Best Coffee Grinders For Chemex (Updated 2022)- Get The Perfect Grounds!

The Chemex is a unique creation in all the coffee makers have been invented till the day. The Chemex proves its uniqueness through providing the brewed coffee without bitterness. It keeps the taste and aroma greatly without delivering excessive oils. Because, the filter a pour over coffee maker uses to remove the excess oils is efficient while the specific grounds for pour over aid to remove the bitterness from the coffee. You may know it is tough to use the fine ground coffee for the Chemex. Because, it would create the chunks and fail to deliver a perfect extraction and that’s why the experts recommend to use medium coarse grind coffee to ensure a perfect extraction.


Because, the water will be able to extract the core flavors from all the grounds you put into the filter and there won’t have any chunk. But, when it comes to get the perfect ground coffee the question arises which coffee grinder does it best?. Actually, there are lots of grinders to do it efficiently and the machine needs to have the grind settings to break the beans on any needed thickness. I would like to have an efficient grinder with multiple grind settings as if you can simply set out the thickness you need.


10 Best Coffee Grinders For Chemex- Our Selections


1)KitchenAid KCG0702CS

KitchenAid KCG0702CS

Whether you love french press, espresso and pour over, with 15 grind settings it grinds for any brewing method, you will be able to grind the beans with the most perfect size you need. From coarse to fine the powerful steel cutting burrs can cut the beans in the most needed sizes. The easy manageable dial can determine the thickness of the grind and you literally won’t have to struggle to find the grind size you were looking for. The consistency is accurate and that’s why you would get an accuracy and perfection into the grinds. But, whatever it does, inside the carafe all the things remain cool as if the beans don’t lose the accuracy of roasting.


Because of the minimal frictions the taste remains same and there is no negative impact. The 7 ounces hopper is able to contain lots of beans and the grind chamber can hold it all. The whole unit is easy to store and you can put them in a little space. It includes a brush to easily clean the core parts and considering everything, it’s a powerful grinder to use.

What We Like:

  • Lots of grind settings to deliver the most perfect grind size.
  • Powerful cutting burs can beat the tough beans.
  • Minimal friction ensures no impact on the taste of the coffee.
  • Large hopper can contain 7 ounces beans.
  • Brush included to easily clean up the core parts.


2)Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
This efficient grinder certainly can make a difference from other conventional electric grinders. Because, we won’t usually see 40 grind settings in other machines and this is where it is able to make a difference. Whether you want to brew by espresso, Aeropress, Hario V60, Chemex and French Press, you will definitely get the most perfect grind setting for your much needed brewing method. It features a simple pulse button to hit the beans throughout your plans while the on/off button can make the overall operation easier. It comes with a 40mm hardened alloy steel burr to bring a consistency and make the thickness even and better.


It won’t create any extensive friction to keep the taste perfect as the internal temperature won’t exceed. The commercial grade performance would help you to do the grinding with confidence. Because of a user friendly size it won’t consume a lot space and the user friendly design will help you achieve a simple control.

What We Like:

  • 40 grind settings mean you will have the options to find the grind size for any brewing method.
  • A pulse button to hit the beans precisely with the consistency of powerful hardened burr.
  • Habitable internal temperature won’t decrease the taste.
  • User friendly design and size to deliver an extra convenience.


3)JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

Although it can’t grind the amount of coffee like an automatic machine does. But, it is still popular as it is amazingly user friendly and portable. The travelers and outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy the maximum advantage of it and out of outdoor you can also completely enjoy its power at home. It is manually operated and can prepare the grounds for a few cups. You can certainly depend on it for any brewing and the 18 click settings will do it all for you. The 18 settings of it ensure 100% precision control and you can easily get the thickness you need for your preferred brew.


Moreover, the consistency is remarkable as a manually operated machine. Because, it is composed with a Patent Pending Frustoconical Burr to ensure the maximum consistency. On the other hand, it remains cool as the hand crank mechanism of it has the ultimate power to reduce the noise. You could simply accomplish a grinding session without being annoyed or annoying anyone.

What We Like:

  • 100% precision control with 18 settings ensures you can grind for any brewing method.
  • Simply portable and you can enjoy the power of it during camping, hiking and travelling.
  • Patent Pending Frustoconical Burr for the consistency you need for your ground coffee.
  • Hand crank mechanism forces it to remain cool and generate a minimal noise.


4)Wheroamoz Manual Coffee Grinder

Wheroamoz Manual Coffee Grinder

Compared to the number three contender it is almost same to ensure a perfect grinding power. I especially like the visual design that will let us know the coffee powder it holds during grinding. So, we could save this coffee holder from being overloaded. Out of this little efficiency, it is certainly a portable grinder, not only for the size also the lighter weight that makes anything easy to carry it. It definitely runs without any battery while the unique mechanism cuts the noise to make it more friendly to use. Every part it includes is made from food grade material and that’s why the taste remains great.


