Best Home Coffee Roasters of 2022 | Our Selections & Reviews

To turn the green coffee beans into fresh and flavored roasted beans, you should look for a coffee roaster. After roasting the beans it will be completely flavored and refreshed to use for your favorite type of the coffee. Having a home coffee roaster means you can roast the beans at home with reducing the cost of making a cup of coffee. But, the rest 80% advantages are you won’t have to brew the coffee by the old pre roasted beans that could bring the result like the brewed coffee isn’t expectedly flavorful. Because, after a few months of roasting the beans, the pre roasted beans start losing the flavor and its natural efficiency what could be the reason of imperfectly brewed coffee. On the other hand, by a roaster you can do it at your home to achieve the most perfect aroma in your coffee and this is why you need the roaster.


If you are a coffee lover like me, you would like to depend on the innovative coffee roasting system for better results. Because, the roasters are safe and have good temperature control, especially in the electric roasters. So, considering a couple of adavantages, we would go through the discussion about the modern coffee roasters that have the keen efficiency to extend the simplicity of the coffee roasting process.


So, Why Should You Roast The Green Coffee Beans?

There is a reason why you can’t grind the green coffee beans to brew your favorite coffee. Because, the green beans are fully equipped with acids, proteins, sugars and caffeine and reasonably the beans need to be roasted to extract the natural flavor of the coffee and reduce the acidity. Basically, during roasting the internal temperature of the roaster enforces the beans to reduce the acidity and other contents to extract the original flavor and turn them into your favorite roasted coffee. The higher the temperature is, the character of the roasted beans would be different. After roasting you could see a different form of the beans as the beans would change the color, lose their weight and extend their size. But, surprisingly, you can roast the beans into three different roasted types and the temperature would change all their characters and after roasting the coffee beans are ready to be ground for your favorite coffee.

Light Roast: The very initial part of the coffee roasting while it obtains the high flavor of the natural type of the coffee beans because of the acidity and other natural element of the beans. Basically, the user would use the most initial level of the temperature that has been used since the days of roasting. The temperature range of the light roasting could be used from 196 degree C- 205 degree C. It is just an initial level of roasting when the beans just start popping and change their color into the initial brown. The beans would start drying while the natural flavor is prominent in the coffee beans and no acidity would be remarkably removed.

Medium Roast: The ideal temperature for medium roasting can be started from 210 degree C and ended up at 220 degree C. You would get the dried & lightweight beans in this temperature range while the color can be turned into the chocolate brown form the light green. In this temperature range the beans would lose lots of acidity, but the flavor wouldn’t be remarkably changed what just could be slightly reduced than the lightly roasted coffee. The most remarkable change would be in this process, the reduced acidity than the lightly roasted coffee.

Dark Roast: Basically, you could find the few sorts of the dark coffee roasting process and there could be used a wide range of high temperature to roast the beans by the higher temperature level. We have found some better suggestions from the Wikipedia about the temperature levels for the dark roast.

225 degree C, Full City Roast: with a slight oily body, the character of the beans almost remain same like the medium roast. But the color starts turning to dark brown.

230 degree C, Vienna Roast: You would look almost an oily appearance of the beans while the color would look like dark brown. In this temperature the acidity of the beans almost can be removed  while the beans would be spicy and the taste would be bold and strong.

240 degree C, French Roast: The brown beans can be appeared with a shiny look as the oils covered the beans. But more noticeably the color would look like dark instead brown. The flavor of the beans also would be bold and no acidity would stay in the beans.

245 degree C, Italian Roast: For the most distinct taste in the coffee. The dark beans with an oily appearance would eliminate the acidity and bring more distinct flavor.


9 Best Home Coffee Roasters- Our Selections & Ratings

For the most perfect fresh ground coffee, at first you need the freshly roasted coffee beans. So, this is why you should consider to buy a coffee roaster and before diving to discover a perfect roaster, just look over our considered 9 Best Home Coffee Roasters. Basically, not all the roasters are heroes, but, we researched out those heroes that achieved the trusts of the coffee lovers.

