10 Best Single Serve Blenders in 2022 | Comparison, Picks & Buying Guide

The single serve blenders are small, portable and efficient while their design is compact and suitable for the small home. These small blenders can make 15 to 20 ounces smoothies, milk shakes, juices and sauces. Mostly, the jars come with the single serve blenders are 15-25 ounces and these jars can easily make 15-20 ounce smoothies or juices. You can simply carry out the same jars to your office or gym and after blending, you just need to adjust the included lids. After adjusting the lids it would be like a travel cup and you would have the full convenience to enjoy your juice or smoothies. These blenders are simply manageable and you can simply fill the inside of the jars with a bunch of contents like veggies, fruits and ice cubes to make the delicious smoothie. Within two- three minutes these small blenders can accomplish the blending while if you don’t add the ice cubes, it can accomplish the blending in 30 seconds with the veggies and fruits.


These blenders are very popular as they are impressively great for making multiple smoothies and juices and you don’t need a separate travel cup to carry out them to your favorite place. Because, it would include a bunch of necessary stuffs you need for carrying and in some cases these small blenders even can be versatile. So, considering the power, abilities and advantages these handy blenders offer, we discovered the 10 best single serve blenders for our readers. We have only picked out those blenders that have the abilities, power and efficiencies to blend wisely. Because, we read the public’s opinions, feedbacks and watched out the reviews to be confident about their true efficiencies.


Is the single serve blender efficient to pulverize the ice cubes?

Basically, a 150 watt blender can even pulverize the ice cubes to make the multiple smoothies. An efficient blender would never fail to grind the ice cubes and the combined mixture of the veggies, fruits and ices can make the smoothies incredibly perfect and delicious. So, you can confidently depend on the 150-300 watt blender that can easily blend the combined mixtures of multiple foods without leaving a little chunky appearance. On the other hand, the millions users have been confidently depending on these blenders since their invention. So, it is confirmed that the single serve blender can wisely blend the mixture of multiple foods and ices to make the most delicious smoothies you need.


Can It Grind The Coffee Beans, Seeds and spices?

Sometimes we want the different character of the blender as we frequently require to grind the beans, seeds and spices. Although, 150 watt- 300 watt motor of the single serve blenders can be enough to grind the beans. But, the blade should be different (as the grinding blade is mostly different than the ice crushing blade) and the jar should be smaller to properly grind these things. So, not all the blenders offer the specific jar and blade to grind the seeds, beans and spices. But, some blenders offer and if you want such blenders that are also efficient to grind, you should pick them. We also listed such versatile blenders in our top ten list that can grind the tough seeds, beans and spices etc.


Can It Be A Food Processor?

I would never recommend to use a single serve blender as a food processor. A food processor is completely different and a 150 watt- 300 watt motor wouldn’t be enough to process the foods. A food processor comes with a large pitcher and more efficient blade and motor. A food processor would include at least 600 watt motor and the shape of the blade would be more powerful and study while there would have more powerful features with a food processor. So, you shouldn’t try out a single serve blender to process the foods. Because, there are lots of differences between a food processor and single serve blender.


How Comfortable The Jars Of The Single Serve Blender As A Travel Cup?

As we said above the single serve blenders include 15-25 ounce jars that are totally comfortable for travelling. Because, it would have flip top lids that ensure you can easily sip while some jars would have the hooks with the lid to easily carry it anywhere. Sometimes, the bottle can have the rubber grips to grab it securely and most of the jars are designed to fit into the drink holder. So, the jars with the blender would be amazingly comfortable for portage. There jars are also made from BPA free materials, so the foods in it stay fresh and odor free.


10 Best Single Serve Blenders- Our Picks, Recommendations and Comparison

BlendersSpecifications One Touch OperationMultiple Speed SettingsOur RatingsPrice

