Choose The Best French Press Travel Mug- Editor’s Picks

It’s a portable coffee maker that is different than espresso and drip coffee maker, but almost similar to a pro french press brewer. It has been invented to brew the coffee, even when you are on the bus, train, car or any place. It doesn’t require any electric power and you just need to have the coarse grounds and the most needed hot water. If the mug is insulated, the same mug can be used to contain the hot water. So, you can start brewing anywhere and the taste would be like the french press you brew at home.  The process is almost similar and in an insulated mug you can keep the joe drinkable for hours of time.


These travel mugs haven’t the capacity like a pro, but at least a single traveler will be able to enjoy a great time with joe. You can brew up to 25 ounce coffee considering the internal space of the mugs. These mugs can be 10-25 ounces in size and would be found with or without insulation.


How You Can Use These Mugs

Like the pro it has a plunger with an attached strainer or filter to block the sediments. Firstly, you need adequate boiled hot water to put into the mug. After putting the water you can add coarse grounds to brew. It would need 4-5 minutes for the brewing process and after brewing you can use the plunger to keep the coffee free from sediments. You would have a leak proof lid with a mouthpiece as if you can drink with comforts. You can also use the same way to brew the tea.


Stainless Steel or Plastic

If you need an unbreakable mug that won’t be scratched or damaged, the stainless mug would be perfect. Sometimes, it can be wrapped with stainless steel and it would have more insulation than a plastic mug. The vacuum sealed mug with the stainless steel wrap is comfortable to use and the coffee can remain more secure in it. On the other hand, the plastic mug isn’t pricey like stainless steel. But it won’t have the effective insulation to keep your coffee warm and you can’t comfortably carry the hot water by a plastic mug.


So, when you need to use the plastic travel mug, the hot water might need to be provided from other sources. Because of the non insulated body, the coffee won’t remain warm for hours in the plastic mug. But you can afford a plastic mug for $10-$15.



Five Best French Press Travel Mugs-Comparison

MugsInsulatedMade WithCapacityPrice

Bodum Travel Press

YesStainless Steel15 Oz$22.99

AmoVee French Press

NoFood Grade Plastic12 Oz$17.99

Wyndham House 21

YEsStainless Steel and Plastic21 Oz$18.00

Defiance Tools Travel

YesStainless Steel15 OzCheck on Amazon

PRESSE by Bobble French

YesStainless Steel13 Oz$24.99

1)Bodum Travel Press

Bodum Travel Press

The Bodum Travel Press will definitely make brewing easier when you are on the train, bus or anywhere else. It is something like a professional french press coffee maker as the Bodum designed it to almost work the same way. Its insulated body keeps the content drinkable for hours and all you need to have hot water and ground coffee. Because of the insulated body you can keep your hot water in it and you just need to put the grinds,stir and wait to see the brewing process. You will get a spill resistant lid that will secure the brews in it and if you want, you can directly drink the coffee from it.


The vacuum sealed and double wall construction in it will force the content to remain under the certain temperature. It also remains risk free from the damages. Because the stainless steel ensures it is sturdier and won’t act like the glass. For an additional convenience the exterior includes a silicone grip as if it doesn’t drop from your hand.

Features We Like:

  • Easy to keep the hot water in it that you could use to brew the coffee.
  • Insulated as if you can keep the water and your coffee hot.
  • Plunger with filter included to easily force the grinds to leave flavor and prevent sediment.
  • Stainless steel body makes it sturdier.


2)AmoVee French Press

AmoVee French Press

Compared to Bodum Travel Press, the AmoVee French Press might not be efficient. Because it isn’t insulated and you need to have the boiled water when you want your tea or coffee. So, it could be perfect if you bring it on the campground or any place where you can boil the water. Because the plastic body won’t hold the temperature like the insulated mugs. But, it is user friendly and you can easily sip on the lid after brewing the coffee. The efficient plunger with filter will force the grinds stay away from the filtered coffee and when you will sip, the grinds won’t flow in your mouth.


Although the whole mug and plunger are made from plastic, but the materials are food grade and won’t make the coffee imperfect. A heat insulated silicone rubber is attached to keep your palm cool.

Features We Like:

  • Unique filtration system keeps the sediments out of the filtered coffee.
  • Spill resistant lid is user friendly and comfortable to sip.
  • Food grade material keeps the coffee odor free.
  • Heat insulated rubber to keep you comfortable when you sip.


