Best Toaster Ovens Under $50 | Our Picks, Ratings & Five Recommendations

Basically a toaster oven is more efficient than you think, because baking the toast isn’t only the foremost job of it. But, also it can roast a large turkey or poultry or broil a tasty salmon. So, if you pay $50 for such a handy baking and cooking system, it would wisely provide the value of your money. Basically, most of the people like it for the multiple cooking efficiency and out of baking the toast, sometimes it can also cook the chicken or turkey. The internal cooking space of it can be designed such a way as if it can wisely accommodate the multiple things to cook. If you want to roast or broil something, you would have the accessories to perfectly put the items in it. But, more wisely like a rotisserie oven, you can extend or reduce the cooking temperature and you can set out the interior with the most desired temperature you need to cook.


Whether you want to bake the toast in a rush morning or you want to try out preparing the meals, the toaster oven offers the options you really need. So, with appreciating the advantages it offers, we have tried to discover some efficient toaster ovens that would greatly work for us. Although, we found a lot of the expensive ones, but this is the place where we wanted to write only for the wallet friendly ones and we successfully found the five wallet friendly inventions.


Five Best Toaster Ovens Under $50- Our Recommendations

Toaster Ovens
VersatileCan BakeTemperature Settings TimerOur RatingsPrice

Proctor Silex 31122

Yes4 slices of the breadYesYes4.7

Oster Countertop Convection

Yes6 slices of the breadYesYes4.5

Oster Convection Toaster

Yes6 slices of the breadYesYes4.8

Kangzilang Toaster

Yes4 slices of the breadYesYes4.8


Yes4 slices of the breadYesYes4.5

1)Proctor Silex 31122

Proctor Silex 31122

We said the toaster ovens are versatile and can cook multiple items and the Proctor Silex 31122 is such an invention to provide multiple cooking options. The surprising efficiency offered by the Proctor Silex 31122 as an under $50 oven. Because, its features like a conventional oven to toast, bake and broil. If you want a complete cooking option to bake the toast, you would have the things like the timer, temperature adjustment and functional cooking options. The adjustable temperature contributes to set the most sufficient level temperature considering the items you put into the oven. The dial can turn from 150- 450 degree Fahrenheit temperature and you can put the dial on the right angle with following the range of the temperature. On the other hand, the dial with the bake, broil and roast can turn the cooking process incredibly simple.




You can put 4 slices in the oven or a 9” pizza and the timer would help you a lot and when the cooking is done, the oven will be shut off by itself. It includes a bake pan to add more simplicity to cook and a drop down crumb tray turns the cleaning process as simple as we need. So, with a sturdy body and multiple knob controls, this would be great as a multiple cooking system.

What We Like: 

  • A versatile toaster to save your money as it can efficiently bake and broil multiple items.
  • Three knobs control to cook the items with multiple temperatures and in the necessary time.
  • Adequately spaced to easily hold four slices of the breads while it can simply contain a 9 inch pizza.
  • Bake pan to add more simplicity when it comes to cooking other items.


2)Oster Countertop Convection

Oster Countertop Convection Toaster Oven

You should try out the Oster Countertop Convection, if you want to bake 6 slices of the bread at the same time. If you make a comparison with the Proctor Silex 31122, it would be more efficient than the Silex 31122. Because, the internal cooking area is sufficient to bake the 6 slices of the bread while the programmable features and the one touch buttons bring us more user friendly features we need. On the other hand, because of the enlarged cooking area, it can accommodate a 12 inch pizza and its versatile efficiency ensures it is wise to cook the multiple items that the conventional oven can do. In its one touch operation with a bunch of features, you won’t miss out the options you would need to cook. Basically, it is built with convection technology that means it circulates the hot air from all corners as if the breads dry evenly to be a perfect crunchy toast.


The convection heating system wisely works for any items to be cooked and the maximum 450 degree temperature with the fullness of control ensures the things in it would be baked with the right temperature they need. Moreover, the interior light with the glass adjusted door makes the food viewable from the front, and through this clear glass door you can easily observe the foods.

What We Like: 

  • A variety of cooking functions to cook almost all the items what we mostly cook with rotisserie or roaster ovens.
  • Digital control panel and user friendly one touch operation to operate the oven without being irritated.
  • Amazingly large internal space to accommodate a 12 inch pizza or the four slices of the bread.
  • Convection heating technology to provide the temperature from all corners for the best cooked foods.

3)Oster Convection Toaster

Oster Convection Toaster Oven

The Oster convection toaster also offers the surprising efficiency as its brother does. But, to operate it you must be comfortable with the dial adjustment as it hasn’t the one touch operation. Although, those dials almost offer the same option as its brother does and that means you would have multiple cooking options to enjoy the cooking with everything you need in an oven. Like its brother it has the wide internal surface to hold 6 slices of the bread while a large 12 inch frozen pizza can be heated with the wide range of the temperature settings. The efficient convection hot air circulating system does its job as perfectly as it should. So, the foods would start getting cooked with the balance as the heats perfectly produce from all corners.