Coffee Roasters Capacity Type Temperature Settings Timer Our Ratings Where To Buy

FreshRoast SR500

90 grams ElectricYesYes4.7

Nesco CR-1010-PR

150 gramsElectric YesYes4.7

Kaldi Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster

300 gramsElectric and ManualNoNo4.6

Gene Cafe CBR-101

250 grams Electric YesYes4.8

Nuvo Classic Eco-Friendly Roaster


Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Roaster

70 grams ManualNoNo4.5

Behmor 1600 Plus

500 gramsElectric YesYes4.6

Univegrow Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

200 gramsManualNoNo4.5

ELEOPTION Home coffee roaster

UnknownElectric YesNo4.3

1)FreshRoast SR500

FreshRoast SR500

Either you are beginner or you have been involved with roasting the coffee for a couple of years, the FreshRoast SR500 could be your favorite roaster as its efficiency and budget friendly price both are appreciated. I won’t say it has the commercial quality, but, it could be simply remarkable as a home coffee roaster. If you have been involved in roasting the coffee for a few years, you shouldn’t learn the skill to operate it while the same simple method goes for the beginners as they don’t need to achieve the skills. Because, its simplistic temperature settings by the sliding switch, one touch buttons for timer and cooling operations and easily maintained fan speed by a dial make it incredibly simplistic for the users.


The power of the fan and its process to work during roasting the beans can amaze you. Because, the fan would shoot its speed to high mode initially and the speed rises with the initial process of the roasting and it increases gradually as the beans are heavier until they are roasted. But, when the beans turn lighter, the speed of the fans turns into slower. This is a very perfect process to roast the beans evenly. You can adjust the temperature by the sliding button considering how you want the type of the roasted beans while the timer could be used to stop the roasting process at the right time and its internal cooling process can quickly enforce the beans to be cool. But, there is an additional option for you and if you want to override the timer, turn down the slide button into cool.

Features We Like: 

  • Slim base and countertop model to fit anywhere without any tendency to consume more space.
  • Heat resistant glass to look over the beans while they are roasting. You can keep a keen eye over the condition of them.
  • Easily set the temperature with high, medium and low operation. The 490, 455 and 390 degree F temperature is optimized with high, medium and low switches. So, change the character of the natural green beans easily into light roast, medium roast and dark roast.
  • An efficient fan with a speed controlling dial. The fan would neither be very speedy or very slow. Rather, it maintains its speed with the condition of roasting and aims to roast the beans evenly.


2)Nesco CR-1010-PR

Nesco CR-1010-PR

For those who look for a compact roaster with a significantly lower price tag, I would recommend them to put their trust over the roasting efficiency, control and design of the Nesco CR-1010-PR. First of all, a roaster must have the temperature control in order to apply the temperature with the type of roasting. And whenever you need the complete cycle of roasting the beans, first of all you need the timer and specific temperature maintenance to make the process done. So, just press the timer to set out the roasting time and find a suitable temperature to start roasting. After the fixed time the machine shuts up by its automatic process and starts cooling those beans to roast perfectly. But, it is very aware about the flavor of the beans as the advanced patented catalytic technology reduces the smoke a lot.


On the other hand, the same technology controls the noise and the sound wouldn’t be as irritated as some lower quality roasters are. The fan provides warm air in the container for even roasting and every time you can put ⅓ lb beans what could be adequate for 36 cups of coffee. The glass container confirms a perfect observation what makes a clear sign for you to mark the color of the beans.

Features We Like: 

  • The sound wouldn’t be as irritated to ensure that roasting the coffee isn’t the part of irritation.  
  • Advance patented catalytic technology also reduces the smoke to keep the natural flavor of the coffee fresh.
  • Heat settings to reduce or extend the temperature to a certain range as if you can roast the beans with the significant color and flavor.
  • Combined warm air roasts the beans evenly.


3)Kaldi Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster

Kaldi Wide Size Home Coffee Roaster

If you want to roast a wide amount of beans at a time to store the roasted beans likely for a month, then the Kaldi Home Coffee Roaster is able to roast 300gm of beans every single time. Because, its large container and overall design can tackle 300 gm of green beans to turn them into the complete roasted beans while you have an option to roast with a different type of temperature control. Because, you need a gas burner to heat it while you can maintain the temperature by the dial of gas burner. You have to put the roaster over the gas burner for getting the service and it has a thermometer to observe the temperature level. Although, this could be one of the expensive roasters for home, but it is expert to maximize the naturality of roasted beans by perfectly removing the acidity and necessarily reserving the flavor.


