will deliver it all.



No matter which filter you use, the size determines the amount of sediments it can hold when brews. The paper and metal both filters come in size what will ensure how many cups of coffee it can brew. From a simple 2-3 cups of coffee based filter, you can also find a large filter that will deliver 10-12 cups of coffee. Although the paper filters aren’t large like a metal filter and in most cases the metal filters would be larger than papers. Although, the size of the pour over coffee maker can be a requirement and you should know the size of your coffee maker before choosing the filter.


Dual Filtration System

The dual filtration system is an innovative addition in any metal filter. It means, the liquid will pass through two layers of the filter to ensure maximum sediment removal. So, your coffee will be fresh while it can save the coffee a little bit from the excessive oils. Even if you use the fine ground coffee this filtration system can prevent those grounds from getting in. You could use the filter with the full of confidence while the taste of the coffee would be expectedly good. It also makes a filter strong and ensures that it will efficiently filter even after a long time.


User Friendly Design

The user friendly design will help you to use a coffee filter comfortably. Although, for pour over coffee maker the cone shaped filters are more comfortable than square shaped ones. But, we saw from a research the square shaped papers are also popular. So, you should judge by yourself whether you prefer square or cone shaped.