Best Ice Cream Scoops Of 2018- Perfectly Durable For Hard Ice Cream

Getting the spoon bent or curved during scratching the ice creams isn’t a good experience as we want to make the cones and brownies better and better. On the other hand, the spoon can’t dig out perfect cylinder or rounded shape ice creams and this is where the scoops can do the best. Because, the scoop is thickened and made out from top grade metals like stainless steel, aluminum and zinc alloy. Basically, the head of the scoop mostly comes with round shape and slightly keen edges what aid to easily push the scoop into the ice cream and make the cylinder or round shape texture. The handles of the scoops are also built out from metals that stay strong under all the pressure and abuses.


The scoop as a specific tool to dig out the ice cream from containers or utensils it can quickly form the ice cream into a beautiful curl or round shape texture than other unprofessional tools. It also doesn’t hugely tend to stick the rounded portion as the manufacturer mostly keeps the surface of the scoops non sticky. Although, you can discover the mechanical scoops with the triggers in our picks that would aid you to quickly insert the rounded portions.


Overall, considering the importance of the ice cream scoops and its easiness to make out the round ball texture of the ice creams, we have picked the 7 best ice cream scoops after researching and following the test results of the users.


7 Best Ice Cream Scoops-Our Picks

After researching, reading and watching out the test results, we have confirmed these seven best ice cream scoops are going to take the place of the list of our 7 best picks.


1)Spring Chef

Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop

The Spring Chef is a budget friendly scoop to glide through the frozen dessert to dig out the amazing curly shape portion of the ice cream. The thin edge of the head can go through the toughest desserts while the durable scoop stays strong during gliding and it is able to dig out the perfect curly portion without sweating you. It is also all set to lift the container lid as the handle has a notch to easily release the lids from any container. When it comes to make the scoop for cones, brownies and sundaes, it can dig out the beautiful scoop you need.


After making all the beautiful scoops when it comes to wash it, the dishwasher safe parts ensure you can properly wash out the sticky parts and this small tool also can be used to remove the seeds from veggies and fruits. Without any special maintenance you can use this heavy duty scoop years after years and obviously the stainless steel material would save the scoop from rusts.



2)Zeroll Original

zeroll original ice cream scoop

The Zeroll Original is an incredibly popular ice cream scoop. We also wanted to reveal the secret of its popularity  through researching the reviews on youtube and the test results on several sites including Wirecutter. Even the wirecutter recommended it as one of the best ice cream scoops after testing and comparing with several scoops. The scoop isn’t only efficient in creating beautiful spheres, but also the handle transfers the heat from your palm to head to glide quickly through the frozen treats. Basically, the fluid inside handle aids to transmit the heat from your palm to scoop’s head that conducts to cut quickly through the ice cream. The durable scoop can curl the ice cream with a beautiful shape and the metal round handle is easy to grab and glide into the tough frozen desserts.


The Zeroll is also confirmed the scoop is completely user friendly as there won’t be any issue when it comes to left hand use. Whether you dig out the spheres for cones and brownies, the scoop won’t make the releasing of the spheres difficult and all the beautiful portioned curly spheres would fill the cones or sundaes perfectly. Without any springs its easy to release surface of the head always easily releases the beautifuly rounded scoops.



3)SUMO Ice

SUMO Ice Cream Scoop

The Sumo Ice also has the incredible popularity and the thousand users put the positive thoughts about this budget friendly scoop. First of all, you don’t require a bank breaking budget to purchase this simply perfect scoop. Your average budget would aid you to pick this scoop to create the chunk texture of the ice cream through easy scratching or gliding. The end of the scoop’s head isn’t very curvy or rounded, so the slightly edgy shaped end would aid you to dig out the ice cream from all crucial parts of the container. Because it is simply reachable and it can easily scratch. Moreover, the stainless steel scoop won’t bend, break or crack because of the pressure during digging out. Because, it is perfectly thickened to withstand the abuses.


The non slip handle won’t let your hands slip down when you push the scoop through tough desserts. Because the firm grip includes softness and grabbing power as if the handle doesn’t hurt your palm. On the other hand, the BPA free and food safe material on the handle won’t add odor to your palm after use. The stainless steel scoop also stays rust free and the dishwasher safe design can ensure that you can completely wash the scoop after every use.



4)Ice Cream Scoop With Trigger

Ice Cream Scoop With Trigger

If you are worried to release the spheres quickly from the scoop, then this scoop with trigger won’t let the spheres to stick with the scoop. Because you can easily press the trigger to quickly depart the cylinder shaped ice cream. On the other hand, the sleek finish of this stainless steel scoop doesn’t tend to stick the scratched ice-cream in it. So, overall the combination of the non sticky surface and easy manageable trigger you can quickly pick up the spheres. The solid stainless steel body of the scoop also ensures the scoop stays very strong and doesn’t tend to be bent during digging out the rounded desserts for cones, brownies, sundaes and pies. The large handle with a rubber grip also will help you to easily dig out the desserts.