You probably know the manually operated grinder creates just a little temperature and that’s why the grinds in it won’t exceed the level of roasting. The quality ceramic burr in it holds a superior consistency to help the coffee powder to come out with the selected thickness and taste. The parts it includes are also removable and that’s why it is easy to clean up.

What We Like:

  • Visual design will ensure that the coffee powder holder isn’t going to be overloaded.
  • Runs without battery and reduces the noise to use it comfortably.
  • Food grade materials keep the taste perfect and hazard free.
  • Removable parts are easy to wash.
  • Can be used for any certain brewing method.


5)Khaw-Fee HG1B

Khaw-Fee HG1B

The Khaw-Fee HG1B is somewhat larger than our last two contenders and the small carafe on the bottom can hold more coffee powder compared to a small portable grinder. So, you could definitely grind more beans for every single loaded hopper and you would be able to serve more cups of coffee. The ceramic conical burr does a good job when it comes to retaining the consistency. It also has the power of temperature reduction as if the roasted coffee remains at the same level. It will let you precisely grind for your preferred brew like French Press, Pour Over, Espresso and Drip Coffee.


It includes a rubber top to keep the beans in the hopper. So, when you will rotate the handle the beans won’t come out from the hopper and you could easily grind all those nuts. When you rotate the handle, it won’t make a noise like an electric machine. So, in outdoor if you use it in a group of people, the other people won’t be disturbed.

What We Like:

  • A rubber top secures the beans and ensures those seeds won’t come out.
  • Ceramic burr has a great ability for temperature reduction. So, the beans won’t be over roasted.
  • Precise control on the thickness makes sure you can produce the grinds for any brew.
  • Noise reduction ability will let you comfortably use it.


6)KRUPS F203


This is the most trendy coffee grinder I have ever seen. It holds an extensive power while it can break the seeds, nuts and spices as perfectly as it does for the coffee beans. So, you can treat it sometime like a blender as the spices, herbs and nuts will be beaten by the power of Krups F203. You won’t be impatient when it comes to break the coffee bean. Because, you don’t even need a couple of minutes to get the coffee powder ready. It can grind in seconds while you can set out the thickness and the machine will deliver according to the requirement. The sharp blade can turn the tough beans into the grinds with retaining the taste and flavor.


On the other hand, it ensures the safety of a user as the blade won’t work until the lid is locked. The result is also consistent and you could beat 85 gm beans at every operation. So, this would let you to serve 10-12 cups of coffee and the thickness will be specific by your preference.

What We Like:

  • Versatile, I mean it can grind, chop and you can treat it like a blender.
  • Coarse to fine! You can generate the results for different brews.
  • Provides the results in seconds and the sharp blade holds the consistency.
  • The blade won’t run until the lid locks for the safety.


7)Cuisinart DBM-8

Cuisinart DBM-8

Although we have found lots of debates about Cuisinart DBM-8, but, no doubt it is recognized another popular grinder. The hopper and grind chamber it features are larger than other contenders and that’s why it can hold the coffee powder up to 32 cups. The people who love different brews, certainly they would praise 18 position grind selector. It uses a sliding bar to select the most needed grind setting. Its efficient pulverizing system also keeps the inside cool and protects the contents with the right taste and flavor. For an automatic shut off, it includes an electric timer to force the machine to start shutting off when the grinding cycle is complete.


The machine is easy to manage as the one touch power bar can be useful to simply turn it on/off. On the other hand, the easy removable grind chamber and hopper can be washed out by rinsing with mild soap. The convenient cord storage would also help you to easily store the whole unit.

What We Like:

  • Large grind chamber can hold the coffee grinds for 32 cups and it can be washed out without any specific trick.
  • Auto shut off technology saves the beans from excessive grinding.
  • Easy sliding bar to easily select the level of grinding.
  • Powerful burr comes with consistency for the perfection in the grounds.


8)Chefman Coffee Grinder

Chefman Coffee Grinder

I found an exceptional option in this grinder what would impress anyone. You don’t need to measure the beans before pulverizing as the grind on demand feature ensures that you can grind necessarily considering the cup of coffee you want to brew. Because, the grind on demand feature provides the opportunity to grind the beans for 2-12 cups of coffee. You can keep the hopper fully loaded, but the ground coffee will be pulverized for the cups of coffee you need to brew. Out of this tricky feature, it offers 17 grinding options to get the powder from fine to coarse.


