Best Hand Coffee Grinders (Updated 2022) | Reviews & Our Top 9 Selections

You would ask why you still need to depend on a hand coffee grinder in 21th century? Because, no other grinders can retain the flavor of the beans as great as the hand coffee grinder can. Because, when a hand grinder grinds the beans the temperature doesn’t become as high as it raises for burr and other conventional grinders. The reasons are simple as there is no electric motor, no huge frictions and no exceeded temperature. So the ground coffee won’t suck any temperature to lose the freshness and the freshness remains as perfect as it should be. Another great advantage of the hand grinder the adequate consistency of grinding what basically maximizes the taste of the espresso.


(To be honest, not all the burr grinders and other conventional grinders fail to give the consistency and perfect flavor. Only the lowest quality grinders might do that, but, we have researched some experts burr grinders that are great to retain the consistency and flavor. So you may check them)


We can also add here the more advantages of the hand grinders. Because of the motorless design, there is less friction and not any irritated noise while you keep grinding. On the other hand, compared to the price with other grinders, the hand grinders offer very simple price. So, without paying $150 or more you can get your deserved hand grinders to grind the beans. Although you have to spin the handle to run a manual grinder, but it is still great for preserving the flavor and retaining the consistency. On the other hand, the hand grinder is shorter in size and very comfortable to store and save the space.


Another thing to say about the hand grinders that could be beneficial for every user is the grind settings for amazing precision control. Most of the manual coffee grinder here works like an electric coffee grinder. This effective precision control lets you to take a setting over the coarseness. So, whether you want to brew the french press, espresso, drip coffee or cold coffee, the perfect brew setting would be done for the best ground coffee. Undoubtedly, here is the big positive impact of the manual grinder that can give greater precision performance for the deliciousness.

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Best Hand Coffee Grinders- Our Top 9 Selections

So, if you want to enjoy the freshness of ground coffee in your espresso, then here are the dependable models of the best hand coffee grinders. We were slightly doubtful on their consistency and performance, but, researching the test results and user’s reviews helped us to depend on them as they are able to perform perfectly as they promise.

Hand Coffee Grinders Grind Settings Made With Travel Friendly Our Ratings Where To Buy

JavaPresse Manual

YesStainless Steel Yes4.8

Handground Precision

YesDurable Glass & Stainless Steel Yes4.5

Hario Skerton Pro

YesDurable Glass & Stainless Steel Yes4.8

Lido 3

YesDurable PlasticYes4.7

ROMAUNT Travel Coffee Set

YesStainless Steel Yes4.8

QcoQce Manual

YesDurable Glass & Stainless Steel Yes4.8

Evelyne GMT-10012

YesMetal & WoodNo4.5

Coffee Gator Precision

YesDurable Glass & Stainless Steel Yes4.6

Hario Coffee Mill

NoDurable PlasticYes4.5

1)JavaPresse Manual

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder

We shouldn’t have any problem to give a five star rating to the JavaPresse Manual. Because, no coffee grinders can beat its specificity when you compare it with others to judge the portability. Basically, the JavaPresse Manual Grinder has been built to give a quite advantage of portability to the backpacker, camper and traveler. Because, you don’t want that your coffee grinder becomes a space consumer in your backpack. So, it gives an impressive compact size like 1.8 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches in height to be packed in a little space of your backpack. On the other hand, the stainless steel handle and main body can beat the abuses and impacts during travelling. With zero maintaining difficulty, the grinder can do the complete grind within one or two minutes. Its consistent grinding service with zero noise production bring an ease of making the ground coffee.


You can also praise its 18 grind settings that become the meant of the perfect precision control as you want to consider for the brewing type like, espresso, french press and cappuccino. Its ceramic combo burr has the extreme efficiency that is as sturdy as it seems to be like last longer than the stainless steel burr. Its sturdiness undoubtedly holds the consistency on any grind setting and with an incredible price tag you can pick it as your home coffee grinder or travel coffee grinder.

Features We Like: 

  • Stainless steel construction to easily face the impacts and abuses while it overcomes those toughnesses. Its incredible height easily fits in a small place of the travel bag.
  • 18 settings to provide the best ground coffee considering your style of the brewing. It holds the consistency for even grinding size.
  • Excellent noise reduction ability than other electric burr grinders.
  • Ceramic combo burr that is as sturdy as it like to be lasted longer than other stainless steel burrs.