This dishwasher safe scoop won’t give you a complicated lesson to clean up this tool. If you just rinse it by the cleaner or a small amount of the hot water, the scoop would be completely washed and cleaned. You can also use this tool for scooping watermelon and removing the seeds from veggies. As a rust resistant tool, it also won’t be damaged only for several years of use.



5)KitchenAid Smooth Glide Scoop

KitchenAid Smooth Glide Scoop

A beautiful invention from KitchenAid that has specifically shaped head to easily glide into the frozen dessert. Although, the portion won’t be round, but the end of the head is all set to simply dig out the dessert. So you would enjoy a different advantage when you use it to glide into the ice cream. The KitchenAid seriously focuses on making the handle and head of the scoop strong as the handle shouldn’t tend to bend when you pressurize the scoop into the ice cream. That’s why the stainless steel handle eliminates bending and damaging during you pressurize the scoop. The handle also tends to stay strong in your hand as it is gripped with non slip rubber.


After scratching or gliding it into the dessert, you can clean up the easy stainless steel surface without any extra process. A hanging hole can aid you to simply hang the scoop in your kitchen and because of rust resistant body the scoop can stay undamaged up to a few years without any damage.



6) Reo Ice

Reo Ice Cream Scoop

The Reo Ice is a slightly curl and beautifully designed scoop to scratch and glide  into the ice cream to make beautiful balls. The durable zinc alloy body is able to cut into the frozen ice cream and the beautifully shaped scoop ensures you can neatly dig out into a container as the scoop is easily reachable like a tea spoon. The zinc alloy also would maximize the scoop’s lifespan as the rust can’t damage it while the durability would save the scoop from bending and cracking. Its beautifully shaped handle fits on a user’s hand perfectly and such a simple and perfect design ensures you can dig out without feeling tired.


The scoop works additionally as a cookie scoop and meatball maker as you can easily make the sphere shape by its head. So, without any doubt these additional usages of the scoop would give the maximum value for the money you would spend to purchase it.



7)Good Cook Smart Scoop

Good Cook Smart Scoop

The Good Cook Smart Scoop is the different one that can easily remove the cylinder shape ice-cream after every time you glide. Because the different design head would easily leave the ice cream when you slide out the handles like a scissor. Honestly, this is one of the cleverly designed scoops and a rare model we have found. After discovering this model we checked out several reviews of the users to guess how effective the scoop when it comes to depart those cylinders from the scoop. Without any doubt it can depart the ice cream more easily than many other scoops. But gliding through the frozen dessert isn’t relatively as easier as our other picks and recommend scoops can.


So, if you want the quick releasing power something like the scoop with triggers, it would be useful for you. The non stick coat is also helpful for quick releasing and cleaning up and the cast aluminum construction ensures the corrosion can’t damage it even after years of use.



Few Things To Know About The Ice Cream Scoop

  • Fully Rounded or Slightly Rounded Head: The design of the head of the scoop can hold a small variation from each other, as you would notice the heads of the all scoops aren’t fully rounded. Some heads are fully rounded and the rest of them are slightly rounded. Basically the slightly rounded heads are easier to glide into the ice cream than the fully rounded scoop. Although they can’t dig out as spheres shape portion as the fully rounded can. They tend to make the portion curly than making it fully rounded.


  • Heat Conductive handle: To glide quickly through the frozen ice cream, sometimes the handle contains the fluid in the handle that basically transmits the heat of your palm to head of the scoop. So the gliding becomes simple and making the round textures become easier.


  • Scissor Shaped Handle: This is one of the rare models of the ice cream scoops. Basically, the head stays divided into two parts and when you slide in the handles, the two parts of the head come in contact to become rounded and turn into a texture you want. The core advantage of the scissor shaped scoop it can insert the ice cream quickly when you just slide out the handles.


  • Handle With The Trigger: The trigger basically leads a small rounded part between the head of the scoop and the texture you dug out. So, when you press the trigger after taking a rounded portion of the frozen dessert, the scoop would lead a quick inserting moment.


Sturdy Construction

Cutting through the frozen dessert by a normal scoop means it can bend or break because of the pressure. So, to ensure that the scoop stays steady when it scoops and glides through the tough texture of the desserts, it should have sturdy and thickened handle and head. That’s why, avoiding the plastic scoops is a good decision and the sturdy stainless steel and aluminum scoops with thickened handles and heads are great to scoop the ice-cream. Another beneficial side of these scoops, the rusts can’t negatively impact or weaken these materials.


Grips On The Handle

Although not all of the handles don’t include the external grip, but, how comfortable the texture of the handles it can ensure how perfect the scoop is to grab. If the handle stays properly grabbed during you scoop the ice cream, then you can be very comfortable to easily make the rounded texture of the ice cream. Sometimes, the rubbered and non sticky addition into the handle can make the handle better for gripping.