Best Home Meat Slicers In 2022- Perfect For Home Use

Slicing the meats without a proper tool cannot be a simpler task. Although, you can use a knife to slice the chunk of the meats, but, the task isn’t simpler and cutting the meats consistently by a knife won’t be relatively easier compared to a meat slicer. You can use the manual slicers, but you still have to waste the energy and time to slice the meats. That’s why, you should depend on the innovative electric meat slicers that don’t consume the time, but slice the meats as perfect as you want. Without falling into trouble you can slice the boneless cooked or uncooked meats once after after once. Because, the slicer is optimized with the powerful motor that runs the sharp blade by a belt while the slicer includes carriage and pusher to help the user to perfectly accomplish the meat slicing process. Basically, the slicers can perfectly make the slice of the meats like paper thin or thickened up to 1.5 inches.


The slicers are widely popular for commercial and home use, because you can’t find another perfect tool to slice the foods. Basically, these electric slicers are great for their efficient slicing power and these slicers don’t only slice the meats, but also they can turn the veggies, cheeses and fruits into the thinnest sliced foods. So, after purchasing such an equipment you would enjoy their impressive skills while it is adequately safe for the users.


7 Best Home Meat Slicers- Our Selections After an Extensive Research

The slicers are innovative, beneficial and efficient to make the thin flat shape meats. Although, not all slicers are great, but we got the seven best meat slicers for home that are reputed, well known and efficient.

Meat Slicers PowerSize Of The BladesOur RatingsWhere To Buy

Chef's Choice 615

120 watts7"4.9

Cuisinart FS-75 

130 watts7.5"4.6

Chef's Choice 609

100 watts7"4.8

Gourmia GFS-700

180 watts7.5"4.7

Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer

150 watt9"4.7


240 watt10"4.9

Nesco FS-200

180 watt7.5"4.6

1)Chef’s Choice 615

Chef's Choice 615

The Chef’s Choice 615 is a popular, efficient slicer for home while you won’t only slice the meats, but also, its versatile design and stainless steel sharp blade can slice cheeses and veggies. Because, its high torque motor powers the blade to fasten the blade’s speed when it cuts the meats and cheeses. On the other hand, the sharp blade stays corrosion free and it is relatively easier to clean out, but more surprisingly, the blade is strengthened to cut the things wisely. The tilted food carriage keeps the foods slightly downward as if the food contact suitably with the blade to slice out the foods with intensive efficiency. To make the process securely and force the foods to reach completely on the edge of the blade it has has metal food pusher to push the foods.


The food carriage also stays safe from the blade as the carriage doesn’t excessively access to the blade to stay protected from the damages by the blade.  You can slice the foods with the preferable thickness as the precision slicing system provides the control to slice the foods from deli thin to maximum 1” thick. Moreover, the included serving tray perfectly holds the foods when you keep slicing and the stainless steel and the cast aluminum body keep it corrosion free while its performance won’t be like a plastic slicer.

What We Like: 

  • This 120 watts slicer runs a powerful motor that sends enough force to the blade as if the blade doesn’t slow down for the foods like meats and cheeses.
  • The sharp blade is durable to cut multiple foods and its 7 inches diameter and stainless steel construction dominate on the foods to cut into a necessary shape.
  • Slightly tilted food carriage to cut the foods efficiently and it keeps the foods slightly downward to enforce them to contact easily with the blade.
  • Precision cutting system to slice the foods from a deli thin to maximum 1” thick.


2)Cuisinart FS-75 

Cuisinart FS-75 Mostly, the electric food slicers cost over $100 and in some cases over $200, but we wanted to discover the user and price friendly slicers and ultimately we meet the Cuisinart FS-75. You can buy this slicer for  and its user friendly design means it would accommodate the meats to cut without tiring or confusing the users. First of all, the carriage is slightly tilted as if the meats can easily access to the blade to be sliced with the user’s preferable thickness while the large meat’s steak tends to stay downward to be sliced out excellently by making a quick contact with the blade. The stainless steel serrated cutting blade brings extra force and efficiency to easily go through the meat, cheese and breads while the durability helps the blade to stay sharp or not to bend when it goes through the meats. After slicing the meats, you can remove the blade to clean the sticky oils or any mess.