When it comes to broil the other items you can use the baking pan and rack while the timer provides the opportunity to cook with the preferable cooking time. On the other hand, the automatic shut up system turns the cooking off when the items are cooked in your desired time. Overall, for a dependable cooking result this convection toaster can be a great equipment.

What We Like: 

  • Wide cooking space to bake multiple piece of the breads or put a turkey or poultry to roast.
  • It includes the baking pan and rack that also works great when it comes to broil or roast the turkey.
  • Perfect heat circulation as if the heat can dominate over the foods from all corners for even cooking.
  • Timer and auto shutting off system provide a great cooking result and save the food from burning.


4)Kangzilang Toaster

Kangzilang Toaster Oven

A handy baking system that can accommodate 4 piece of breads and 9 inch pizza. But, it is expectedly skilled to bake the toast in a rush morning or prepare our meals for lunch or dinner. Because, it is also a roaster oven as the functions are optimized to build it up like a pro roaster oven. The tray it includes for baking can be the pan to roast the turkey while the drop down crumb tray can hold the dripped oils during roasting something. Its clear tempered glass door simply makes the appearance of what you put inside the oven while the interior light also can be amazingly helpful when it comes to observe the condition of the food. Like the Oster convection toaster it also contributes to bake or cook the food evenly as the two quartz heating elements generate the heat from two sides for cooking.


The thermal design in the oven ensures fast cooling, but, more wisely it saves the oven from being overheated. On the other hand, the cool handle ensures a safe accessing to the foods when the oven is heated and the timer and multiple temperature ranges always help a user to cook as perfectly as they basically want.

What We Like: 

  • It generates the heat from above and underneath. So, the breads, pizza or turkey absorbs the heat from two sides for better cooking.
  • Drop down crumb tray makes the clean up simple and user friendly.
  • Full view glass door lets you watch easily what really happens inside the oven.
  • Thermal design to keep the oven as cool as it actually should be.



BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven

The most popular one at a very low price tag and the people who wouldn’t like to concede a big budget, this 4 slice toaster would be the best one for them. Because, being an entry level toaster, it achieved all the skills to toast perfectly. First of all, you would like to thank its even toasting technology that ensures the bread starts baking evenly from all sides and corners. So, after baking the toast it becomes completely crunchy and because of the even cooking technology, you won’t see any part in the toast yet to be dried or baked. The toaster is also made with stainless steel while the sleek exterior ensures a non sticky appearance. On the other hand, you can set out the most measured cooking temperatures the interior need as the temperature adjustment dial can be set on 200, 250, 300, 350, 450 and 450 degree F temperature.


The baking and broiling pan would be necessarily helpful during toasting and when you required to roast something. The crumb tray in the interior is wisely expert to hold anything that extracts or drips from the contents. Finally, the durable tempered glass makes the food viewable without opening the door as if you can simply guess the condition.

What We Like: 

  • Even baking technology makes the toast crunchy and if you put a turkey to roast, it would also be evenly cooked.
  • In the interior the temperature can reach up to 450 Degree F and from 200-450 D F you can increase or decrease the temperature.
  • Stainless steel exterior makes it as a sturdy toaster and provides the impressive value of the money.
  • Crumb tray holds the things that drip from the contents and help you to keep the oven clean.



Buying Guide


Before buying a toaster oven at first you should ensure the cooking space you want. So, decide how many pieces of the bread you need to put in the oven. Basically, the larger the space is, the more pieces of the bread you can put in it. But, you wouldn’t always need a large cooking space if you have a small family. A large one can contain 8 pieces of the bread while the small one is able to contain 4 piece toasts or a 9 inch pizza. So, you must be aware how enlarged cooking space you really want and pick the one that looks useful to you.


Temperature Settings

The fixed 450 degree F temperature can burn your food as you would need the oven to cook multiple recipes with baking the toast. A toaster can bake, broil and sear the different items and you would always want the most needed temperature level. So, the oven should have the temperature adjustment to bring the impressive perfection during cooking. That’s why, make sure you have got the options to increase or decrease the heat. The conventional oven offers the dial or one touch buttons to adjust the heat on any level under 450 degree F temperature.



You wouldn’t want the overcooked or burned foods and this is where the timer works. To cook perfectly you just need to set the time and temperature and the food wouldn’t be cooked with the exceeded time and temperature. If you set the time, it means the oven would stop cooking when the time is up. So, literally there isn’t any chance of being the foods burned or overcooked unless you set out the extended cooking time. That’s why there is required to have the timer option in the oven.


Sturdy Base and Space Saving Design

The sturdy base means it would hold the oven in a place while the compact and space saving design mean it wouldn’t conflict with the space on the countertop. If the oven sits wisely, you would be comfortable to cook with it while the compact and countertop design keeps it perfect in your kitchen. Although, considering these factors the manufacturer builds the user friendly design and stable base.