Best Coffee Makers Under $100 In 2022- (Quality Researched)

If you are investing in a coffee machine to brew some great coffee at everyday, then  you are doing it right. Basically there isn’t any secret why we buy a brewer, because as a coffee addicted guy I know the advantages of a brewer. It not only saves you from the expensive overall cost of the cafe, but also it can brew the joe from the beans amazingly fast. On the other hand, an efficient coffee machine can provide the service years after years and you can anytime prepare your favorite drink, that’s why, if you are investing on such a machine, you would get a long term service and without your struggle the machine can prepare your perfect joe whenever you want.


But, if you have the concern about the expensive cost to buy a coffee machine, then there are some great options for you. Because, you have still the chances to be surprised with some great brewers and basically this post would reveal those perfect inventions.

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Five Best Coffee Makers Under $100- Our Picks

So see the top picks of our five best coffee makers under $100.

Coffee MakersSizeProgrammable Our Ratings Where To Buy


10 CupYes4.7

Hamilton Beach 12

12 cupYes4.7

Hamilton Beach 49980A

12 cup & Single CupYes4.9

Aicok Single Serve

Single CupYes4.9

CHULUX Coffee Maker

Single CupNo4.9


BESTEK 10 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

The BESTEK 10 is a programmable machine with the required features and advantages. The machine ensures the perfect temperature for the coffee as if there is no effect on the taste. Because, the machine brews the coffee at 85 degree Celsius that doesn’t exaggerate or reduce the taste. So whenever, it pours the brewed water in your cup, you would get the right taste. On the other hand, whenever you look for a bold coffee, you can use the aroma button that maximizes the brew’s strength to provide you a cup of bold coffee.


The BESTEK 10 is optimized with a rainmaker shower head that can perfectly disperse the water over the coffee ground to clearly extract the core flavor. After putting the beans and water in the machine, the machine can complete brewing within 8 minutes for the first cup, so, the process of your first cup of coffee won’t take longer like half an hour. Moreover, when the brewing is finished the machine would warn you and if you don’t turn the machine off it will be automatically off after 10 minutes.

What We Like:

  • Exaggerated temperature can negatively affect the taste. That’s why the BESTEK 10 brews at 185-282 degree Fahrenheit and in this great range of the temperatures the taste won’t be lost or degraded.
  • Stainless steel hardware to make it physically strong and the machine uses BESTEK filter that stays clean and survives longer than other filter.
  • Dishwasher safe and BPA free glass to be cleaned easily after every use and because of the BPA free glass jar there won’t have any bad smell in the coffee.
  • The reusable filter means no replacement required while the nylon filter stays clean and confirms no hard work required to clean it.
  • 24 hours programmable and you can easily set the brewing time while it retains the temperature for half an hour after every brewing.



2)Hamilton Beach 12

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker

A 12 cup programmable brewer with a surprising cost that can brew for your whole family. The reservoir in it is able to contain 12-cups of coffee while the reservoir holds the perfect temperature for four hours. So within this time you can collect the freshly brewed coffee and the internal reservoir can keep the content as fresh as the first cup were. Because, a heater in inside produces the perfect temperature to keep the content hot and whenever you want a cup of coffee, just use the dispensing bar to fill the cup.


The programmable options with easy buttons would aid you to set the time while the display with easy readability can aid to simply switch the favorite options. With the programmable settings the iced coffee and brew options can change the brewing type. The removable water reservoir is also helpful as you can simply pour the water in it and you can enjoy an easy cleaning up process whenever it should be cleaned. On the other hand, the built in scale with the reservoir is also helpful to measure the water you want to pour into it.

What We Like:

  • An internal reservoir tank with a preset heater can keep the content hot for up to four hours. Surprisingly, within this 4 hours you can get the freshly brewed coffee in your cup.
  • Easy readable display with the programmable time settings and multiple brewing options.
  • Large reservoir can hold 12 cups of coffee that is enough for the whole family.
  • Removable large water reservoir and affordable price.



