How To Clean A Coffee Grinder- Simple Steps

Cleaning the grinder is the most needed task for the homemade coffee lovers to keep the flavor fresh. If you can’t do it once in a week, at least don’t forget to do it once in a month. Because, the beans leave the leftovers or dusts or residue and getting them attached with the blades, burrs and pans impact over the flavors. After roasting the beans it releases its natural oils and the oils let those dusts stay gummed with the blade and other parts. Subsequently, around the blades there creates some odor while the residues mix up with the new contents and turn the flavor something unexpected. But, if you keep the inside odor, particles and oils free, it would be able to serve the rich and creamy flavored contents.


So we have added here the simple and wise tricks to save your blade and burr grinders from all unwanted impacts. Although the blade grinder is easy to clean as there is no hard to reach points and we separately explained both the tricks you can use.


Things You Should Do For A Blade Grinder

Although considering the efficiencies  people depend more on the burr grinders than the grinders with stainless steel blades. But when it comes to freshening up the inside, the blade grinder is the winner.

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What You’ll Require:

  • Rice.
  • A toothbrush or paintbrush.
  • A Towel (a substitute of the paintbrush)
  • Spare Beans (Optional)


1)Grind The Rice Like The Beans

In this step there is no hidden trick. Just leave 20-30 grams rices into the space and turn the machine on to grind the rice like beans. The rice can remove the oily appearance. Although the experts recommend coffee pellets or cleaning tablets as the rice is somewhat hard. But whatever you put and in this case you can treat them like the beans. During grinding these things can simply remove the gummed leftovers.

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2)Dump Out The Rice Powder Elsewhere

It’s your time to release those rice powders into the trash pan or anywhere you feel safe. Those rice powders force the oily grinds to be exuded and make the inside clean.


3)Use The Paintbrush or A Small Towel

You would notice some rice powders still cling around the blade and the pan. You can wipe them out by the paintbrush or a towel and after wiping them you might notice a sleek appearance. If you want some fragrance of the coffee or refreshing the inside, you can use the spare beans.


Things To Do To Clean Up A Burr Grinder

I would like to put some serious efforts to freshen up the inside of a burr grinder as I can’t wash the core parts with water. On the other hand, the cranny inside and hard to reach points really make the process slightly difficult. The simply inaccessible parts hold the dusts and turn the process difficult. But, we’ll allow the best tricks to make the things simple. So, it might take 10-15 minutes for a reliable clean up, but, I would want to spend my time to get it done.


What You’ll Require:

  • A toothbrush or paintbrush.
  • A Towel (a substitute of the paintbrush).
  • Cleaning Pallets or Tablets.
  • Screwdriver (If you need to insert the parts those are screwed-Optional).


1)Remove The Washable Parts

Basically the core parts like the burrs aren’t washable, so, you have to wipe them by dry cloths or toothbrush. But, you can simply wash some easily removable parts by mild soap like the hopper and ground bin (that holds the grinds). So unlock them, bring into the sink and wash them with mild soap and sponge. But before doing anything, make sure you have unplugged the machine from the electricity. If there any rubber rings or gaskets you can also wash them.


2)Get The Sticky Stuffs Off

In this step, simply unlock the outer burr and lift it up. You would probably notice it has been covered with the mess and the same screen also goes for the center burr as these parts process all the beans you put in there. So, you can knock all over the cranny points by a brush to loosen the sticky dusts and do it as much as possible. Even you can use a dried cloth to wipe the burrs and the area where it is located. But don’t use the water as those sensitive parts would be damaged.

burr grinder cleaning-2

burr grinder cleaning-3

3)Upside Down The Grinder To Shed The Dusts

After brushing, there would appear the loosened stuffs even in the hard to reach points. But, you can force them to exude by turning the grinder the upside down. So, whenever you turn it upside down, make sure there aren’t any loosened parts and you can modestly hit over the base by the palm. When you’ll shake and hit over the base, there must come out lots of dust from the grinder. After giving some shakes you can wipe the inside for getting better result.


4)Reassemble The Hopper, Bin, Gaskets and Outer Burr

Hope you already get cleaned everything and now it’s your time to resemble them. After washing, you can use the cloth to wipe the bin and hopper and on the same way you can get the outer body of the grinder cleaned. So, after reassembling turn the machine on and put some cleaning pellets or tablets into the hopper and grind them like the beans. These things would eliminate the oily appearance and the dusts will be stored in the ground bin. You should remove those dusts from the bin and the slight leftovers in the grinder won’t negatively affect over the flavor of the ground coffee.

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