Chemex Vs Aeropress: Which One Is Perfect?

Till the day we have found a bunch of coffee makers that aim all about extraction and make the difference in taste. Like me if you have highly engaged yourself with the unique flavor of the coffee, then you might try to brew the multiple versions of the conventional flavor of the coffee. Basically, the flavor of the coffee varies for the multiple processes we apply to brew and the process can be changed with the change of equipments you would use to brew. So, among a bunch of gears the chemex and aeropress are the two most unique gears people invented while they can uniquely extract the flavor. But, the debate still continues which one brews better and easier to use.


Basically the Chemex is a unique coffee maker that is constructed with borosilicate glass. This hourglass shape coffee maker something looks like an equipment of the chemistry lab and it holds a little story behind its creation. The eccentric chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941 had invented the Chemex coffee maker that aimed to ensure the great extraction and eliminate the appearance of the ground coffee in the drinkable brewed coffee. The chemex acts like a drip coffee maker and it requires almost 4-6 minutes to successfully accomplish the extraction process. Because, the filter wouldn’t let the liquids to fill out the container in seconds as the micro filter goes to confirm the oils and sediments are separated from the liquids for purest extraction.


The aeropress basically aimed to create a quick brewing and if you are having a busy life, the aeropress might contribute to save your time. If you have the pre boiled water and ground coffee, the aeropress can make the quickest coffee ever. Because, you are going to pressurize over the water by the plunger to force the water to pass through the filter basket and quickly end up the brewing. The process almost maintains a similarity with the espresso and stovetop coffee maker, but the process isn’t automatic. Basically, because of pressure based extraction the quality of the flavor would be strength and such a strength coffee of the aeropress can be used to make espresso and cappuccino.

chemex and aeropress

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How The Chemex Does It

You can’t at all dominate over the brewing time of the chemex coffee maker and you must wait until the dripping is completed.  Actually, this hourglass shape coffee maker is made from the borosilicate glass to survive under the heat of dripping coffee. The expert suggests to use the medium coarse ground coffee as it makes the extraction easier and prevents the coffee from being bitter. On the other hand, the finely ground coffee could be problematic during extraction and the medium coarse ground coffee adapts the water easily for extraction. But to start everything you need the filter that is mostly made from bonded paper and basically this filter separates the oils and sendiments as if they can’t join in the coffee.


So, at first boil the water from any preferable source like the gas stove and electric stove and fold the filter paper into three parts before placing it on the throat. But before starting, better to pour nearly 50 grams hot water in the container for small rinsing and pre-heating the container. So, after placing the filter on the throat, it’s your time to put the ground coffee over there and after putting you can start slowly pouring the water. Instead pouring aggressively, rather you pour slowly, stop and wait for the result and then do it again. After brewing you should dispose the filter away to get the dripped coffee in your cup.


How The Aeropress Does It

The aeropress coffee maker something acts like the espresso as the coffee must be filtered out by the pressure of steam and water. The aeropress has been incredibly recognized for its portable size and around the world lots of campers and backpackers like its design and performance. Because, it’s something looks like a small hand grinder and you can keep it in the small pocket of the backpack. If you have the pre ground coffee, you just need to boil the water to brew your coffee. On the other hand, it is also recognized for small brewing time and no more than 10-15 seconds required to brew the coffee. So, the busiest people would like the service of it.


Basically, the aeropress includes an adjustable filter, water holding chamber and a plunger. The adjustable filter case fits the specific paper filter or thin metal filter and after assembling the parts you must place it over the mug to start brewing. So, at first make sure that you have the adequate boiled water and ground coffee. Then put the adequate ground coffee over the filter and pour the water into the water holding chamber with following the maximum water line. Once the chamber is filled, wait 10-15 seconds and within this time you can stir the water of the chamber for better brewing. So after 10 seconds, you can set up the plunger in the water chamber and when you feel the feel the beans are bloomed you can start slowly and steadily pressurize into the chamber for extraction.


Before brewing you can rinse the filter and reheat the water chamber for better result and after making the coffee, don’t forget to completely wash all of the parts.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker and Its Equipment (Img:


Which One Is Efficient?

The efficiency in brewing is similar for chemex and aeropress. Because, in both cases the coffee makers filter out the coffee as if the sediment can’t enter into the brewed coffee while the filter also removes the oils, acids and cafestol from the coffee. But, the readers would be curious to know which one is useful.