You can wash the removable carriage in the sink of your kitchen by hot water and cleaner. Like the Chef’s Choice 615, this Cuisinart FS-75 is built from die cast aluminum and stainless steel to stay perfect when it takes the pressure and runs the motor. Whether you want the meats and cheeses to be sliced like a thin paper shape or thicker nearly one inch, the slice control knob ensures you can choose the size without struggling. Moreover, whatever you do, the stable base ensures the operation would be simplest and perfect.

What We Like:

  • 130 watt motor with a serrated blade to enforce the perfect cutting power whenever you use it to cut the meats, breads, veggies and cheeses.
  • Slightly tilted carriage as if the meats can easily come in contact with the blade. It keeps the foods slightly tilted and enforces to stay contacted with the blade.
  • Slice control knob to make the meats from paper thin shape to nearly one inch thicker.
  • Removable carriage and blade for easy clean up.
  • Sturdy stainless steel and die cast aluminum parts for durability.


3)Chef’s Choice 609

Chef's Choice 609

The Chef’s Choice can be considered as one of the great manufacturers of meat slicers. Because, the slicers they built are user friendly, efficient, sturdy and long lasted to survive under any abuses when you cut the meats or cheeses. Overall, you can choose out the one from their multiple efficient creations and literally the Chef’s Choice 609 is considered as a quick and efficient thin meat slicers from their all best creations. Because they pay their best attention and put great technology on this model. The review websites like and put this model on their list of the top unique choices. Moreover, we have followed some reviews on the Youtube and we got the confirmation of its unique quality. So, because of its uniqueness and efficiency, we would like to recommend this model to use in the home.


It owns a high torque motor to cut quickly the boneless meats while the serrated stainless steel blade brings the intense power to beat the toughness of the meats and cheeses. The body of the slicer has been made with stainless steel and cast aluminum to eliminate the weakness against the abuses. On the other hand, the design is perfect to strongly accommodate the surface and not to move when the turkey, steaks and meats stay in the process to be sliced out. The carriage has the perfect space to accommodate the large piece of meats and the tilted shape of the carriage keeps the meats slightly down to slice easily.

What We Like:  

  • A high torque motor runs a 7 inch large, perfectly thickened stainless steel blade to cut the foods quickly without bowing down to the toughness of the foods.
  • Adequate space on the carriage to accommodate large steaks or meats while the tilted carriage makes a quick contact with the blade.
  • A knob to simply find the right thickness that you want in the sliced foods.
  • Easy cleaning option and it brings the safety while you are slicing the foods.


4)Gourmia GFS-700

Gourmia GFS-700  

Till now we have marked the Cuisinart FS-75 as one of the priciest friendly slicers, but we have met the competitor of the FS-75 that is suitable to use in your home. The quality of the Gourmia GFS-700 won’t break your trust if you want to judge its performance. We can give a good feedback to its design that has been built by a combination of cast aluminum and stainless steel. The carriage might be slightly smaller than some of the top graded meat slicers, but the surface of the carriage is still adequate to adapt with large steaks. You can comfortably slide in and out the carriage while the slightly tilted body forces the steaks to keep in contact with the blade. The sharpened serrated blade with a powerful motor ensures the blade goes smoothly and simply through the steak without being sweated. Whether you want it for the cooked meats, hard cheeses or breads, its power can conquer the toughness of the foods.