The 8 ounces hopper will load enough beans for numerous cups of joe. It is built with a powerful motor that holds a metal burr disc to grind uniformly while it preserves the adequate aroma and flavor. Out of cleaning the hopper and grind chamber, you can easily clean out the removable metal burr disc. You will also get a brush to easily clean out the crucial parts.

What We Like:

  • Has a dial to fix the amount of grinds for the cups of coffee you will need to brew.
  • 17 settings would offer you a specific grind setting for the specific brew.
  • 8 ounces hopper to break almost a cup of beans at every single operation.
  • Powerful motor holds a burr disc for consistency and lees temperature generation.


9)Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill
The Mr. Coffee is a popular manufacturer of the drip coffee maker and this burr mill coffee grinder also has been manufactured by Mr.Coffee. You know the positive work of burr grinder as it can prevent raising excessive temperature to save the grinds from providing a bitter taste. Its efficient blade is connected with a 160 watt motor that leaves extensive power. But you can precisely use this power to get the grinds in 18 different sizes. Whether you need medium, medium fine, superfine or coarse grind, a dial is indicated with 18 different numbers. The burr mill will also save the aroma and natural flavor in the coffee powder.


The dual safety locking switches make the machine secured, safe and comfortable for any user. The hopper also holds a half pound of beans that is a lot and can provide the grinds for lots of cups. You can insert the hopper and coffee chamber for a hassle free clean up while a specific cord storage area makes it great to store.

What We Like:

  • Powerful 160 watt motor holds a burr mill to retain the taste of the coffee.
  • Temperature reduction burr mill also saves the aroma and flavor.
  • Precise grinding for multiple brewing type.
  • Removable parts and cord store help to store it in a little space.


10)Aromory Manual Coffee Grinder

Aromory Manual Coffee Grinder

This small and unique coffee grinder can be used anywhere and you can keep it in a small backpack. It ensures there is not any extra maintenance required to use it. Just put the beans, use the grind settings and rotate the handle, you will get the grounds with the desired thickness in minutes. The 15 dial settings prove it is able to break the beans with any specific thickness and you can put 35 grams beans in it that would be enough for five cups of coffee. For a simple coarse grind it would take 30-40 seconds and if you want fine ground coffee it would be done in 2-3 minutes.


The handle of it comes with a silicone grip to comfortably rotate the handle. On the other hand, the ceramic conical burr is great to retain consistency and the coffee powder won’t be flavorless as it doesn’t negatively impact. The rust free material in it also offers a good lifetime.

What We Like:

  • Ceramic burr won’t decrease the flavor of the coffee and the taste of the brew will be natural.
  • For chemex you can get the medium coarse grounds in two minutes and the silicone grip will help you to grind easily.
  • Precise grinding to put the perfect control on the thickness.
  • Small and portable and can prepare 35 gm coffee powder at every single operation.



Burr or Blade Grinder?

Actually, the burr grinders are more popular than blade grinders. Because, a blade grinder generates more internal temperature than the burr grinders. The stainless steel blade creates friction that is responsible for creating the temperature. Therefore the grinds can overcome the roasting level and subsequently it can make the taste of the coffee bitter. Although if you keep the grind setting at 5 or 6, there won’t have exceeded friction and for medium coarse coffee there won’t have any remarkable change. So, it is still usable for Chemex.


On the other hand, the grinder with burr mill won’t generate any exceeded temperature as if the coffee doesn’t turn into bitterness. You can confidently depend on it for coarse to fine grind without any negative impact. It can be a little bit difficult to clean up, but, at the end of the day you’ll love it for the results. It also mostly comes with grind settings to become useful for any thickness of the grinds.


Manual Or Electric?

A manual grinder would consume more time to do a complete job and you can depend on it for a small serve like 4-5 cups of coffee. We have researched for several hand coffee grinders and saw all of them includes precise grinding system to set out any desired thickness. So, if you like the pour over coffee, you can still depend on these manually operated machines. But, they aren’t not perfect for a large serve. But, if you want to make the coffee at the campground or any place out of your home, then it can do a good job. Because, they are small, lightweight and portable.


On the other hand, no manual operation needed for electric grinder and everything will be done by the included powerful motor and the blade it holds. Within 2-3 minutes such an efficient machine can break lots of beans and they come up with a large hopper and chamber. These efficient machines also offer precise grinding options for any specific brew. But, you can’t carry them like a small hand operated grinder. So, they are best for home use.



Whether it’s electrical or manual, the consistency is required to ensure that the size of the grinds is at the same level. The consistency is such a requirement that will be required to produce the grinds for any brewing method. If the machine fails to provide consistency, you would see the grinds on different sizes and it would lead to an improper extraction with inappropriate taste. So, you should be serious about the consistency of the machine you are going to choose.