The stirring drum runs by the electric motor while the gas burner keeps heating up the beans. Although there would be no timer, so you have to guess out the condition of the beans by the probe rod. The heat resistant stainless steel body has the immense heat toleration power and the core strength of the stainless steel won’t be degraded for the extended temperature. It also includes the stuffs like a thermometer, probe rod, chaff holder and hopper. Overall, the roaster has a quite value & ability for roasting the beans with the most natural way.

Features We Like: 

  • Great for roasting the coffee with the most natural way while you can maintain the type of roasting like light, medium and dark. Its direct heats bring the naturality and the drum keeps up spinning for even roasting.
  • Large capacity for roasting a large amount of beans and the amount can be like you can store the roasted beans to make the coffee all over the month.
  • Prove rod to observe and not to let the beans become over-roasted. You can observe the color and condition etc.
  • Stainless steel stays strength and holds its naturality even after facing the immense heat.  


4)Gene Cafe CBR-101

Gene Cafe CBR-101

The Gene Cafe CBR-101 is also an expensive coffee roaster for home, but there are many things in it to be appreciated and if you concede an expensive budget, it has the ability to be your coffee roaster. Basically the hopper of this roaster is 3x larger as it would have to handle 250g green beans and you could keep observing them to ensure the condition of them. With the reduced smoke and 64 DB noise, the Cafe CBR-101 would neither irritate you, nor enforce the beans to be mixed up with any unnatural flavor. Like a perfect electric coffee roaster you can put the optimal control over the temperature and the length of the roasting time. No matter which type of roasting you like, you just fix the temperature and time by its easy dials and the roasting would be complete according to the way. It has the maximum heating range (190-250 degree C) for either you roast the beans lightly or darkly.


It has a powerful heater that puts the heat over the beans while the 3D off axis rotation ensures the beans are roasted evenly. According to its ability you can roast 250 gm beans within 15 minutes what could be great for brewing numerous cups of coffee. In size it would be larger as its ability and power are different than many other coffee roasters, but, it is combined with all modern technologies for the best roasted beans.

Features We Like:

  • You can regulate the temperature from 190-250 Degree C and we marked 196 Degree C is the perfect temperature for light roasting while 225-245 Degree C could be the highest temperature for dark roasting. So easily regulate it by the dial for the favorite type of the coffee roasting.
  • Reduced smoke & noise for comfortable use while the reduced smoke adds a zero percent unwanted taste with the beans.
  • It contains 250g beans as if you can brew numerous cups of coffee.
  • 3D off axis rotation what keeps the beans rotated to avoid one sided result. The continuous rotation ensures the most even result.


5)Nuvo Classic Eco-Friendly Roaster

Nuvo Classic Eco-Friendly Roaster

If you love to maintain the whole process manually and keep the things something related to the old days of the green beans roasting system, then the Nuvo Classic Eco-Friendly Roaster offers a different method that most of us would love. Basically, it’s neither an ancient or vintage roasting system, rather, it’s a new method of roasting the beans by direct heat. Although there are no fan and no automatic rotation, but you have to shake it manually to confirm that the green beans are roasted evenly. The ceramic coated aluminum alloy regulates the balance for even heating system and either you want to make the beans brown or dark brown, you can observe the roasting status by opening up the sub lid. You can easily mark the condition of roasting as when the 1st popping starts, it means the beans are going to be lightly roasted.


On the other hand, if you want the dark roasted beans, just wait for the 2nd popping and immediately you would see the dark appearance of the beans. Although, after popping you need a cooling fan to cool down the beans. You can use the main lid or sub lid to release the beans and the removable main lid can be detached for a wash. This aluminum alloy roaster conquers the abuses without getting beaten by the heat and you can use it for a couple of years.

