Best Coffee Makers Under $50- ( Our Budget Friendly Picks )

You won’t want to break the bank account to own a coffee maker. Although no bank breaking money required to buy a coffee machine, but, undoubtedly there are some coffee makers that are expensive and required an expensive budget to purchase them. That doesn’t mean, your budget should be expensive to be awarded with an efficient machine or you can’t purchase a coffee maker under the cheap price tag. In truth, under $50 or a cheap price tag you can search for some best coffee makers and as the perfect examples here we wrote for the five best machines that you can pick up as your daily brewer. Basically, we have found thousand coffee lovers who depend on these brewers and actually these machines are popular for the efficient brewing system.


Five Best Coffee Makers Under $50-Our Favorite Picks

You may know all coffee makers aren’t better. So, we have focused on the popularity, efficiency and real time performance to find out the best coffee makers under $50.

Coffee MakersSizeProgrammablePause and Quick Serve Option Our RatingsWhere To Buy

Mr. Coffee 12


Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10




Cuisinart DCC-450BK


Hamilton Beach 46299


1)Mr. Coffee 12


Our first and favorite pick the Mr. Coffee 12 and this is one of the impressively inexpensive programmable coffee makers. Although we hadn’t any chance to test the programmable features and the brewing efficiency. But we took the help from Youtube and several reviews and now we haven’t any doubt to recommend it as one of the expert coffee makers under $50. Incredibly, this is a 12 cup coffee maker that means the carafe can hold the enough amount of the brewed coffee to serve to your friends and family. Although the complete brewing processed for the full carafe would take adequate time, but, that doesn’t mean you have to wait till the whole brewing process. Because, without counting the time for the accomplishment of the complete brewing process, the pause n serve feature can provide a cup of instant coffee.

Although the price is only but you can still enjoy the effectiveness of the programmable features of it. Because, after filling the reservoir with beans and water, you can choose a preferable time to conduct the time of brewing cycle. Surprisingly, if you don’t turn the machine off, the machine would be shut off by itself. Overall, without facing a bank breaking deal, you can own this intelligence coffee machine for brewing everyday.

Features We Like:

  • Programmable options on the coffee machine yet one of the helpful features and this 12-cup coffee maker is built with timer to provide the advantages of brewing the coffee at the preferred time.
  • The machine shuts off by itself without waiting your manual response. Its automatic shutting off feature means it would be automatically off within two hours after the completion of the brewing process.
  • Large carafe for serving 12 cups of coffee and it can specially serve the first even when the brewing cycle hanging on process.
  • Impressively cheap price with all incredible features.


2)Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10

Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10-Cup

The Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew 10 is also considered as a simply efficient coffee maker. To add more taste in the brewed coffee and remove the chlorine it has built in water filtration system. So the water is going to be filtered before brewing the coffee to provide the hundred percent natural taste of the coffee. It is also more efficient than its brother Mr. Coffee 12 and the features are relatively advanced. You can fill its water tank direct from your kitchen as the water reservoir is able to be inserted from the machine for easy scaling, measuring and pouring the water. From the manual test of Wirecutter’s team, they proved it is one of the best coffee makers for serving hotter coffee in budget friendly price tag. Because, the brewing cycle can be finished faster than the several competitors as the temperature is reachable on 205 degree Celsius.

On the other hand, the thermal carafe has a different power to retain the temperature, taste and flavor. The durable and double walled thermal carafe is made of stainless steel that keeps the coffee hotter without any thermal plate and the carafe is efficient to hold the authentic and natural taste. For the freshly brewed coffee at every morning you can use the delay brew time feature that is all about to start brewing cycle right at your desired time. Moreover, another impressive feature on this coffee maker is the fresh brew timer to eliminate guessing the time and make sure to serve the fresh coffee. This remarkable feature displays how long the brewed coffee would stay fresh.

Features We Like:

  • Built in filter to remove the chlorine from water and ensure the water is purified. So, the taste of the coffee would stay natural and perfect.
  • Durable thermal carafe that is double walled and adequately large. To keep the coffee hotter for hours of time and retain the flavour, it contributes a lot.
  • The brewing process is relatively faster, because, the 205 degree Celsius internal temperature brews the coffee faster while “Pause and Serve” feature confirms quick brewing for the instant first cup of coffee.
  • Delay brew timer for the fresh coffee at every morning and the fresh brew timer to display whether the coffee is fresh or not.



BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker

The BLACK+DECKER 5 is not only cheap, also cheapest. But not cheap or cheapest in quality, just the price of it which ensures no bank braking money required to have a coffee maker at your home or office. There is no programmable feature and timer, but in this cheapest price only  you can bring a coffee maker to home for the freshly flavored coffee at everyday. Another beneficial thing, if you don’t like the programmable features and want to go straight with the simplicity, this is undoubtedly the simply perfect one to pick as a suitable coffee maker. Because, you can easily start the brewing process by easy on/off switch and you can easily turn the button off after the confirmation of the complete brewing process. As a five cup coffee maker, it isn’t extended in size that basically saves the space and makes it perfect for your home.

