Best Disposable Coffee Cups In 2022- Our Research and Selections

The disposable cups are popular around the world as they are environmentally friendly and will be naturally destroyed without being alive like a plastic cup. You can use them for a lot of beverages and because of the lighter weight, you can easily grab them. When it comes to drink the coffee people extensively use them for commercial and non commercial purpose. Mostly they are made from food grade materials and this is why people like to pour the coffee in it. You can easily carry them even when you walk and drive. Sometimes these cups can be reused as we found some cups that are reusable and won’t negatively react when you put the beverages in them for multiple times.


Though most people don’t use them for multiple times, but in some cases, they are more efficient than you think. However, we found out some of the best disposable coffee cups that have the ability to retain the temperature, remain strong and slip and leak resistant. So, in below meet the ten best cups with specifications to use at home, party and shop.

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10 Best Disposable Coffee Cups- Our Selections

After an extensive research we selected these 10 best disposable coffee cups.


1)NYHI 300

NYHI 300Either you need the NYHI commercially or non-commercially, it would be your pleasure to keep the hot/or cold coffee in these cups. It won’t burn your hand, rather it would help you to comfortably drink your coffee. The polyethylene coat on the cups adds strength and saves from being leaked. Because of this coat the cup won’t be weakened and you will get the full of confidence and pleasure to enjoy your favorite coffee. It can contain both hot and cold beverages while it won’t react with the temperature of beverage. The Eco friendly materials on these cups won’t deliver any hazard to keep the taste natural.


These six ounce cups are adequately sized to fit on the bar of the conventional coffee makers. You would probably thank to the rolled rim that adds the strength when you grab the whole body of it and it simply prevents the drops to cling on outside. The plain exterior of the cups can also be used to write anything or any commercial print.

Features We Like
  • Easily fits on the bar of most conventional coffee makers.
  • Can be used for commercial purpose.
  • Eco-friendly and BPA free to keep the taste of the coffee natural.
  • Able to adapt the temperature of the cold and hot water.
  • Polyethylene coated to eliminate the leakage and be strong.
  • Rolled rim prevents the spills to cling on the exterior.


2) Tsyware 100 Pack

Tsyware 100 PackThese cups are specially imprinted for the coffee lovers as they will come up with the coffee bean design. So, either you need them for commercial or home use, you will be able to impress the customers at the shop or guests at home. They are made to keep the hot and cold contents secured while the outer surface won’t make you uncomfortable when you keep holding it. After drinking the coffee, tea or chocolate, you can simply throw it into the dustbin. It would be unlike the poor cups as it wouldn’t mix up any smell with the joe. The two different 8 ounces and 10 ounces size will be great to put it on the coffee machine’s bar and letting the machines to pour the contents in it.


You will be able to comfortably sip into the rolled edge while the coffee won’t drip and cling to the exterior. You can get 100 coffee cups on every package and they are 3.5” in height, 3.1” in top diameter and 2.1” in bottom diameter (for the 8 Oz cups). Without the risks of spills you could hold it.

Features We Like
  • Rolled edge ensures comfortability to sip into the coffee.
  • The exterior remains dry to perfectly enjoy the joe.
  • Also can secure the cold contents.
  • Specially imprinted to impress the coffee lovers.
  • The outer surface won’t burn your hand when the cup is loaded.


3)Ackbrands 100 Pack Paper Coffee Cups

Ackbrands 100 Pack Paper Coffee CupsThickness is an important factor when it comes to comfortably grab a cup even when it is fully loaded with hot coffee. It is 10% thicker than other cups to add more strength as if it doesn’t crack when you carry the hot tea, coffee or chocolate around anywhere. But, don’t feel worried to throw them in a safe place after use. Every cup comes with a paper protector that wraps up the cup as if your hands don’t burn because of the heat. I mean the temperature won’t be able to reach to the palm of your hand. The lid every cup includes is also efficient to protect the temperature of the coffee while the spills won’t come out when you walk fast.


The extra thickened lid is also leak-resistent and your coffee will certainly remain safe in it with a perfect temperature. These disposable cups can be found out in four colors and the four different sizes with two big sizes like 16 and 20 ounces would be great to serve more coffee. With the protective sleeves you will also get stirring raws to enjoy the coffee with an extra comfort.

Features We Like
  • Stirring and sleeves included to serve without any hassle.
  • Leak proof lid ensures more protection for the coffee.
  • Extra thickness provides better temperature retention.
  • Big sizes like 16 and 20 ounces would be more helpful.
  • Remains spill proof to properly serve the tea or chocolate.