Features We Like: 

  • Ceramic coated aluminum alloy keeps a balance on the heat distribution and if you shake the roaster the beans would be roasted evenly.
  • Sub lid to observe the condition and the 1st popping and 2nd popping would let you know the condition of the beans.
  • Detachable main lid for a quick release and of course a quick wash.
  • Eco friendly design and a wooden handle is covered by the leather for a strong and comfortable grip.


6)Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Roaster

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Roaster

Another Eco friendly budget roaster that still reminds us the days when there hasn’t been invented the automatic electric roaster. But this manual roaster still offers an efficient performance as the ceramic body distributes the heats evenly. Because, the thickened waffle surface intends to absorb the heat evenly while it prevents one sided roasting. Basically, this ceramic roaster is made from 1280oC ceramic that  conducts a perfect heat distribution while its sturdy body can repel the probability of breakage. When you put the beans in it and use the direct heat, the thermal conductivity becomes faster as the ceramic can quickly raise its level. So, if you want the internal heat to reach at 245 degree C you won’t have to struggle for the maximum level of dark roasting.


Like the Nuvo Classic Roaster you have to guess the stages of the roasting with the start of popping. The quick first popping could be enough for light to medium roasting and 2nd popping is for dark roasting. On the other hand, the cowhide grip can keep you safe from the heat and you can safely shake the roaster without making any contact with the heated body of it.

Features We Like: 

  • Simple, Eco friendly design. If you use a gas stove you can complete the roasting within 15 minutes as the internal temperature rises quickly.
  • 1280oC ceramic with a waffle shape internal surface conducts for an even result and the heat reaches incredibly fast at a required level.
  • Durable ceramic body survives a long time for a couple of years service.
  • Safe handle to shake the beans for even roasting without making any contact with the heated ceramic body.


7)Behmor 1600 Plus

Behmor 1600 Plus

The Behmor 1600 Plus looks like a microwave oven that basically a coffee roaster while it could be very expert in the ability of roasting the beans. Over the roaster there is a bunch of buttons for the most optimal control during the roasting process. With other roasters you may have experienced with the perfect temperature settings or control, but, with the Behmor 1600 Plus you would also have the speed control of the motor that you can increase or decrease to roast with the maximum perfection. You also don’t have to research the suitable temperature for several types of coffee roasting as it has the pre-programmed roast settings. On the other hand, to roast with the most optimal temperature, it has still the option for manual temperature settings. With such a vast option of maintaining the temperature, you can still enter the fixed time for roasting by easy one touch buttons and everything can be overridden whenever you need.


For the visual appearance, it has an interior light and clear window, so you can observe those beans without opening the door. On the other hand, you can admire this toaster for noise reduction ability while it has smoke suppression technology for the smoke reduction. Its internal motor runs the drum and the drum handles the beans in the most efficient way. Because, the removable drum has the internal braces to shake and quickly tilt the beans.

Features We Like: 

  • Large roasting drum to roast almost 500 gm of beans and you can use its simple five preprogrammed roast settings to roast without setting the temperature.
  • The one touch buttons to simply press over any option.
  • Smoke & noise reduction technology for comfortable roasting.
  • Internal braces on the drum that handles and shakes the beans perfectly for roasting them equally.
  • Visual appearance and easy to read display.


8)Univegrow Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Univegrow Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

Yet one of the simplest coffee roasters that comes with a bunch of accessories. Literally, it could turn you back to the days when our grandfathers used the different methods to roast the green beans. But, the process isn’t similarly difficult like the things were in the old days and if you want to use the direct heats for baking the beans, then this manually operated roaster can color and dry out the beans in a very natural way. Basically, you have to determine the condition of the roasting by hearing the popping sound. Although, you would stay in observation during spinning the drum that contains the beans. So without caring the popping sound you can determine the stage of roasting by the color of the beans. The drum is compatible for drying or roasting 200 gm beans and it has the internal braces to avoid one sided roasting.


The roaster includes all the kits and you don’t need a gas burner for direct heating. Because, it comes with an alcohol lamp that works like a gas burner while it has a rectangular stent to hold the drum. You can place the burner in the stent and it would keep producing the heat for roasting the green beans in desired level.

