Best Indoor Electric Grills(Table Top)- Our Research & Selections

The electric grill is an amazing equipment for the BBQ lovers. You would want to use the gas and charcoal grills when you are staying at any campground, wildlife or where you can’t manage the electricity to run an electric grill. Although the gas and charcoal grills are difficult to run in the freezing or rainy weather and they aren’t mostly as smokeless as the electric grills are. Overall, considering several benefits and drawbacks, many of us prefer the electric grills. When the rain pours or the snow falls around your home, the electric grills ensure you can still call your friends or buddies for a BBQ party. Because, these grills can cook, sear or grill without claiming the complicated management.


The electric grills can reach up to 450 degree Fahrenheit temperature and most of the electric grills have heat adjustable dials to precisely increase or decrease the heat. On the other hand, the smokeless design can retain and increase the taste of the foods by reducing the smokes and maintaining the steady temperature. Moreover, the cleaning process of the electronic grill is relatively much easier than other conventional grills.


Five Best Indoor Electric Grills

Considering how an electric grill works effectively to grill the BBQ items in indoor, we found out the Five Best Indoor Electric Grills to use when the outdoor looks imperfect for barbecuing.

Indoor GrillsPerfect ForMaximum Temperature Our Ratings 

Hamilton Beach 25361

6-8 People450 Degree Fahrenheit 4.8

Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill

4-6 People446 Degree Fahrenheit4.7

Zojirushi EB-CC15

4-6 People410 Degree Fahrenheit4.8

Delonghi BG24

4 People445 Degree Fahrenheit4.6

Gourmia GDG1900

6-8 People450 Degree Fahrenheit 4.8


1)Hamilton Beach (25361)

Hamilton Beach (25361) Electric Indoor Grill

Some people would consider $500 for an indoor grill, but, not everyone wouldn’t pay like $500 for an electric grill as everyone wouldn’t consider a big budget. That doesn’t mean, you can’t own an indoor grill to grill the steaks if the weather is unfair to have a small BBQ party. The Hamilton Beach 25361 offers an amazing price to all of those who even don’t want to concede $100 for an electric indoor grill. You can dream for a perfect small barbecue party on the weekend or make the meal for your family by this simply efficient indoor grill that has the adequate space to grill the steaks and veggies for up to 6 people. The Grill produces the perfect temperature and locks in juices and flavors to maximize the taste of the steaks and make the steaks better.


For the beginner users the Hamilton Beach 25361 provides the non-complicated and simple temperature management and before placing the steaks and veggies the indicator light would confirm that the grill is ready to start cooking. A window also would help you to observe the foods in it and the condition of them. After placing the steaks on the non-stick cooking surface of it, you wouldn’t be in trouble when you flip those steaks. On the other hand, a drip tray would hold the dripped grease and juices and after the cooking you can ensure a quick clean up. When you also want a massive clean up, you can remove the tray and lid for the complete cleanup.

Features That We Like: 

  • High searing temperature locks in the flavor and juice to hold the perfect taste of the steaks.
  • Removable drip tray, plate and lid, so when you want the complete clean up after cooking, these removable parts would be helpful to clean up the grill properly.
  • Nonstick cooking surface as if the steaks don’t stick to the plate, so you can flip them easily.
  • A window to observe the foods in it to guess the condition of them.



2)Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill

Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill

The Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill is optimized with an advanced infrared technology to sear and grill the meats, fishes and veggies with the perfect, even and consistent heat. Although, it is more pricer and expensive than the Hamilton Beach 25361, but it is able to grill the meats, fishes and veggies with the better perfection. Because, the infrared technology ensures the foods will be cooked with the 80% less smoke and oil splattering. The grill can quickly set up 446 degree Fahrenheit on the grid that is the suitable temperature to cook the BBQ items and without any ups and downs it constantly keeps heating up with this fixed temperature.


The drip tray underneath the grill produces very less smoke (because the grill keeps throwing the heats to the grid) and its dishwasher safe surface ensures the sticky surface with the grease and juice will be removed by the simple rinsing with cleaner. The non-stick grid also simplifies the flipping of the steaks and no foods would stick to it when it comes to flip them. Without waiting five or ten minutes to get the grid heated up, you can start cooking within one minute after switching the grill. Moreover, the even heat all over the grid cooks the steaks and veggies very evenly without degrading the taste.

Features That We Like: 

  • Infrared heating technology heats perfectly to the grid with holding the even temperature all over the grid. So the foods can get the even temperature to be cooked.
  • After switching on the grill it consistently heats the 446 degree Fahrenheit and the heat stays same on the cooking surface. Till the end of the cooking it retains 446 degree Fahrenheit for perfect searing.
  • The drip tray stays cool and it receives the dripped grease and juice while its dishwasher safe surface will help you to remove them by rinsing with cleaner.
  • It produces 80% less smoke as if the taste of foods remains perfect.



3)Zojirushi EB-CC15

Zojirushi EB-CC15 Indoor Electric Grill

The Zojirushi EB-CC15 is one of the popular electric powered indoor grills that ensures you can still BBQ when the snow and rains hit the outdoor. Because, its perfect cooking surface with up to 410 Fahrenheit temperature can keep the heat steady to grill or cook perfectly. Moreover, from 176 to 410 Degree Fahrenheit heat range with an adjuster can produce or reduce the heat by your direction. So, whenever you want to set a required level heat on the cooking surface, the dial can easily adjust it. The detachable parts also can be departed one by one when you need a serious clean up and the non-stick ceramic grilling surface doesn’t stick the steaks to be uncomfortable for flipping.