3)Hamilton Beach 49980A

Hamilton Beach 49980A

The Hamilton Beach 49980A is the different invention that can serve the coffee as a single cup or a 12 cup coffee maker. Because, the Hamilton optimized the machine with two different reservoirs for the large 12 cup jar and the small single serve pot. A specific switch to change the mode into single serve or carafe would help you turn the machine into single serve or full carafe mode. You can perfectly set the brew strength on two modes of the machine. So, whether you want the bold or regular coffee, the Hamilton Beach 49980A offers you both.


As usual like an expert brewer it has an easy readable screen while you can set the program in hour and minutes. So the brewing time can be set before 24 hours and if you want a fresh cup of joe right when you wake up in the morning, the preset programmable option can help you to set a time to brew. Moreover, the separate water reservoir for single serve and large carafe would contain the water separately and with the side water reservoir the water measurement scale would be an ideal option to measure the water.

What We Like:

  • Great as a single or 12 cup server. The two different sections can differently make the coffee and there are two reservoirs of the water that contain the water separately.
  • 24 hours programmable. You can set the brewing time before 20 hours of brewing and it would be easy to get a quick cup with joe right when you wake up.
  • Brewing strength options for making a bold or regular coffee.
  • Sturdy stainless steel body and easily readable display.



4)Aicok Single Serve

Aicok Single Serve Programmable Coffee Maker

This is one of the best single serve coffee makers and the programmable options with instant brewing system can prepare your joe in 30 seconds. The programmable functions to measure the cup sizes into 40 OZ, 60 OZ, 80 OZ, 100 OZ and 120 OZ would always give you an option to pour the cup with the amount of coffee you need to drink. Whenever you need an instant result, you don’t need to wait 10 minutes or five minutes, because the quick brewing technology can brew a cup in 30 seconds. The easy one touch buttons can set the program by a simple switch on the buttons and there isn’t any complicated function in the machine.


The 450z removable water tank in the machine contains the amount water that is adequate. Moreover, the large mouth of the reservoir tank would be filled up easily as the mouth is large to ensure that you can pour the water in it simply. When the brewing cycle is finished, the machine gives an automatic shut off and if you don’t use the machine in one hour it would be completely shut up.

What We Like:

  • Instant brewing system for the first cup would ensure that you are going to receive the first cup of fresh coffee in less than a minute
  • Specific functions to easily pour the cup with the amount of coffee you need to drink. Because the easy buttons can be switched to easily measure 40 OZ, 60 OZ, 80 OZ, 100 OZ and 120 OZ of coffee.
  • Large water tank to contain the adequate amount of water. It can reserve 450z water that actually should be adequate for 8-10 cups.
  • It automatically shuts off when the brewing process is finished. No manual switching required to shut off the machine.  



5)CHULUX Coffee Machine

CHULUX Coffee Maker Machine

This is one of the surprising and expert single serve coffee machines that eliminates the limitedness of portability. Because, its decent size as a single serve machine provides the opportunity to bring it to the campground, office and anywhere. But as a coffee maker it is expert for quick brewing and providing a cup of fresh coffee within five minutes. It is compatible with most k cups to make sure that you can prepare the drink with your favorite brand of the k-cups.


Although , the machine isn’t optimized with any programmable functions, but the one touch button can easily start brewing and make the whole machine turned off. You can easily collect the content from the bar and when the process is done, cleaning up the machine also won’t be a serious task. Just pour the water in the reservoir and use the one touch button for the internal cleaning up. The water tank is also BPA free to make sure that the water in the reservoir would stay odor free.

What We Like:

  • Simple one touch operation with quick brewing technology ensures the coffee would be prepared in the matter of a few minutes.
  • Compatible with most of the cups as if you can prepare the drinks from your favorite brand of the K-cup capsules.
  • It can be easily cleaned up. Just pour the water into the tank and use the one touch button to clean up the machine internally.
  • BPA free tank keeps the poured water in the tank odor free.



Single Cup or Multiple Cups?

Under $100 we have picked the two kinds of brewers and if you have a family, no doubt the multiple cups coffee maker is the right option for you. The large tank with the power of brewing 8-12 cups would ensure that it can serve the coffee for all the members of the family. But, if you don’t drink so much coffee and you live single, the single serve coffee maker should be great for you to make a small amount of coffee. Although, some single serve machines include a large tank to brew 4-8 cups of coffee as if you can serve multiple times in a single day.