Features We Like: 

  • Includes all the kits and a burner that ensures you can frequently use the direct heat to roast the fresh green beans in the natural way.
  • Specialized drum with the braces to efficiently handle the beans for baking them evenly.
  • Rectangular stent that easifies the roasting process. It holds the drum to spin easily.
  • Can bake up to 200 gm plus beans every time you want to bake. 


9)ELEOPTION Home coffee roaster

ELEOPTION Home coffee roaster

The design looks like an electric roaster oven, but it has been made for a complete different reason with the same control. Because, either you roast the meats or bake the beans, you need to regulate the heat and it is not against that conventional heat controlling system. Because, when you bake you would need to achieve a stage of the roasted beans that you like. So, with a wide range of the temperature control, you can let the beans to be roasted with a variety of temperatures. Although, you can’t set the time, so, you must observe the color and baking condition for the desired stage of the roasted beans. On the other hand, the professional design thermostat in the roaster provides the constant temperature and the non stick coat won’t stick the beans. So, overall it’s not a problem for even roasting.


The heat resistant tempered lid has the holes that pass out the smoke and helps the beans to be roasted greatly. Although, it doesn’t run on 110 voltage and the manufacturer fixed, it needs 220 voltage to ensure the perfect accomplishment of roasting.

Features We Like: 

  • Countertop design with a wide range of the temperatures and you can easily bake the coffee for dark roasting.
  • Non stick surface doesn’t stick to the beans, so you can shake the beans for baking evenly.
  • Lid with ventilations to pass out the smokes.
  • Relatively user friendly.



Buying Guide Of The Home Coffee Roasters


Types Of The Roaster         

Since the days when people started brewing the coffee, they mostly used the most simple roasting method like they had just put the beans onto a griddle and used the woods or gas burner to bake the beans. But, because of the intelligence of the coffee lovers, there has been a huge upgradation to make the roasting simplistic. Although people still use the ancient method in a new way as there has been invented lots of manual roasters that require the direct heat from a different source to bake the beans. In most cases the manual roaster hasn’t any heat maintenance dial and you have to guess on which stage the beans are by the popping sound and color. Sometimes, the manual roaster would come with a drum that requires rotation and sometimes it would look like a griddle or waffle maker that requires shakes during the roasting.


But, the electric roasters are different. Mostly they don’t need the rotation or shaking. Because it would have a motor to rotate the drum and it would keep the drum rotated during roasting. It also has the heater that extends the internal temperature level. But, you would have the full control over the temperature and basically roasting the beans with any specific stage can be simply done. Because you can fix the internal temperature and the beans would be baked out with that temperature. Although you have to set the time and sometimes you would need the observation. Some electric roasters even would have the cooling fan to cool down the beans.



Either the roaster is manual or electric, you have limited option when it comes to put the beans into the drum or any manual roaster. Because, no roaster would give you the option to bake 1kg beans at a time, especially the home roaster (the commercial roaster would be different). Although, if you want to roast 1kg beans at a time you have to use the roaster for a several times. That means, you have to waste the energy. So, it does matter how much beans it can roast every single time you use it. That’s why you should emphasize over your needs and the roasters would offer different options in this case. So, be aware about the capacity and make sure it is enough for you and in other cases for your family.


Ability To Cool Down The Beans

Mostly you would miss this option on the manual roasters and in some cases on electric roasters. Basically, after roasting the coffee with your favorite stage, you should immediately cool them down as if the beans can’t exceed their roasted level. Mostly you have to use the cooling fan unless you use the expensive electric roasters. Because, sometimes the electric roasters would have an internal electric fan that starts cooling the beans after roasting them. But, if you miss this option, you must need a cooling fan for the reduction of the temperature.


Temperature Control

The electric roasters are best for the automatic control of the temperature. It would likely have a dial with the fixed stages of the temperature and you can make a quick change by rotating the dial. Basically, the electric roaster would produce the heat by the internal electric heater. But, the manual roaster won’t have that option. Although you can still keep it on a stage by the gas burner while you have to wait for the color and popping sound. To be honest when it comes to the control of the temperature, the electric roaster would be the winner.