The grid is designed to shred easily the excess oil directly onto the drip tray and the dripped oils and grease would be removed easily by washing with cleaner. After grilling if you need to move the grill from its place, you can use the cool handles that stay cool during cooking and help you to move it elsewhere. Considering the safety requirement, they optimized its cleverly as if the grill doesn’t start heating if you don’t install it correctly. Under a $100 price tag the Zojirushi EB-CC15 is good choice to be used for perfect indoor grilling.

Features That We Like: 

  • You can heat up the cooking surface up to 410 degree Fahrenheit and you can use the dial to set up the temperature from 176 to 410 Degree Fahrenheit. So, changing the temperature manually would be easier for better cooking.
  • Large and non stick surface to cook and flip the foods easily while the cleaning would be easier.
  • The grid easily sheds the oils and greases as if they don’t stay mixed with the steaks.
  • Detachable parts ensure the massive cleanup would be easier.



4)Delonghi BG24 Perfecto

Delonghi BG24 Perfecto Indoor Grill

The Delonghi BG24 is a famous indoor grill and many of us know it for efficiency and incredible price. Whenever we want to cook the barbecue items inside our home for a small party, it is able to cook the veggies, sea foods, fishes and meat steaks with the maximum incredible temperature. Because, its 12 by 6 inch cooking surface means you can arrange enough foods on the grill while the detachable thermostat can increase or decrease the temperature to cook the foods with the heats they want. The tempered glass lid with the great cooking surface and temperature can make the foods juicy and tasty and when you end up cooking the lid can be used to warm the foods.


The surface also holds the even temperature to provide the proper heats onto the foods as if there is no imperfection on grilling or boiling the foods. On the other hand, the grilling surface is made from die cast aluminum with the non stick coat as if the foods don’t make the trouble when you need to flip the items. It is also carriable and the cool handles ensure you can move it necessarily from one place to another place with the safety you need.

Features That We Like:

  • The glass lid aids to make the steaks juicy and after the cooking, this lid can keep the food warm.
  • The cooking surface provides the heat equally on all over the surface. So, wherever you put the steaks on the surface, the grill can supply the accurate temperature you want to use.
  • It includes the detectable thermostat to adjust the temperature of the cooking surface.
  • Cool handles to safely move the grill even when the grill stays heated.



5)Gourmia GDG1900

Gourmia GDG1900 Dual Indoor Grill

The Gourmia GDG1900 is one of the innovative indoor grills. It’s dual cooking surface with different heat adjusters ensure searing, cooking or grilling the steaks, porks, chickens, fishes or any veggies on different surfaces with different heats would be easier. Because, the two surfaces are differently optimized with two heat adjusters and the more surprising options are that they can adjust the heats from 140 to 450 degree Fahrenheit. The grill includes an auto spring adjustable basket where you can put the steaks and turn up the both surfaces in contact to grill the steaks without any flipping. If you keep one part for vertical cooking with the spring adjustable basket, you can still use the horizontal part to keep searing or grilling other stuffs.


On the other hand, if you want to grill the less foods and you just need a single surface, you can just keep the one surface turned on. It has also a digital display where you can monitor the temperature settings and it is optimized with the timer for the programmable time settings and cooking. Every separate part of the grill has a drip tray to ensure that the dripped excess oils are in a place to clean them out after cooking.

  • Dual parts of the grill for cooking a variety of foods with the different temperature. Because, it has two heat adjustable thermostats for two parts and the temperature of the two different parts can be set separately from 140 to 450 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Spring adjustable basket to heat on the steaks from both sides. The two parts of the grill can be folded to heat on the meats for fast and quick result.
  • It can cook vertically and horizontally. If you use one part for vertical cooking, another part can be still used for horizontal cooking.
  • It relatively needs less space to be stored than other indoor grills.



What To Consider

The electric grills are built with multiple features and designs and choosing the wrong one can waste your money.


Heat Adjustment Dials

  • Although not all of the electric grills haven’t heat adjustment dials, but having the heat adjustable thermostats on an electric grill means you can use the perfect temperature settings. Considering the condition of cooking and foods, the temperature needs to increase and decrease and the heat adjustment dials can do it. The highest temperature can be used for perfect cooking and the medium and lowest temperature can be used for searing and warming the foods. Overall, the temperature settings would put a control over the cooking.


Size Of The Cooking Surface

  • The electric grills have the size and capacity to cook the foods and the size of the surface for grilling will determine how sufficient the surface is for you. If you have the family, choosing a grill with the capacity to cook foods for four or six people could be enough. There is even more smaller grill to cook the foods two or three persons and there is even more larger grill to cook the BBQ items for a group of people. Basically for a family or small party, the grill with the capacity to cook foods for four or six persons would be perfect.


Detachable Parts For Cleaning Up

  • After every time of cooking, the grill requires a cleanup. If you don’t clean up the oils, greases and other dirts from the grid, drip pans and all over the body, the grill would lose its sleek design and the desired lifetime. So, you should clean it up whenever you end up cooking and if the parts like the grid and drip pan are detachable you could clean up the grill easily. Although, most of the grills feature detachable grid and drip pan.


Nonstick Grid

  • This is the place to accommodate the steaks, veggies, fruits, chickens and fishes. When you are grilling these foods the oils would grime the grid and the grid would tend to stick the foods unless the surface is non-sticky. The non sticky surface offers two kinds of benefits for you, first of all it wouldn’t stick the foods and then you can easily clean the grid after using the grill. The grid or grill uses a specific coat to stay non sticky and your perfect cleanup would ensure the grid wouldn’t lose this coat.


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