2)Handground Precision

Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

The Handground Precision is the new trend of the manual coffee grinders that aims to make consistent, even and smooth ground coffee. Although, it’s not such a portable grinder like JavaPresse Manual to beat the complicated tiresome moments of backpacking (it just slightly bigger and if you want you can use it for camping). But this little manual coffee grinding master ensures mastering over the manual grinding isn’t a trouble or the part of your workout. Its design brings a traditional look of a new manual grinder in your kitchen what looks like you have stepped through the new contemporary era of manual grinders. So let’s hear its efficiency, first of all you would like to thank its consistency as the triple mounted axle doesn’t turn to make the consistency wobble. So the grinding is going to be as even as you put in the settings of it. Because the axle is milled on a 5 axis CNC that maintenances tolerance of 0.004 inches and reasonably there is no inconsistency and uneven result.


We also found a combination with the Javapresse Manual Grinder as it uses a rugged ceramic conical burr that eliminates to turn it being weakened for receiving extreme abuses. On the other hand, you would still like to give a thumb to its 15 grind settings that made up a wide option of grinding aside coarse to fine. But there is left to talk about its noise reduction power, because your mate would never wake up for the small noise it produces.

Features We Like: 

  • Designed to provide the even grinding with a super consistency as triple mounted axle with 5 axis CNC holds the forces perfectly as if no wobbling happens during grinding.
  • 15 settings for the precision of grinding as we need for our conventional favorite coffee.
  • Excellent noise reduction power as there is no noisy motor.
  • Sturdy conical ceramic burr to simplify the friction and survive longer than the stainless steel burr.


3)Hario Skerton Pro

Hario Skerton Pro Coffee Grinder

An improved model of its previous version that aims to become sturdier, build up better consistency and overall performance. So, first of all, we have considered it as one of our top listed coffee grinders for portability, simple weight and size what initially removes the confusion of those users who thought about portability. Because they didn’t aim to make it complicated, rather they wanted to make it simplistic to brew the coffee on any place. You would give a thank to its glassware ground container that is all set to tolerate the temperature. Because, the Hario heat resistant glass resists the heat and stays durable. It has improved burr shaft what is able to absorb more pressure and achieve better consistency while the improved handle simplifies turning the handle would be easier. You can simply assemble and disassemble the hopper and container either you look for putting the beans in the hopper or removing the ground container.


It includes a rubber base where you can put the grinder to prevent moving or eliminate the instability. It also allows you to fix the grind setting what you must need for precision while the detachable handle can be removed to be stored in a bag if you want it for camping. Overall, we can give a good rate for the fulfillment of efficiencies this coffee grinder includes.

Features We Like:

  • You can accomplish the grinding within minutes and you don’t need a strong hand to expect consistent ground coffee.
  • Heat resistant, durable glass that can tolerate the heat of freshly ground coffee.
  • Improved burr shaft and handle to maximize the performance than its previous version.
  • Compact size and detachable handle as if you can store it in your backpack without conflicting with other stuffs.


4)Lido 3

Lido 3 Manual Coffee Grinder

I have the enthusiasm of camping and travelling and I am also a minimalist backpacker. And as a coffee lover and user of the JavaPresse Manual I know the efficiency and usefulness of it. So, I had the enthusiasm to discover a several amazing coffee grinders that even we could put in our pocket and use in any complicated situation and here we are going to talk about the new trend in coffee grinders that is Lido 3. First of all we would like to thank its compact length and diameter that make it possible to leave it in a small compartment of a backpack. You can simply collapse the crank handle as if this small branch doesn’t complicate the process to make it travel friendly. As the process of simplicity, you can turn the ring from left to right or right to left to quickly set a grind size. Inside the grinder they use a 48mm swiss made steel conical burrs to enforce the beans for the must needed ground size.


The stepless adjustment would help a user to bring out the most natural size of the ground coffee for french press to turkish. On the other hand, such natural grinding system preserves the natural flavor of the coffee to brew the best natural coffee. After grinding, you can put it in the neoprene bag to save it from scratches. If you want to clean, use the included brush and hex tool for cleaning.

Features We Like: 

  • One of the best designs for portability. Just collapse the handle modestly to put in the neoprene carrying case.
  • Easily adjust the grind settings for the most natural size. From french press to turkish, you can bring out the most natural size for your brewing method.
  • Swiss made steel conical burrs to achieve the even size and consistent grinding.
  • Included cleaning tools for easier cleaning.


5)ROMAUNT Travel Coffee Set

ROMAUNT Travel Coffee Grinder Set

One of the best grinders that has been ever made for coffee lovers. This could be a gift for every coffee lover and if you look for a coffee maker and grinder combo, then undoubtedly it is the best one. To drink the coffee during travelling without carrying a bunch of tools, the ROMAUNT Travel Coffee Grinder Set is an innovative travel coffee maker and grinder combo. The set includes measuring cup, coffee cup, precision filter and grinder and everything will be done during travelling. So, first of all how is it as a coffee grinder? Although, to be honest, it is not a pro level coffee grinder, but to grind 24 gm coffee for 1-2 people during travelling, it’s a perfect grinder. Like other manual grinders it comes with the grind setting to apply the thickness of the coffee from fine to coarse. So, you can change up the brewing taste as you prefer.