4)Dixie to Go Paper Coffee Cups

Dixie to Go Paper Coffee CupsKeeping the coffee hot in a paper cup is quite a challenge as the simple thickness of it is mostly unable to provide a thermal protection. But, I found a surprising feature these paper cups come with for the thermal protection. It is composed with Perfect Touch insulated grip that works as a perfect protection to retain the certain temperature of the hot and cold coffee. So, you will get your coffee drinkable for a long. On the other hand, the leak resistant lid could protect the beverages from losing the portion while you won’t be irritated because of the spills that sometimes comes out from the leaks of poor cups.


Such a great leak resistant lid will boost up your confidence to hold it in your hand during running and walking. These are environmentally friendly and made from plant based materials. So, it will be easily destroyed after your use. Moreover, you can place them on the bar of most coffee makers to easily get the joe into the cup.

Features We Like
  • It saves the temperature to force the coffee to remain drinkable for a long time.
  • Leak resistant lid keeps the content safe during you run, walk and commute.
  • No leaks on any point will boost up the confidence to bring it in any place.
  • Made from plant based materials to become environmentally friendly.
  • Fits on the coffee makers to simply get the coffee in it.


5)Mona Cup Disposable Coffee Cups

Mona Cup Disposable Coffee CupsWe need the efficient cups that have the temperature retention as if we can get our joe fresh till the last sip. The double walled construction of these cups would provide a dependable thermal protection while it strengthens the cups and would let you hold the cup with full of confidence. The anti slip effect on the outer surface will ensure that it won’t easily drop from your hand and your palm won’t be uncomfortable because of the temperature the content delivers. These cups are made from food grade materials and though they are disposable, but you can recycle them if you keep the cup clean after use.


Another best part you’ll love in these cups is the lid that has the circle indentation grip as if it snaps accurately and perfectly blocks the content. So when you walk in a hurry or keep it in the cup holder of a car, it will remain safe from spilling. Though, you need more expense to afford the package, but the efficiency would make you smile.

Features We Like
  • Perfect thermal protection with double walled construction.
  • Anti slip exterior will allow anyone to hold the cup without any specific concern.
  • Circle indentation grip on the lid makes a strong snap with the cup.
  • Anyone can confidently use them while driving and walking.
  • Recyclable and made from food grade materials.


6)Glowcost Disposable Coffee Cups

Glowcost Disposable Coffee CupsYou won’t want to be uncomfortable with a loaded cup as the content inside it leaves the heat. So, the thickness is important to keep the temperature of the content only inside the cup. That’s why Glowcost offers the paper cups with 15% thicker than other contenders as if the internal heat can’t be an issue to grab it. On the other hand, every cup includes a sleeve to make it more user friendly. Its extended thickness also can be effective to retain better temperature and eliminate the leakage. It also does that and that’s why your coffee will remain safe in it.


Moreover, anyone would praise the way the lid seals the beverages. It creates a tight and firm seal to ultimately eliminate the spills from coming out. It uses a resealable stopper as if you can simply secure the content when you aren’t having it. These heavier cups are also reusable and the 100% food safe material delivers 0% extra odor into the coffee.

Features We Like
  • Extra thickness makes the cup reusable and strong.
  • Provides more heat insulation by the extended thickness.
  • Tight seal lid prevents the leakage and makes it user friendly.
  • Resealable stopper to seal it necessarily when you run or commute.
  • Includes sleeves to grab the cup without any problem.


7)Eco Quality 12Oz Coffee Cups

Eco Quality 12Oz Coffee CupsYou probably couldn’t recycle them like a few contenders offer, But these cups would be more affordable and budget friendly compared to others. On the other hand, they would be destroyed without negatively impact the environment as they are made from recycled and compostable paper. Either you put hot or cold beverages, it won’t negatively react while every package offers 200 cups for huge serve. It might not have the effective thermal insulation, but to have a quick serve you can use them. The rolled rim on the edge helps the lid to seal strongly as if the spills remain inside.


Every cup can contain 12 Oz coffee while it fits on the coffee machines and car cup holder. The manufacturer put a coat to prevent the leakage while it would help to decrease the transfer of heat into your palm. You can put the sort of coffees like latte, cappuccino and drip coffee.

Features We Like
  • Rolled rim ensures the lid seals correctly to prevent spills.
  • Will be easily destroyed after use to protect the environment.
  • Poly coat adds strength and decreases the heat transfer into your hand.
  • Can hold all sorts of coffee, including hot and cold.
  • Fits on car cup holder and coffee machines.