Sboly Smoothie Blender

Powerful Motor, Sharp Stainless Steel BladeYesNo4.9

Doctor Hetzner 300

Powerful Motor, Sharp Stainless Steel BladeYesNo4.9

JESE Smoothie Blender

Powerful Motor, Coffee Grinding Option, Electric Vacuum AssemblyNoYes4.8


Powerful Motor, Compact Travel CupYesNo4.8

Hamilton Beach 51102

Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Tritan JarYesNo4.8

CHULUX Smoothie Blender

Powerful Motor, Sharp Stainless Steel Blade, Perfect Travel CupYesNo4.7

Willsence Smoothie Blender

Powerful Motor, Efficient Grinder and included Perfect Travel Cup YesNo4.8

Deik Single Serve Blender

Powerful Motor, Sharp Blades and Coffee Grinding OptionYesNo4.8

BILACA Smoothie Blender

Powerful Motor, Sharp Crushing BladesYesNo4.8

Hamilton Beach Go Sport Blender

Powerful Motor, Amazing Double Walled JarNoYes4.9

1)Sboly Smoothie Blender

Sboly Smoothie Blender

The Sboly Smoothie Blender is a superior single serve blender with the advanced technologies to aid the smoothie lovers and reach on your health maintenance goal. Its 300 watt motor and sharp blade can easily make the vegetable juice, milkshake, jam, fruit juice, sauce and smoothie. The on the go cup can be used for blending and your travel cup if you want your shakes during travelling or in the office. The sharp and sturdy blade with the ice crushing power pulverize the tough things within 1-2 minutes, so you can get your desired serve in less than two minutes. For your safety and perfectly preparing out the foods the blender offers a safety lock to strongly attach the jar with the blender while the blender would only work when the jar is correctly attached.


Between the jar and the lid with the blade it has a silicone seal that strongly adjusts the jar with the blade adjusted lid. So, there is no chance of leaking out the liquid through these two connections. You can start everything from its simple one touch operation and the food grade plastic of the cup retains the excellence of the smoothie, milkshake or your juice.

What We Like:

  • The stainless steel sharp blade and 300 watt motor simplify the toughness of the tough contents. So blending the fruits with tough ice cubes is expectedly simple and easier.
  • Durable pitcher is made from food grade plastic that holds the deliciousness of the food without mixing up any odor.
  • Silicone seal between the pitcher and the blade adjusted lid that builds up the connection sturdy and prevents the leakage.
  • The pitcher locks strongly to the base and it doesn’t start blending unless it is locked properly.


2)Doctor Hetzner 300

Doctor Hetzner 300

If you want to evaluate a blender by the efficiency and design, the Doctor Hetzner 300 can be considered as a great blender for the consistent efficient performance and the attractive white outlook. The jar it includes, it can be your perfect travel cup while it is usually an efficient cup to blend. So, after making the milkshakes, just change the lid and attach the perfect user friendly one for comfortability. Its 600 ml large cup can contain the required serve for a busy person and the taste of the foods remains as same as it should be. Because, the food grade plastic doesn’t change out the smoothness and taste of the foods. The jar is also adequately designed to fit in the car drinks holder and bicycle bottle cages. So, nothing can stop you to enjoy the milkshakes during travelling or riding.


The 27, 000 rpm torque power with four sharpened stainless steel blades can break down the tough contents while the consistent torque power smoothly mixes up the fruits and veggies without leaving any chunky appearance. The spill proof bottle can save it from the leakage during blending and carrying it out to somewhere. On the other hand, the rounded non slip base keeps the base closed with countertop and prevents the unexpected movement.

What We Like:

  • Stable base with a beautiful look to provide an energetic performance in mind while it would appear as a stylish blender in the countertop.
  • 600 ml jar that fits in the bottle carriage of the bicycle and the drink holder of the car while the spill proof design protects the jar from unfairness.
  • 27, 000 rpm torque power and sharpened blade can easily spread the power through the contents.
  • The jar is designed to be a very user friendly go cup.   


3)JESE Smoothie Blender

JESE Smoothie Blender

The JESE Smoothie Blender appears on the market with some incredible features and personally this is my favorite single serve blender. Because, this is versatile and amazingly efficient as a small blender. If you love the coffee and want the brew from freshly ground beans, then it can be your grinder. Because, it features an efficient linear blade and a small container for grinding the beans and spices while the two speed settings are great to differently use with blending and grinding. Its BPA free tritan bottle can keep the milkshakes or juice fresh longer than other bottle. The food grade plastic doesn’t only aid to save the freshness of the food, also the automatic electric vacuum assembly with the blender and the vacuum sealed lids ensure the food would stay expectedly fresh for hours after hours.


The stainless steel blade and 24000 RPM speed can easily chop the veggies and leaves within 30 seconds and if you add the tough ice cubes with the veggies, the shakes can be prepared within three minutes. The blender is also safe as the faulty connection with the base means the blending won’t be started even after turning the switch on. That means, it would work only when the pitcher is correctly installed with the base.

What We Like:

  • A versatile blender that can grind the coffee beans, spices and seeds. A specific pitcher and blade have been included to efficiently grind these things.
  • It can easily chop the veggies and fruits in 30 seconds, but if you add the ice cubes, there you won’t require more than three minutes to prepare the shakes.
  • It blends safely and provides the safety you need. Because, if you don’t install the pitcher correctly, the blender won’t run.
  • Included electric vacuum assembly and sealed lids ensure the content in the pitcher stays expectedly fresh.