The whole size like a water bottle that means it will be treated like a water bottle for the incredible shape. Although, you would need the hot water for the full coffee making process. But after making the ground coffee you can pour the hot water over the filter to ensure that the coffee is brewed. You just need to separate the filter during this process.

Features We Like: 

  • Very travel friendly. It would ensure you don’t need a portable single serve coffee maker to enjoy the flavor of the coffee during travelling.
  • A brewing and measuring cup to easily pour the water into the brewing cup.
  • Easily set the thickness of the ground coffee by the grind settings.
  • Water bottle size and environment friendly stainless steel material.


6)QcoQce Manual

QcoQce Manual Coffee Grinder

When you even want to overcome the cheapest price tag to buy your specific favorite grinder, then there is still an option for you that does mean no matter how cheapest the budget is, if you are a coffee lover, then you can still find out a quality grinder without lengthening the budget. You need the consistency, durability, precision and portability, basically, the QcoQce Manual Grinder is built and designed to fit with the choices of the manual coffee grinder users. Like the ROMAUNT Travel Coffee Set, it also looks like a water bottle as if it can be your travel partner for drinking the most freshly brewed coffee. After removing the adjustable handle, it can be treated like a water bottle, that means you can put it in a water bottle compartment of the backpack or anywhere in the bag you prefer. Except the ground container, the whole part of the grinder is made from stainless steel.


After comparing with manual grinders we detected the mouth of the hopper is comparably larger to easily fill the beans in it. On the other hand, if you want the precision and consistency, both will be done by its 16 settings, durable ceramic rotor and ring. Without noises, cords and batteries, the grinder is a great example of the perfect manual grinders.

Features We Like: 

  • Travel friendly grinder with the cheapest price while the quality is dependable and efficient for easier grinding.
  • Consistent grinding efficiency that keeps the size of the ground coffee even and flavorful.
  • 16 settings with adjusting ring to maintain the thickness of the ground coffee.
  • Stainless steel body for the optimal durability.


7)Evelyne GMT-10012

Evelyne GMT-10012

Lets back to the old days and turn us back to a little different experience of grinding the coffee beans.  No matter, how efficient or inefficient those coffee grinders were in the old days, displaying these vintage antique coffee grinders in your kitchen would be the meaning of your passion about coffee. The windmill wheel crank, wood base, and the dome shape hopper would remind your grandparents the amazing past days of grinding the coffee beans. Although, you would still ask about the consistency and capability over precision grinding of this vintage coffee grinder. To be honest, consistency wouldn’t be as perfect as the contemporary coffee grinders are, but, there would have the freshness and flavor in your brewed coffee as the quality of grinding is at least good to use. Because,  the corrosion resistance ceramic burr still won’t frustrate the users as they force the beans with its heavy duty body and burr to be grinding adequately for French press or Turkish coffee.


The corrosion resistant body won’t force its color to shed or to be naturally damaged. Its heavy duty corrosion resistant body provides two things, firstly, it won’t tend to be damaged physically and secondly, it would keep holding its vintage perfection as a decorative stuff.  The drawer in the base holds the ground coffee modestly as if the ground coffee can’t dirt the floor after opening it up. Being a coffee lover, I still love the vintage coffee grinder and of course it could be a great recommendation.

Features We Like: 

  • Can be a good addition in your vintage collections as a remarkable stuff. It is something to remind your grandparents the past days of preparing the perfect cup of coffee.
  • Sturdy ceramic burr mill to bring the best consistency amongst the manual vintage grinders.
  • Sturdy body to give the best performance from its level. It stays corrosion free to hold its complete vintage look.
  • A drawer in the base to hold the ground coffee as if they don’t flatter.


8)Coffee Gator Precision

Coffee Gator Precision Burr Grinder

We researched and wrote for almost 7 hand coffee grinders and most of them are travel friendly while a few of them can grind the amount of beans for 2-3 persons. But, here we meet the Coffee Gator Precision Burr Grinder that has a large hopper to hold the beans for 5-6 cups of coffee. To grind the beans relatively easier it has long easy turn speedy handle that you can turn without wasting your energy while 15 click settings to measure the thickness can make you smile during grinding and drinking the coffee. As you know the grind setting is a must have function to fit the ground coffee with the specific brewing type. Basically to bring the optimal power into the grinding, it has laser cut stainless steel burr that is skillful to maintain the consistency while the accurate grind setting can bring the compact thickness you are looking for brewing your coffee.