3)Wyndham House 21

Wyndham House 21

It’s an insulated mug and additionally a french press coffee maker. Although there are some controversies about the performances of it. But if I say about the positives, it could be a great mug and coffee maker. After preparing the coffee, you don’t need an additional mug and you can enjoy your coffee or tea through sipping from the intelligent leak proof lid. To keep the sediment out it includes a plunger that works like a pro and you won’t have to be uncomfortable during drinking. The insulation will help you to get your joe drinkable for hours.


It has a stainless steel liner that would be helpful to increase the sturdiness and its 21 oz internal space could carry a decent amount of coffee.

Features We Like:

  • Double as a travel friendly mug while the insulation can retain any temperature of the content.
  • A secured twisted seal on the lid makes a secured mouthpiece to comfortably enjoy the coffee.
  • Intelligent plunger to brew comfortably and a large handle to drink without any difficulty.
  • Large and can hold a decent amount of content.


4)Defiance Tools Travel

Defiance Tools Travel

Fully portable and user friendly with the stainless steel liner and a sturdy exterior. This small 15 oz coffee maker can be entered into a small pocket of the backpack and most of the shoulder bags. When the coffee remains stored in it, the exterior doesn’t become hot or cool and make it more friendly to use. Aside brewing the hot coffee, you can also put the cold coffee in it as it tends to retain the temperature of both types of water. You Just need coarse grounds and hot water ( that you can carry with it). Just put the grounds in the water and wait 4-5 minutes to let them leaving the flavor.


After 4-5 minutes you can enter the plunger and screw the lid. Like others the lid comes with a secured small hole to sip. You can easily place your lips on it to sip and expect the coffee won’t lose the temperature in a couple of hours.

Features We Like:

  • The exterior gives comfort when you grab the whole mug as the internal temperature won’t burn your hand.
  • Positively acts with both hot and cold temperatures.
  • Almost unbreakable (without manual attempt) as the stainless steel on both sides.
  • Ensures the freshness with the exact temperature for a couple of hours.


5)PRESSE by Bobble French

PRESSE by Bobble French

This could be a happiness to any coffee lover, especially who expects to have a sturdier portable coffee maker. I would probably give 5 out of 5 to the level of strength that beats the competitors. The insulated interior isn’t only great, also the sturdy stainless steel body deserves more praise. It can ensure a value with the quality insulation that makes it useful and helps you to get your coffee drinkable for hours. Additionally, you will get a sturdy plunger with a strainer that will remain rust resistant for a long time. The micro filter with it prevents the sediments from randomly flowing into your every sip.


The silicone top in it can withstand the internal and external temperature. It is lighter and you can brew up to 13 oz tea or coffee whenever you need a refreshment.

Features We Like:

  • Triple wall insulation ensures the joe remains at the perfect temperature even after hours.
  • Efficient strainer keeps the sediments at the bottom to keep the joe fresh.
  • Silicone top withstands the temperature while the outer surface won’t negatively react when it is in your hand.
  • Both plunger and the body of the mug are made with stainless steel for extra protection.



Pro Vs Portable Mugs

A pro french press can make big serve and nearly 10-12 cups of coffee can be brewed by a pro french jar. It can be made from heat resistant glass and suitable to use at home. Although the maintenance is almost similar and you need to be conscious when you hold a glass based french press jar. You can clean out the glass jar by the mild soap and considering the size and result it can be pricey.


On the other hand, a portable coffee maker can hold up to 20-25 ounce coffee and it is safer than a glass based jar. Actually, there is just a minor chance of getting an insulated portable mug broken. Because it can be either made from high quality plastic or stainless steel. Some stainless steel mugs are even triple wall insulated for the better protection of the joe. Although a glass jar won’t have the temperature retention like an insulated mug. An insulated mug can keep the joe warm up to 8 hours. So, this can be a great advantage.


Insulated or Non Insulated

No doubt the insulation makes a mug more effective when you highly need to retain the temperature of the joe. It might be helpful for a long journey. To keep the joe warm the mug can be made with double or even triple wall insulation. So, I would prefer the insulated mug more than a non insulated plastic mug. The insulation comes to be more effective when it works similarly great for hot and cold content. The thicker wall of the insulation also makes sure the outer surface won’t be uncomfortable to grab as it stays cool and comfortable.