As you know the chemex coffee maker uses the borosilicate glass to be consisted like an hourglass. I personally like the way the chemex brews, but if it falls off to the ground during use it can be broken. So, you should carefully use it to save it. On the other hand, because of the risk of breakage, it is difficult to carry anywhere. So, it wouldn’t be as great in outside as it is at home.


On the other hand, the aeropress coffee makers are made from environment friendly BPA free plastic with the ability to tolerate the heated water. So, it won’t be cracked or broken, even if it drops off to the floor. You can comfortably use it in any environment.



The aeropress coffee makers are small and looking like a portable hand grinder. Basically it aims to quickly brew the coffee and make its appearance anywhere to provide its remarkable service to the users when they are in & out of the home. Because of the limited capacity the water chamber won’t hold the contents to serve a group of people and that’s why we would  appreciate it as a single serve coffee maker. So, the capacity of the aeropress wouldn’t be similar to the chemex coffee maker.


On the other hand, the chemex would be larger to contain the contents for a few people or even a group and it can handle the needs of extra guests. You can choose out the size consider how many people you want to handle at the same time. The chemex can be appeared with different sizes on the market and it is undoubtedly the winner when it comes about the capacity.


Brewing Time

The brewing time made the chemex and aeropress different from each other while the chemex acts like a drip coffee maker and the aeropress works like an espresso. Basically the aeropress accomplishes the extraction by pressure while the chemex holds the patience until the brews done it by itself. Basically, on a chemex the water can’t quickly pass the micro space of the filter. So, you have to until the filter works naturally to filter out the brewed coffee. It can take up to 7-8 minutes to see that all the brewed coffee on the container of chemex.


On the other hand, the filter on the aeropress is extremely forced to filter out the brewed coffee because of pressure. The extraction can be done in 1 minute and rest process depends on the time you need to pressure the plunger. Because of pressure and the force over the ground coffee, the quality of the brew would be strong than the coffee you make by chemex.

coffee brewing

brewing coffee with aeropress and chemex! (Img:



We want more than our coffee maker does while we are also the fan of cappuccino, latte and americano. As you know, the chemex brews the coffee something like the filter based drip coffee maker and the quality and taste can be similar to a drip coffee maker does. On the other hand, if you know how the stovetop & electric espresso maker brew the coffee, then you can compare the aeropress with them as the process is almost similar to brew the strong coffee. Because, the water and steam extremely pressurize over the ground basket for the optimal extraction.


So, if you have the steamed milk, you can make the latte and cappuccino. Moreover, if you love the softer version of the espresso, then you can use the aeropress to make americano. On the other hand, the drip coffee is flavored, but not as strong as the espresso is. So, it might not work to brew the Italian style coffees and the chemex isn’t basically a versatile coffee maker.



The aeropress is a winner if you compare its portable size with the chemex. Although, the chemex intends to serve the coffee to a group of people as you can buy even a large sized chemex coffee maker. On the other hand, the aeropress is the quickest solution to make coffee for a busy person while it is remarkably smaller than chemex. So it can be your companion to make your coffee whenever you want during travelling, camping and backpacking.



The Differences On Brewing Technique

There are also some differences in the brewing techniques of the chemex and aeropress and we marked the processes for our readers to highlight how the processes have differed from each other.



  • If you want to make 200 gm coffee, you need at least 15 gram ground coffee and during grinding, keep the grind setting from medium to fine for the flavorful and properly extracted coffee.
  • Boil the water appropriately and don’t keep the temperature of the water under 80 degree Celsius.
  • Use the first 10 seconds (after pouring the water in the chamber) to stir the water and then adjust the plunger.
  • After adjusting don’t push the plunger, rather you keep it there for one or two minutes to increase the pressure and let the ground coffee to bloom perfectly.
  • Don’t want to end up the process too quick, rather push the plunger slowly and steadily for better results.
  • Don’t forget to rinse the filter and preheat the chamber by hot water before brewing.



  • If you want to make the 400 gm of coffee, make sure you are going to put at least 30 gm of ground coffee into the filter. Medium coarse ground coffee can be the best.
  • Rinse the filter by hot water and preheat the container of the chemex.
  • Make sure the water has at least 90 D celsius temperature to bloom the ground coffee and don’t quickly pour all the water. Rather, pour 100 gm of water into the ground coffee and stir them by something. After blooming the coffee add rest of the water and wait!
  • Now wait for at least five minutes or more to see the complete result.
  • Now separate the filter away with the sediments.