With a sleek and modern design the stainless steel burr is enough for frequent use as the laser cut blade and sturdy body don’t degrade its power of grinding. For travelling and frequent home use to brew the coffee for 4-5 persons, we would like to give a value for its overall quality and performance.

Features We Like: 

  • Durable large handle bar with magnetically secured lid that ensures you can turn the handle without wasting your energy.
  • Laser cut burr for the consistency that puts its power efficiently to reduce the frictions and save the coffee from losing the taste.
  • 15 easy click settings to set the size of the ground coffee for the specific brewing method.
  • Large hopper to hold the beans for 5-6 cups of coffee.


9)Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill

The Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill is one of the small coffee grinders. So it must be recommended to use for the backpackers and travelers as the size is backpacking friendly and can instantly grind the coffee for two people. Although, you can’t use this slim grinder like an expensive grinder, but, to make the coffee at any crucial time, it can be an efficient grinder for immediate use. We need the consistency and don’t want the uneven ground coffee. Because, it wouldn’t bring the perfect taste for a specific brewing method. But, this small grinder is efficient to increase consistency, because, it has reinforced hexagonal adapter that aims to increase the consistency. So , your specific adjustment for the right grind coarseness won’t lie with the taste for your specific brewing method.


You shouldn’t worry about the handle of it, because you can remove it to simply store it. The sturdy ceramic burr is great to grind with the optimal perfection as its able to maintain the temperature for the best freshness of flavor.

Features We Like: 

  • Small and easily backpackable as if you can still drink coffee during camping and travelling.
  • Reinforced hexagonal adapter that aims to make a great consistency and even grinding.
  • Removable handle to store it in the bag without making any trouble with the stuffed things.
  • Conical ceramic burr for even grinding and perfect freshness in the coffee.



Buying Guide For The Hand Coffee Grinders



If the burr keeps pressurizing consistently with a specific grind setting, that means the result is even and effective. How consistent result a grinder can provide it depends on the internal mechanism of the grinder. The consistency reduces the grinding time and makes the ground coffee incredibly better. Sometimes an expensive and well mechanized grinder would be better than the cheap grinder. So, before purchasing, researching about the internal efficiency could confirm the quality in your purchase. Although, to be honest, the consistency on manual grinder isn’t as accurate and 100% perfect as the electronic coffee grinders are. But, that doesn’t mean the thickness and consistency are inaccurate on the manual grinder. Their 80%-90% consistency are still great for grinding the perfect ground coffee.


Grind Settings

I don’t want that the thickness of the ground coffee doesn’t fit with our favorite brewing method. Since the invention of the coffee grinders, the brew settings are a requirement to fit the ground coffee with the type of coffee you brew. We even noticed these settings in the vintage coffee grinders and obviously there isn’t any exception for the modern coffee grinders. Basically, a grinder could grind the beans from one to twenty brew settings that does mean the thickness can be set in twenty different sizes. To be honest, the manual grinder would rarely come with twenty grind settings and mostly you would find 10-16 grind settings in the manual grinder. Basically, this range of the grind settings can make all the thicknesses of ground coffee you need for a specific brewing method.


Capacity and Grinding Speed

To be honest here the electric grinder would perform better than manual grinders. Because, first of all the electric grinders run by the powerful electric motor that has incredible grinding speed and can provide the ground coffee for 10-30 cups in a few minutes. Because, with a powerful motor it has large hopper and ground container for providing a large amount of ground coffee. On the other hand, the manual grinder hasn’t such capacity, you can expect the ground coffee for brewing up to 1 cup- 6 cups. Because it hasn’t such large hopper and container like electronic grinders while its internal mechanism isn’t enough to process a large amount of beans. Moreover, because of its limited service and manual processing system the grinding speed is arguably slower than the electric grinders.



Mostly the manual grinders are perfect for outdoor use like to make the coffee during camping and travelling. But, you can still use it at home for single serving or making coffee for a small family. Because, they grind slowly and can’t grind the beans for 15 cups in a few minutes. So, the manual grinder would grind the beans up to for 6 cups and would take a couple of minutes. Basically, six cups of coffee would be enough for a small family while you can still find more smallest hand grinders like the brewing ability for 1-2 cups. If you want the travel friendly grinders, picking the smallest ones could be better as you can bring them easily by your backpack.


Vintage Coffee Grinders Vs Modern Manual Coffee Grinders

I am still a fan of vintage coffee grinder, but after researching we determined the modern manual coffee grinders are more efficient than vintage coffee grinders. I would inspire you to buy a vintage coffee grinder if you only want to add it to your vintage collections. But, that doesn’t mean, they can’t grind, the vintage grinders still can grind and you can still brew perfect coffee by their grinding skills. But, the grind settings and consistency aren’t perfect like the modern manual grinders.