To keep you ultimately safe, the edge of the blade is partially covered as if the fingers can’t come in contact with the serrated edge. If you want more safeness when the slicer isn’t in use you can insert the blade and carriage. These removable parts keep the user safe and ensure they can reach on the bowl of your kitchen for a perfect clean up.  As usual, the Gourmia GFS-700 comes with a thickness knob to give either a thick or thin shape to the meats. To make a simple and sturdy contact with the surface, it comes with suction grip feet that keep the bottom stable on the surface.

What We Like: 

  • Cost friendly, but effective performance when it comes to cut the cooked meats, hard cheeses and breads. Serrated blade with the powerful motor simplifies the task.
  • You can cut the steaks from super thin to a thickened shape. The thickness adjuster knob helps to find the perfect thickness.
  • Sturdiest body and sharp blade. Remove the blade and carriage simply after the slicing for a clean up.
  • Suction grips on the foot as if the bottom doesn’t glide during cutting and slicing the foods.


5)Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer

Kitchener Professional Meat Slicer

This Kitchener Pro Electric Meat Slicer is also designed with suction cups on the base that trap the air to cling to the surface. So, the slicer holds itself in its place when the motor runs and you can do all the cutting and slicing tasks without any problem. Here you can mark the similarity between this slicer and Gourmia GFS-700. Although, the design almost same, but they power differently to the blade as the Kitchener Pro is 150 watts and the Gourmia GFS-700 is 180 watts. But, the 150 watt motor is still able to provide the high torque power and with a 9” blade it can cut the meats easily. You can simply adjust the bread blade and serrated blade to cut multiple items like cheese, breads, steaks, turkey and salami.


Whatever you slice it is properly equipped for the enough finger protection as if you can stay safe during slicing the foods. Like other expert slicers if you need the shape of the sliced foods very thin or something thickened, you can find the size by the simple thickness adjuster knob. Although the pusher is plastic, but, the stainless steel carriage is sturdy to withstand the abuses. This compact slicer also has the removable blade and carriage for easier cleanup and compact storage.

What We Like:    

  • 9” blade and 150 watt motor to conquer the slicing and cutting challenges while it is expert to slice multiple foods.
  • You can simply adjust the serrated blade or bread blade to slice the multiple foods and after cutting, use the removable option to clean them.
  • Suction cups as if the shakes and vibrations can’t force the slicer to be displaced at the time it works.
  • Compact and storage able. Just remove the blade and carriage to store simply.


6)BESWOOD 250 


The Beswood 250 is an expensive slicer, but it is an expert to face the tough challenges of commercial use and of course the home use. So if you consider a big budget for a slicer, we would of course recommend the Beswood 250. Although, to use at home, 120 watt to maximum 200 watt slicers are perfect and in this specific range most of the slicers are budget friendly. On the other hand, for the decent use at home and to cut the limited pieces of steaks and meats, there isn’t required an extraordinarily powerful slicer. Basically, the Beswood 250 is set to provide the commercial performance and its powerful features make the slicer steady to go simply under the pressure of commercial use. So, if you need to frequently cut the foods in your home like the commercial shops, then you need the Beswood 250.


Unlike other slicers its chromium plated carbon steel won’t be easily blunt while its sharpness and durability make it ultimately a powerful slicer for high-end commercial level use. But, if the blade slightly loses the sharpness for brutal use, the two stone blade sharpener can bring the sharpness quickly. On the other hand, the slicer runs smoothly through reducing the noises and its 240 Watt motor can slice the tough foods without sweating. The aluminum body of the slicer prevents the rusts and also the rubber feet eliminates the force to protect it from displacing.

What We Like:  

  • A powerful motor that transmits extensive force to cut the foods and the machine has the required safety options to save the fingers of the users.
  • The sharp blade holds its sharpness as the chromium plated carbon steel blade won’t lose the sharp edges against brutal use. Although the top mounted sharpener can quickly bring the sharp edges again if the blade becomes blunt.
  • Aluminum body and non corrodible blade keep the slicer clean and perfect.
  • Rubber feet to work and slice with the intensive stability.