The glass carafe with the machine is durable and the carafe comes with measurement scale to simply mark the amount of water. On the other hand, the dishwasher safe parts are easy to clean after every brewing process and you can completely clean up the filter basket and carafe. To provide the hotter coffee and keep the content hot, the machine includes a carafe plate that keeps the content hot up to one hour.

Features We Like:

  • Considering the price, the quality is simply great and its one touch button to turn on and off the machine ensures the brewing process would be simply done.
  • The glass carafe is durable and comes with measurement marking to measure the contents.
  • The carafe and filter are dishwasher safe as if no trouble comes to clean after the use.
  •  Carafe plate to keep the content hot after brewing. The plate can keep warm the contents up to one hour.


4)Cuisinart DCC-450BK

Cuisinart DCC-450BK

The Cuisinart DCC-450BK, a praiseworthy 4 cup coffee maker that is basically perfect for single person or small family. It achieved the popularity for a budget friendly price tag and quality. If you want to find a certain quality coffee maker without costing a lot, then we would suggest the Cuisinart DCC-450BK. This non programmable coffee maker comes with the simplest and easiest features to be very user friendly for the coffee lovers especially who look for the first coffee machine. Because, after placing the coffee beans (ground) and water, you can simply push the on/off button to enforce the machine to brew the grinded coffee and when the machine ends up processing, you can push the button again to turn off the machine. But, if you forgot to switch off the machine, the automatic shutoff would be confirmed in the next 30 minutes of brewing.

The stainless steel carafe helps to retain the temperature in the carafe with a thermal plate and the dripless pour spout means the easiest use of the carafe. The knuckle guard handle also helps to accurately and strongly grab the carafe without any small possibility of dropping the carafe from your hands. Moreover, without counting the hours to get the brewing process done, you can claim quickly for the very first cup of the coffee.

Features We Like:

  • Easy on/off button that means the brewing process starts when you push it after placing the contents in the machine while it also confirms the machine is turned off if you push the switch again.
  • Stainless steel carafe and thermal plate to keep the brewed contents hot.
  • It provides the instant first cup of coffee with holding the basic brewing process.
  • Countertop and space saving design.


5)Hamilton Beach 46299

Hamilton Beach 46299

If you want a simply perfect programmable coffee machine under $50, then you can purchase the Hamilton Beach 46299 only for . This space saver, sleek and countertop brewer is built with the easy programmable buttons that effectively bring all the advantages of the timer. If you want a quick well deserved coffee after waking up, use the timer to set the brew time. On the other, the brew option additionally makes a choice for you, because either you want the regular coffee or bold coffee, you can direct to the machine. But, if you left the machine after the brewing cycle, the machine would be automatically enforced to stop doing its job after two hours.

Moreover, you shouldn’t wait for the whole brewing time, because the first cup it can provide without the accomplishment of the whole brewing process. And, the glass carafe aids the user to easily guess the water level while there is not any difficult process to manage the coffee machine. Overall, under a cheap price tag, this is an ideal programmable machine that has the simplicity, efficiency and perfection.

Features We Like:

  • Simplistic design with the necessary features for a comfortable coffee making process. It includes delay brew time to tell the machine when it should start brewing.-
  •  Multiple brewing options aid to choose the brewing strength and it features three types brewing options.
  • Glass carafe to easily mark the water level.
  • Auto shut off after two hours of brewing. So, forgetting to shut off the machine won’t be a trouble.


Few Things To Consider Before Buying


Glass Carafe or Thermal Carafe

Sometimes the price is responsible for the types of carafes as the thermal carafe is arguably efficient to keep the content hotter. The thermal carafe is also more durable than glass carafe and includes low risk of breakage. But the coffee machine with thermal carafe sometimes would offer a higher price than the glass carafe based ones. Although, the glass carafe mostly uses the thermal plate to hold the temperature of the content and it makes a clear window to mark the water lever by the measurement scale.



From a single serve machine to large 16 cup provider, you have to fix how much coffee you want everyday from your machine. If you are a member of a big family, you would want your machine to serve the coffee adequately and in this case, 6-12 cups coffee machines are perfect. Identically, the same size machines are perfect for office or where a group of people needs the adequate coffee. But for single serving, the single serving or a 4 cup coffee machine is perfect and if you are the member of a small family, 4-6 cups machines can be perfect.


Pause and Grab A Cup Option

(Only the programmable machine offers this option)

Normally, the complete brewing takes time and it even can be time consuming. But, if the machine has Grab A Cup Option, the machine is undoubtedly able to make a quick cup of coffee without forcing you to wait one more hour. Although, if the machine has the timer, you can tell the machine to start the brewing process at your perfect time. In this case, grabbing a cup of coffee at the perfect time might not be trouble, if you set the time 1 or 2 hours ahead of your drinking time.


Automatic Shut Off

After brewing you may want the machine to turn off and if the machine has an automatic shut up option, no manual switching required to turn off the machine. The machine would have the automatic behave to turn it off by itself after brewing. Most of the coffee machines have an automatic shut off option after one or two hours of brewing.