8)Gotopack Espresso Paper Cups

Gotopack Espresso Paper Cups
This package doesn’t come with any lid and you couldn’t use them like the cups that offer lids to protect the beverages. I mean because of not having any lid, you couldn’t carry them at the time you walk, run and drive. So, I would recommend them for home, office and party and you can reuse every cup if you want. Every cup is adequately thickened to become stiff when you hold it in your hand. Such stiffness also save the cup from leakage and after use you can waste or reuse them if you want. To reuse you can quickly clean them and they wouldn’t add any hazard to the environment.


According to the claim of the manufacturer the temperature of the hot coffee won’t be able to soften the cups. You can add any hot or cold beverage and you will get 100 cups with every package.

Features We Like
  • It won’t be softened for the temperature of the coffee, tea and any hot beverage.
  • Reusable and won’t add any hazard to the environment when they are wasted.
  • Stiff and leakproof, you could easily hold in your hand.
  • Great for parties, home and office.


9) Rippled Paper Hot Coffee Cup

Rippled Paper Hot Coffee CupNot as big as other contenders are in size, but to have a small serve, you can depend on these stiff cups. They are made to beautifully contain the drip coffee, cappuccino and latte. Considering the efficiency of a few paper cups, I guess it would deliver a perfect thermal activity as they are composed with a poly coated lining. It saved the cup from being weakened while it can keep the coffee warm. Because of this lining there won’t have any condensation when the beverage is in it.


The effective double layer protection also ensures a user can comfortably place the hand on it. On the other hand, these are free from the chemical bisphenol A as if the beverages don’t lose the taste. Every package would offer 50 cups and I guess you need more expense compared to other small cups with insulation.

Features We Like
  • Stiffened to remain strong and a double layer makes it comfortable to serve the coffee.
  • Doesn’t sweat when the hot or cold coffee in it.
  • Can be used in parties, home and office.
  • BPA free material to prevent mixing up any chemical or hazard.


10)Otor Double Wall Paper Cups

Otor Double Wall Paper CupsI would praise the way the manufacturer designed these cups. The corrugated exterior ensures you could hold it with maximum comfort while you won’t lose it from your hand when it is loaded. The double wall makes it thicker while it would work as a perfect thermal insulation. This thickness also stiffened the cups with transferring less heat into your hand. It also provides a protection from leakage and it wouldn’t be leaked even after containing the beverage for 72 hours. The manufacturer provides the lid with every single cup and because of this protection you could carry the coffee while you walk and drive.


It is molded from top grade virgin wood pulp paper and it will provide perfect safety for your coffee. You can use them for commercial or any necessary use at home.

Features We Like
  • Thickened to become steady after containing the coffee.
  • Corrugated exterior ensures a perfect feel when you keep it grabbed.
  • No excessive heat transfer into your hand.
  • Keeps the coffee warm as it is double walled.
  • BPA free for the safety of your coffee or tea.


A Few Things To Consider


Lid or Without Lid

You would meet here two types of cups as some cups come with the lid while the rest ones won’t have any lid. Although people use both of them. But a cup without a lid won’t be comfortable to use while you walk and drive. It would be perfect for home, parties and coffee shops. Because, the spills would hit you if you try to walk or drive with it. On the other hand, a cup with a lid would be perfect to use even when you walk and drive. The lid would block the spills and drops from coming out as some lids would offer a resealable stopper to block the spills.


Although, not every lid wouldn’t come out with a resealable stopper and in this case you need a little bit of awareness to use them.


Sleeve or Sleeveless

A sleeve can be used to wrap up a portion of the cup as if the internal temperature can’t hit your hand. Some manufacturers would offer these sleeves to wrap up the cups. But some cups would have a thickened wall to save your hands from the raised temperature. Even the manufacturer uses a special coat for the thermal protection and keeping your hands comfortable. I would say you can depend on both of them if the one with sleeveless can keep your palm safe from the temperature.


Thermal Protection

The thermal protection will save your coffee from losing the temperature in a hurry. Anyone would want to have coffee with a perfect temperature till the last sip. Although, these cups are based on paper, but you still need some protection for the beverages. The manufacturer sometimes puts a polyethylene coat for the thermal protection and some manufacturer makes the wall thicker to retain the temperature. So,the cup you want to choose needs to have the ability to retain the warmth.


Leak Resistant

A cup with a thin layer in the body can be the reason to leak. That’s why the cup should be adequately thickened to keep the coffee safe in the cup. Otherwise, it would leak and you would be totally uncomfortable to use it. So, make sure it can protect the coffee well enough in the cup.