The most popular single serve blender that has been reviewed by lots of users and we checked out a bunch of them to determine how efficient it is in real life. To be honest, it is really tough to find out its weaknesses. Because, it is something that has been successfully used to make the smoothies and shakes since the born and the 80% users are incredibly satisfied with the efficiencies of this blender. When you are about to discover a blender, you would want the pro level efficiency and a wallet friendly price. Basically, the Oster BLSTPB-WBL achieved an incredible efficiency to push its blade through the ice cubes while the wallet friendly price tag ensures the people can easily afford it. You can simply put a bunch of fruits, leaves and veggies and the result within a few minutes would be expectedly perfect.


After making the shakes you can simply change out the lid and the carry hook in the lid makes the carriage comfortable. This 20 ounce pitcher can simply fit in the drink holder of the car and it comes with a recipe book that includes a bunch of delicious recipes for smoothies. So, you can easily find some great ideas for making delicious smoothies.

What We Like:

  • Budget friendly price tag and efficient mechanism on the base to beat the toughness of the ingredients.
  • A travel friendly container with the carry hook in the lids while the small container simply fits in the car drink holder.
  • Stainless steel blade with the sharp edge to cut the ice cubes and chop the fruits in seconds.
  • Recipe book included with a bunch of recipes for your favorite smoothies.


5)Hamilton Beach 51102

Hamilton Beach 51102

Everything can start from its simple one touch operation and additionally it can be a baby food maker with the perfect ability to prepare out the smoothies. It offers two 14 ounces blending jars that also function as a travel cup while every jar comes with an individual lid. So, after blending, you shouldn’t look for a specific travel cup and these 14 ounces blending jars offer the full of advantages that are similarly offered by a travel cup. The Hamilton Beach wisely designed the jars to fit into any cup holder and reasonably there is no conflict with the size of the jars and the space of the cup holder. On the other hand, the lids include the spout that determines you can easily sip on the bottle whenever you want the smoothies.


The whole blender is incredibly slim that aims to become compact in the small living space while it can easily spread its power through the veggies, fruits and tough contents that are related to foods. Whenever you blend the sturdy base perfectly rests on the place as if it doesn’t be displaced for the shakes happen during blending. And also, whenever you want the blender to store, you can capably wrap the cords around the blender to make it compact.

What We Like:

  • Travel friendly jars with the lids that include the spouts for sipping comfortably. These specifically designed jars also fit in the cup holder.
  • Slim design to look compact in the small living space and the base wisely rests in the place during blending.
  • It can be a baby food maker while it can capably blend the tough foods.
  • The cord can be neatly tucked over the base for perfect storing.


6)CHULUX Smoothie Blender

CHULUX Smoothie Blender

Everyone likes the fast, efficient and powerful blender and no one wants chunkier appearance of the fruits, veggies and ice cubes. But, there would appear the unsmooth contents after blending, if the blade can’t smoothen them and this can happen if the motor isn’t wise or powerful and the blade isn’t adequately strengthened and sharpened. So, the CHULUX Smoothie Blender wisely focused in these areas to make the blender really dominative over the contents. That’s why, the base contains a 300W pure copper motor and four piece stainless steel 304 blades and these parts define how it would dominate over the contents of the jar. Basically, these parts incredibly smoothen the contents and eliminate the chunk of foods in the smoothies and actually this is how we want our juice, milkshake or smoothies after making.


It comes with two jars and every jar has rubber coated grip to easily hold the jars. If you have a rush morning, but you want to quickly prepare the foods, then undoubtedly its power and efficiency can prepare out the foods in more shortened time than other blenders. It also only works when the jar is correctly installed, so this can be very safe for any user.

What We Like:

  • Highly powered copper motor and stainless steel 304 blades for the smoothened smoothies and milkshakes.
  • The lid comes with rubber coated grips as if you can comfortably grab the jar during travelling.
  • It can prepare the foods in more shortened time than other blenders. So, this can be great in a rush morning.
  • For the user’s safety the blender would work only when the pitcher is perfectly adjusted.


7)Willsence Smoothie Blender

Willsence Smoothie Blender

Most of the blenders miss out the protection from burning and that’s why the motor in the base can be burned out when it becomes overheated or if you use the blender excessively.  But, this Willsence Smoothie Blender is completely intelligent as it automatically detects when the motor is overheated or you use it improperly. After detecting it shuts off the motor and prevents the possible burning. Even the motor won’t start again unless it is properly cooled and once the blender detects the motor is cooled it will start automatically without any manual operation. Usually, like a powerful motor based blender it can also smoothly blend the fruit and veggies in thirty seconds and if you leave some ice cubes in the fruits and veggies it won’t take more than two minutes to pulverize the ice cubes. So, combinedly, the burning protection and the powerful base can make it a great blender what we really need.