7)Nesco FS-200

Nesco FS-200

The Nesco FS-200 is a comfortable slicer for using at home. If you don’t want to expense $150 or $200 to have a suitable food slicer in your home, then you may deal with Nesco FS-200. Because, you have to pay only  if you want this slicer in your kitchen. The hardened blade conquers the cutting and slicing challenges whenever you want the cheese, veggies, meats and steaks to be shaped into thin or thicker shape. Because, there isn’t any difficult process to control the thickness by the adjuster knob and the blade guard provides a protection for your hands. The rust free stainless steel blade can be inserted to be free from the oils and any mess. The carriage, blade and pusher are also dishwasher safe, so the oils and mess can’t stick to these parts if you clean them up by hot water and liquid cleaner.


Moreover, the quick release tray can reduce some difficulties from the cleaning process. A 180 watt motor powers the blade as if the slicer doesn’t sweat to cut the hard cheese, but like other expert slicers you can cut the things easily. The slicer is built from sturdy, non corroded cast aluminum and stainless steel as if the body stays protected from damages. Because of the proper design, sturdy non corrodible body and powerful cutting and slicing skill you would be surprised with a longer service.

What We Like: 

  • 180 watt motor extensively powers the blade as if the blade doesn’t turn slower when you want to slice hard cheese.
  • Serrated blade makes the cutting or slicing process easier and it includes safeguards to protect the users.
  • Non corrodible parts for the enhanced lifetime and to stay protected from damages.
  • Easily washable tray, blade and pusher. They are removable to be washed easily.



Our Buying Guide–



Electric Vs Manual Meat Slicers

You can mark the noticeable points considering the differences between manual and electric meat slicers. Although the manual slicers are price friendly and they have the popularity. But, they are time consuming and all you need to slice the steaks by your hands. But, here the electric slicers make a difference as managing an electric slicer is an effortless job. Because, a motor transmits the energy to spin the blade and the blade cuts the food effortlessly. You can manually set the thickness to tell the slicer how thin or thickened the foods will be. Aside a carriage, pusher and a blade with the safeguard you can successfully accomplish the slicing task.


But, the manual slicer won’t be as expert as there is no electric motor and other necessary equipments. So, you have to put the energy and effort to make the thinned shape of the meats.


Home Or Commercial Use

If you want a slicer for commercial use, you must not depend over a 200 watt slicer. Because the commercial grade slicer would be used very frequently and it needs to have extra efficiency to perform steadily against extensive use. But, the slicer that would be used infrequently in the home, that might not require to be as powerful as the commercial grade is. To use at home, you can depend on 100-200 watt slicers, but if you want the very frequent use like shops, you can depend on the powerful one like Beswood 250.


To clear your confusion again we only picked those efficient slicers that are suitable for home, but if you need commercial level use, then you may go for the Beswood 250.


Power Of The Motor

The watts of the motor determine the torque power and how energetic the motor is. So, the powerful the motor is, the higher torque power of the blade. Sometimes a motor doesn’t struggle as much to cut the meats as it does to slice the cheeses. On the other hand, most of the slicers are versatile to cut multiple things. So deal with the decently powered slicers for home use and 100 watt to 200 watt slicers are perfect for the home.


Size Of The Blades

The size of the blade fastens or slows the slicing speed. The bigger the blade size is, the better the cutting speed is. Although the slicers include different size blades and you would notice the range starts from 7” and ends up at 15” on the slicers. For infrequent use (especially for the home) the 7”-10” blade of the slicer is enough, but if you want commercial level power, 10”-15” blades are perfect to fasten the cutting speed and enhance the power.


Easier Cleaning Process

End of the work, you must clean up the oils and mess from the blade, carriage and pusher. On the other hand, you can’t bring an electronic slicer to the sink of your kitchen. But, if you can separate these parts from the slicer, then you can wash them in the sink. So make sure, the carriage, pusher and blade are removable to end up a simple cleaning process.

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