Moka Pot Vs French Press: Which One Brews Better?

Since the invention of coffee makers the coffee addicted inventors introduced multiple equipments to brew the coffee as the goal to make the taste of the brew better and better, different and different. But, either the Moka pot or French press both would remind you the old days when the electronic coffee machines or espresso makers hadn’t been invented yet. Although, brewing the coffee in this way would be like more natural & manually processed. But as a coffee lover, I would like to enjoy the different authentic taste of these two incredible brewing processes. Basically, the Moka pot puts pressure by the steam into its water tank and push the water to go through the coffee ground to brew and here the process makes a difference in taste. But, the manual work requires to brew either by Moka pot or French Press.

So, we quickly jumped on the Wikipedia how the Moka pot has been invented to bring a change on making espresso. Basically, its an Italian style coffee making process and invented by the Luigi De Ponti with an upgradation by the Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. But, immediately the coffee lovers around the world have become a big fan of this process and till the day we still love this coffee maker. Actually, the heat for a Moka pot can be generated from a gas stove or an induction cooktop while the electric Mokapot  would use an electronic heat generator base to pressurize the water.

The Italian inventors highly contributed in making the French press even before the invention of Moka pot. Because, after being invented by Paulini Ugo, the Italian designers Attilio Calimani and Giulio Moneta brought an upgradation into the whole design in 1929. Although, after the invention, it takes lots of years and multiple modifications to be turned into the conventional design we see. It is familiarized in different names in different countries. But sometimes you would feel better to brew the coffee by the French press than the Moka pot, though forgetting the requirements to brew the coffee by French press could make the taste bitter. So, you must know how to brew the coffee by the French press.


How The Moka Pot Brews The Coffee

As we told above the Moka pot can’t brew the coffee the way French press does. On the other hand, you need a little bit skill to use the extraction power of a Moka pot. Although, the Moka pot can’t accomplish the brewing in 3 or 4 minutes and the preparing time would be like 6-8 minutes. If you want to make a bigger serve by a large Moka pot the preparing time goes higher while the small ones relatively brew the espresso in a few minutes. In a Moka pot the water is highly pressured by the steam and the boiled water passes through the ground basket to brew and the top chamber or coffee reservoir holds the brewed coffee as after the brewing the coffee comes into the reservoir because of pressure.


The Moka pot comes up with two chambers and a filter basket where you have to put the ground coffee. But, both chambers stay attached with the ground basket and the gasket into the contact point ensures the boiled water won’t be leaked out because of the pressure of the stem. On the other hand, the safety valve on the base something like a pressure cooker that aims to release the exceeded pressure to safely brew.


Basically, at first you have to ensure that you have filled the base with water while the water line must not cross the valve. After filling out the base with adequate water, it’s your time to put the ground coffee into the filter basket and then you must properly attach the water chamber and reservoir with the filter basket. You can use the induction cooktop or gas stove to heat on the Moka pot. Although the stainless steel Moka pot can brew faster than the aluminum one and the finely or standard ground coffee would be perfect to use on Moka pot.

stovtop coffee maker


How The French Press Makes It Done

On the other hand, the French press makes it done differently. But you have to boil the water separately and either you use the Moka pot or French press, the freshly ground coffee is the best for any brew. Although, don’t use the finely ground coffee for French press because it would make the coffee bitter and extremely bold. So, when you are going to grind the beans, don’t turn the grind setting into too fine. Rather, you use the medium-coarse setting that would prevent the coffee beans from being fine. So, the taste of the brewed coffee wouldn’t be too bold or bitter and the quality of the brew with the medium coarse ground coffee would be as perfect as you looked for.


After the complete mixing up with the ground coffee and water, the brewing time shouldn’t be longer than five minutes. Because the longer brewing time would make the taste bitter as the boiled water would keep extracting the flavor( sometimes the brewing time would depend how bold the flavor you want). The french press includes a plunger that has the filter to prevent the ground coffee to come out into your mug. So, the brewed coffee comes out as fresh as you want and the french presses are mostly built out from stainless steel and heat resistant glass.


Keep The Grind Setting Different

The appearance of the ground coffee changes the brew strength while you should follow the requirement over grinding the beans. Although, the standard grinding size or finely ground coffee works perfectly with the Moka pot as the water after brewing won’t go to hold the ground coffee in the reservoir. So there is no chance of being the taste bitter. On the other hand, the French press might hold the ground coffee until you empty the pitcher. So the longer time can make the taste bitter if you use finely ground coffee. Moreover, the water would fail to ensure the full extraction as the water would have to struggle to get into them. So, the medium coarse ground coffee is best for this kind of extraction.


So, Which Is Better?

Basically, the Moka pot and French press, both have impressive popularity to coffee lovers. So, it is hard to beat each other. Although, the French press provides control over the brewing and you can make it decent or super reach flavored by the time and thickness of the ground coffee. On the other hand, you wouldn’t have the expected control over the Moka pot. Because, it doesn’t possess the same method to brew the coffee while the strength level of the brew is higher as the ground coffee on the basket is forced to be brewed by the highly boiled water. So, except a slight difference on the brew and control, there isn’t any remarkable change.


The Moka Pot That Can Do It Better

For our respectable readers, we have been working hard since the start of this blog and considering the popularity of French press and Moka pot we didn’t encourage anyone to avoid the one of these two processes of brewing. I would say you follow your preference. So, if you are the fan of Moka pot, we would like to give a verdict about the Moka pot which would probably work best for you.


So, our small team quickly jumped on the research to find out a Moka pot that can make it truly better. So after a research, they have put their trust on the Bialetti Venus. Although, we could go for a popular aluminum Moka pot, but, instead we have chosen out a stainless steel pot that can brew faster than an aluminum pot. Basically, the Bialetti Venus is made out of top grade stainless steel and the effectiveness is incredibly better. Because, its lifetime is greater than any aluminum pot and the sleek body stays completely sleek even after frequent use. Its countertop and portable design can make a great appearance in any kitchen. You can check the review of it on Homegrounds for better explanation.

Bialetti Venus


And The French Press That Is Wise in Brewing

So there is no exception for the fans of french press and they deserve to find their popular brewer. Basically the Secura Stainless Steel French Press caught the attention of our team members and it is also made from top graded 18/10 stainless steel. But, the double sided stainless steel construction aids to hold the heat longer than the glass carafe while the thickened wall incredibly prevents the damage. Instead using a single layer in the filter, the filter of this french press comes with three layers to hold the smallest ground coffee for the best flavor extraction. We watched several reviews on Youtube and the puts some great words in their review.

Secura Stainless Steel French Press