On the other hand, the 300 watt pure copper motor and super sharp durable 304 blades blend with optimal power while the one touch button simply turns the switch on if the jar is attached and fulfilled with the contents. The jar also includes leak proof lids to prevent the spills while a hook in the lid ensures you can carry the bottle easily. During carrying the bottle you can also save it from the friction as the bottle comes a with a sleeve that wraps it.

What We Like:

  • Auto-shut off technology saves the blender from burning. Because, it can detect when the motor reaches at the damageable temperature. So, it turns it off and starts blending again when the motor is cooled down.
  • Can blend fruits and veggies in 30 seconds and if you add the ice cubes the blending time wouldn’t be over than 2 minutes.
  • The leak proof lid features a hook to carry the jar easily while a sleeve protects the jar from scratches.
  • The jar wisely locks to the base and runs only when the jar is properly attached.  


8)Deik Single Serve Blender

Deik Single Serve Blender

A versatile blender that can be additionally a coffee grinder. So if you grind the coffee at home for the freshest flavor of the brewed coffee, then this blender would help a lot. That’s why, the blender offers a specific small jar for grinding the items like seeds, beans and spices. A 500 watt motor on the base and one touch operation can grind the coffee beans from coarse to fine and without so much tiredness it can grind the seeds, beans and tough spices. The Deik also designed a specific stainless steel blade for grinding that has the intense power to successfully accomplish the grinding. On the other hand, the 500 watt motor would run with a sharp and sturdy blade when it comes to conquer the toughness of ice cubes. The blender has consistent and incredible efficiency to extract the vitamin and mineral through turning the fruits and veggies into smooth juice.


The jar comes with a spill proof lid that has double seal to prevent the spills from coming out. So, if you keep the jar on a bicycle bottle carriage, there would have no leakage or spills when you ride the bike. The base has the vents to keep the motor cool as the air produces from the motor can be easily passed out through the vents. Reasonably, the motor would stay comfortable when it provides its amazing torque power.

What We Like:

  • Specific jar and blade for grinding. So, if you want to grind the beans from coarse to fine, it is able to provide any grinding size.
  • 500 watt motor with a sharp blade that wisely leaves its power through any food to perfectly blend.
  • Double seals on the lid prevent the liquids from coming out when you travel or ride with the jar.
  • Vents on the base to keep the motor cool.


9)BILACA Smoothie Blender

BILACA Smoothie Blender

The BILACA Smoothie Blender is as simple and powerful as you think, but its unbeatable power to intensively break the contents with the optimal smoothness can surprise anyone. The base is coated with the thick stainless steel to make it incredibly durable. The stainless steel coat can save the base from breakage if the base unexpectedly falls from the counter top. The coat on the base also minimally tends to be sticky and you can wipe it by a dry cloth for a comfortable cleanup. Its 18 oz pitcher is your perfect travel cup and after making the smoothies you don’t need to pour it in another cup. The BPA free material of the jar saves the deliciousness of the food and after a few hours the smoothies stay expectedly fresh. Moreover, the spill proof lid with a tip top spout makes the jar incredibly comfortable for you.


There is also no doubt about the consistent and dependable power of the motor as it can amazingly spread the intense power of the powerful 300 watt motor in the contents. The blade also makes a great combination with the intense power of the motor as if beating the toughness of the contents just becomes a part of the simplicity. Blending the foods is also safe by this blender as the faulty adjustment of the base and jar mean the blender won’t start blending. So, the blender would start working if it feels the jar is adjusted correctly.

What We Like:

  • Thick stainless steel coat on the base to add the sturdiness and save the base from unfortunate breakage.
  • Sturdy jar is made from BPA free plastic to protect the freshness of the smoothies.
  • Durable blade and 300 watt motor to beat the tough parts of any foods.
  • It ensures safe blending as the motor won’t run unless the jar is locked properly.    


10)Hamilton Beach Go Sport Blender

Hamilton Beach Go Sport Blender

If you are having in a problem to keep the smoothies cool for a few hours, then the jar of this blender can be great to keep the smoothies cool for hours after hours. Because, the double walled jar is great to keep the content away from the hot outdoor temperature and reasonably the temperature out of the jar can’t reach easily into the contents. So, if you usually bring the smoothies to your gym, office or anywhere, it would remain expectedly cool. The blender is something wise like a pro blender as the motor can be run on multiple speeds (including high and low) while turning the dial onto the pulse can be amazing for hitting the contents adequately. Like few other great creations by the Hamilton Beach it also offers a sturdy and sharp blade to make the challenges of blending comfortable.


The dishwasher safe jar can be quickly prepared to contain the milkshakes of the next day as it’s not a struggling task to clean out the jar. The flip top lid and spill proof design also make sure the lid with the jar would be comfortable to use in the outdoor while the BPA free food grade plastic saves the freshness of the smoothie.

What We Like:

  • A double walled jar that can keep the content colder for hours after hours while the sturdy jar can be safe from breakage.
  • Multiple speeds to hit the content with different torque power for precise blending.
  • Spill proof lid wisely locks the food inside the jar while the BPA free material saves the freshness.
  • Dishwasher safe jar for quick cleaning and quickly preparing it out to contain your next day’s milkshakes.



Buying Guide Of The Single Serve Blender


BPA Free Jar  (Tritan Plastic Jar)

We want the BPA free jar as it won’t add any odor with the food and it keeps the food fresh. Basically, all tritan jars are BPA free, so if you use a tritan jar it means the bottle is completely BPA free. On the other hand, the tritan is durable, impact resistant and lighter than glass and completely dishwasher safe. So, if it contains your food , that does mean your food is completely safe in it. Because, the impact can’t shatter it and if it falls from your hand, it won’t crack or break. On the other hand, after carrying your smoothies you can simply wash these dishwasher safe bottles. So, the tritan plastic jar can be amazingly beneficial for you.


Easier Operation

I would never want a blender with a bunch of complicated features, rather I would judge it how simplistic features it has to wisely operate. The single serve blender mostly offers one touch operation. But it can also have multiple speed settings to put multiple speeds over the contents. Basically, having one touch operation and multiple speeds, both can be beneficial. The one touch operation means, you can do everything by one button. But, you would also need several speed settings for coarse and fine blending. So, both can be wise and beneficial and from my opinion, both can be comfortable to use.


Safety Locking Mechanism

You won’t want the wobble adjustment of the jar and base and it can be problematic during blending. The safety lock in the base ensures the jar is correctly installed with the base and there is no chance of being displaced from the base during blending. Basically, the displacing from the base (because of the wobble locking) can break the jar and the wobble adjustment would eliminate the perfect blending. So, the base should have such a great lock that can strongly adjust the jar. Although, most of the single serve blenders offers a secured locking system and it won’t start blending unless the jar is adjusted properly. That’s why, you should own such a blender that offers a secured locking system.


Spill Proof Lid

If you want the smoothies during morning workout or riding the bike, the content inside the jar would have to go through the numerous shakes. So, the liquids can come out from the inside if the lid isn’t spill proof. In this circumstance tightening the lid wouldn’t be a proper solution unless the lid includes specific rubber washers to prevent the spills. If the lids have the specific rubber washers, there wouldn’t have any irritated spills during carrying out the jars. So, having the spill proof lid with the jar can be very beneficial for a user.


Ice Crushing Ability

This is where your blender must win in this challenge, otherwise after blending you would see the chunky appearance of the ices. Although, a 150 watt blender can be the winner in ice crushing challenge if the blender has the sharpy and well structured stainless steel blade. We also told above you can depend on the 150 watt to 300 watt blender to crush the ices, but you should also notice over the quality and structure of the blade. If the motor has adequate power, but, the blade isn’t sturdy to take the pressure of the ice cubes, then the blender would fail in doing this job. So, the blender should have the quality blade with the powerful motor to crush the ice.



When the motor runs, inside the base it generates the temperature because of the frictions. So, if the base locks the temperature it can decrease the lifetime of the motor and even consistent running can burn out the motor. That’s why the base should have the vents that aim to pass out the temperature elsewhere from the motor. The vents also enhance the lifetime of the motor as the generated hot air can easily pass away. Mostly, the manufacturer puts the vents below the base and in some cases on the side. So, make sure your blender has the vents to enhance the lifetime.


Non Slip-able Base

When a blender blends, it something tends to leave its place as the motor turns incredibly fast inside the base. If you place it over a flat surface and if the base doesn’t have sticky rubbered teeth, then it would try to move from the place. So, in this circumstance, the rubbered teeth on the base would help the blender to stay in place. The rubbered legs can make the blender stable on any surface while it is blending with a loaded jar. Although, not all the blenders would have high legs, some blenders just use the thickened rubber coat to hold it in place.